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Why do other Civs think I mistreated someone?

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  • Why do other Civs think I mistreated someone?

    I am in the middle of a game in which every time I try to deal with someone, they tell me how badly I treated the Germans (who have now been dead for several thousand years).

    I did have a pact with them early in the game. I did not beak it, as far as I know. We might have been physically separated when the French attacked them, or maybe the treaty was 'cancelled' when the Germans were eliminated before the 20 turns were up.

    This has happened in several games. Has anyone else had this happen? Am I missing something, or is the AI misinterpreting the death of a civ or loss of trade route as poor treatment?

    btw, I never attacked the Germans at all.

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    If you had a military alliance or MPP with the Germans, then made peace with your opponent, it is considered a fairly serious betrayal/transgression. Did you make peace with the French?



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      I've had it happen to me as well. As far as I can figure, I came to the same conclusion as you.


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        Have not ever had a MPP with any AI, and definitely never had any agreement, other than trade agreement, with the Germans. Don't know, but will have to pay more careful attention next time ....