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The quick way to move the capitol

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    I've never been able to convince the AI to take a city that's not a fringe 1-3 pop city..... even if I just give them away.... so I don't think that'll work.

    Disband -- someone said it works right? That's expensive though -- the lost cost of the production from the city, the culture, all that good stuff....


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      It's not expensive at all, if you plan for it...

      If I am going to do such a thing, I only rush build a temple and a granary in my capital, and then either pop-rush military, or just crank out settlers and workers. The result is that my capital stays size 1 or 2 until I'm done with that phase of the game (normally about the time I enter Republic). Then, one settler and *poof*, there goes all the accumulated opression. Rebuild and rush a new temple, and I've got another productive city growing, after having moved my capital for free.

      Very nice, very cheesy, but also very balancing if you happened to start off in a bad position as compared to those civs that could expand equally in all directions.

      (btw, to try and trade a city, ask what the other civ will give you for it. You can't change or even remove anything that it offers, but you can take the deal if you like. This is pre-patch.)
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        Yes, you can do that, but a lot of times I find the AI going "we can't do this deal at this time" with big cities. So that's not possible.