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How do I get out of a current war?

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  • How do I get out of a current war?

    O.K. Here's the skinny.

    I'm on a land mass, looks like South America on it's side, with me on this part of the continent are the Iriquos(sp). Were pretty neck-and-neck so far and a couple 1-2 piece gifts have kept them happy so far.

    But, as your mother probably taught you, happiness you "buy" only goes so far. Such was the case here.

    I try not to restart games, it feels too much like cheating. But since I was sooooo unaware I really needed to restart. They did it again!

    O.K. Fine. So I'm at war with the Iriquos. I can live with that. I take a couple of cities, smash most of his army, show my might basically . Then I try to sue for peace and give back a city to show I meant no harm (and I don't want the stupid thing anyway).

    He won't listen to me at all! He won't accept my envoies !! (sp, sue me I suck at spelling )

    How can I sue for peace if he won't even come up to the board?!? Now, mind you, I've taken three cities of his now!! (including his capital which had the Sistine Chaple... twice!)

    How do I get this yahoo to listen to me?!? This is starting to get on my nerves. You don't want to declare peace, fine. But at leaset let me surrender!!!

    Don't they HAVE to listen after a certain amount of turns??

    Help me out here.
    Hank P.

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    Well, a good way to calm him down is to get a few other civs to declare war with him too... AI seems to hate multi-front wars. Otherwise, you'll just have to start massacring him until either he begs, or he dies. *shrug*


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      if you kill a few of his units AFTER you take a city, then he'll be pissed at you until you take another one of his cities. you need to contact the other leader immediatley


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        I had a similar situation where I forgot I had a trade embargo. As soon as I lifted that, I was able to get a peace agreement. Strange, since you can't trade in wartime anyway.


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          I have found that usually they will make peace immedeatly after I take a city of theirs when I am winning the war. However my expirience has been that they will be angry at you for some time if you take and destroy one of their cities. When I did this to the Egyptions they wouldn't talk to me for five turns, when I took over another one of their cities.


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            How can I sue for peace if he won't even come up to the board?!?
            Iroquois are stubborn, aren't they? I'm in the same boat; at war w/ Iroquois. This is modern age on Emperor and I've taken five cities. I want peace so I can get back to space ship building, but no talks.

            Part of it I think is the way the AI calculates army strength, which I think is flawed. The military advisor says I have an "average" army compared to them. Uh, yeah, but I have a completely modernized army of mech inf, tanks, bombers, fighters and they have none of these units. Heck, they still have spearmen laying around that they never upgraded. We may have about the same amount of units, but mine outclasses his in every way. His cavalry can't touch my mechs and he has no chance in this war.

            So I just keep mowing him down. Eventually they'll come to the table and I will have gained that much more space. I don't like being forced into Communism due to weariness, but the only solution is to keep hammering them until they see the light.



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              At least I don't have to worry about Anarchy

              At least I'm playing the Babalonians so I don't have to worry about switching to Communism to wait it out.

              Thanks guys.
              Hank P.


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                How do I get out of a current war?