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Suggestions for not exploiting/abusing the game; Attention Firaxis

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    The AI is *significantly* better than it was in Civ 2 or SMAC
    The AI is as dumb as a brick and has the memory of a glass of milk.

    Being able to set a variable or cell value to a given amount to represent how much they like or hate you does not constiture intelligence or skill.

    Having a formula for determining tech prices does not make a good diplomacy system.

    Having an AI that simply rushes you with troops with no regard for the surrounding situation, is not a selling point for a strategic and clever enemy.

    I found SMAC to be much more convincing.
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      Well, it looks like forest choppin' and 999999999 - gold has been resolved in the forthcoming patch


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        I find that the AI doesn't reduce what it offers that much when I have already traded a tech to nearly all the other Civs. I have had AI Civs offer considerably more than I just sold the same tech to another Civ for. It seems to depend on the Civ - England and France seem to pay the most.

        I'm disappointed with the AI in Civ3, its the same as Civ2 as far as I can see. It never groups its forces properly before attacking. Has no idea of using catapaults, cannons etc. It lands small groups of assorted troops on your shores that would never have a chance of winning. It never seems to upgrade or disband. As for its diplomatic skills, it appears not to have any, just attempts to bully you until you have practically wiped it out, then gives you whatever you ask for. And whats up with the city governor? Obsessed with building transports! (I remember this from SMAC). Builds swordmen and archers when I have rifle technology? And don't even mention the workers that head straight for your irrigated field and start to mine!