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How can I protect myself from Bomber raids???

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  • How can I protect myself from Bomber raids???

    I tried putting fighters in my cities and ordering them to air superiority missions (hotkey "S") but they never attack the enemy bombers that destroy all terrain improvements around the city. They don't even attack when the bombers attack the city square itself. Is there anything I'm missing to make this work? Thanks for any tips.

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    The mission is broke for the human player, will most likely be fixed in the first patch. Same for coastal fortresses. Only way to stop bombers is take the cities of origin.
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      you're kidding????!!!? Now that's pretty bad. I thought Firaxis were better than that. I think that the SAM batteries don't work either...
      Ok, so no point in building fighters, sam batteries and coastal fortresses. Good to know.



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        There have been a number of verified bugs in the game, but to me they're all manageable except this one. It totally ruins late game war strategy because there is just nothing you can do to defend against Bombers. It also makes life more difficult for the Americans, since their Unique Unit is actually a Useless Unit.

        I'm really hoping that patch comes out any day now. At one point Firaxis was hinting it would be out by the end of the month. Maybe tomorrow when I log onto Apolyton the latest news headline will be "Patch Now Available From Firaxis".
        Firaxis - please make an updated version of Colonization! That game was the best, even if it was a little un-PC.


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          well first make the interception percentage 0% so that you have the same advantage as the ai or just turn off the air units. just make more bombers then the ai and bomb them back to the stone age... it's fun.



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            I agree with MaSsConFUsi0n. Sometimes simply the best defense is a good offensive, meaining try to avoid the situations in where you are defending from their bombers and be more in the situations where you are the attackers with the bombers.
            My experience in modern-ear is best do not dally in that era. go straight for spaceship asap or UN to get dilp victory, or go for all-out conquest before the civs get the bombers and tanks, assuming you are the tech leader of course. Because modern warfare with other civs also having modern weapons can be really messy. no half-baked efforts when you get to the modern era, dig? It is time to finish!