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  • Armies

    Can anyone just tell me the basics of how to form an army.

    Is it just piling units into the same square?

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    As I understand it, for your first army you need a leader. When you get that leader into a town, click on the build army button from his/her menu. Than you load units into the army unit (like a transport). After that army wins a battle (and with military tradition discovered) you can build the military academy, which allows you to build armies on that city. So make sure it is a highly producing city.

    Did that make sense? Hope so.
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      Create your army...

      To load units into that army, move a unit onto the same tile as your army, and a new "load" button comes up at the bottom. Click on that button, and that unit is now loaded into your army. Just 2 more to go.

      Remember tho, once a unit is in an army, you can't remove it (DAMN DAMN DAMN! i wish they would change this) So your stuck with that army until it dies, or you get a new leader, or (my preference) you build the military acadamy, and then can build yer own armies.