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destroyed civs, reappear somewhere else?

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  • destroyed civs, reappear somewhere else?

    early in the game when i wipe out the few cities that the AI civ has, and there are no other cities of theirs around, they seem to come back and have a new city somewhere else on the globe. do early destroyed civs come back somewhere else liks SMAC and sometimes civ 2 used to do? i hate when i think ive finally conquered a civ and i realize that they have re-built their civ somewhere further from me.

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    unlike civ2 where you could turn this feature on or off... i don't think you can in civ3.... at least i haven't found that option possible.....

    annoying to have to wait unitl the continent is full before they stop appearing....either that or a specific time might need to be achieved..

    i have this come up all the time and its actually kewl..

    when the civ relocates sue for peace..but not until the last worker is killed if he is in sight or any other unit for that matter.

    when the civ comes back he will have his techs (3-4) 100g two new workers...he will give it all to you for peace

    if you picked off his other worker in the field that will give you three workers.......

    its a joke but it works and along with his capital, your off to a flying start especially if this happens early!!!
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