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Wich government at what year ??

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  • Wich government at what year ??

    Please could anyone tell me at what year or when you best switch to the best type of government ?

    I am playing a peacefull game now at year 500AD but i have an impression of slow growth at republic. (Regent level) . Slould i stayed with depotism?
    PS I know all the adv and disadv of all governments but republic seems to be very bad for me at present (to early?). Opponent(s) seems to settle everywhere near my and dominate on military!!! I have a lot of civil disorder also
    Could anyone give me good strategic advice please ?

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    I usually keep Despot till monarcy unless I am a religios civ, the i got despot-republic-democracy, and the never have disorders and science goes so fast itll make youre head spin.
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