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please define bad corruption

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  • please define bad corruption

    I am nearing the end of a game on warlord diff. I have 43 cities (many in 18-28 population range) and am only losing 255 of the 2642 I am generating per turn. I would not call this horrible corruption by any means....

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    Corruption Disproportionate

    Cities in Democracy producing only one shield and one coin despite their potential output is outlandish. Adding insult to injury, with a courthouse (which must be rushed), returns are one-third of potential. I actually would prefer some additional ways to combat it to actually toning it down.

    IMHO, overall corruption is not as terrible as folks have moaned about. History supports pretty ugly numbers. However, an in-game solution is needed for a far-flung empire. Maybe the courthouse could restore 1/2 of the corrupted money and the police station restore 1/2 of production, or some such.
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      Generally, in history, corruption is fought by building strong institutions. I agree that corruption should remain at high levels even in a democracy (e.g. the old west was lacking in institutions, and was heavily corrupt). Courthouses and police should reduce corruption (and I edited civIIImod for just this purpose). But so should banks (institution that regulates commerce, but can also track money - i.e. the need to launder money drives corruption down). Harbors also add institutions that should have some effect on corruption by creating zones for legitimate trade that are easily accessible by customs agents. Airports might reduce corruption for the same reasons. Granaries also aid in the centralization of food distribution, minimizing the need for people to horde and reducing opportunities for profiteering in times of shortage. This idea also has the dual effect of emphasing non-culture producing buildings further - they create institutions that lower corruption. I think Firaxis should rebalance corruption on this hypothesis instead of flat out lowering it. Also, one Forbidden Palace per continent might be nice instead of only one period - sort of a state or regional capital.
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        make a new category of wonder, called "Really Small Wonder". Make one called "County Seat" which reduced corruption, but only in small radius.

        You could also add a "World's Biggest Ball of Twine", but that's different.