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Happiness and whipping your citizens

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  • Happiness and whipping your citizens

    I am interested in how your citizens react to rushing production in Despotism. Will they remain less happy for the entire game or will they forget about the rush at some point?

    If there is a thread already with this discussion please direct me.

    I did set up a test in C3C with cities spread 3 spaces from the capital and found that the cities directly N,S,E, and W are not equivalent to those at NW,NE,SE, and SW. The citizens are less happy in the cardinal point positions.

    Is this consistant with how much corruption exists in cities?

    Here is the test file if interested. I haven't had much time to look into it.

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    Your citizens will eventually forget about the pop rush unhappiness, but I don't remember how long it takes off hand.

    Regarding corruption...the way the corruption model works is that a non-cardinal direction (NW, SE, etc.) is considered 1.0 for purposes of corruption. Cardinal directions are considered 1.5. In your example above, the non-cardinal direction cities are distance 3.0 from the capital and the cardinal direction cities are distance 4.5 so they are farther out and would suffer more corruption.

    At least that's the way it used to work, but corruption is currently broken until the patch later this week. Alexman could probably give you a better description since he has written much of the gospel of civ3 corruption.


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      I think it is 20 turns for them to "forget" the pop rushing.


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        A small percentage of your populace (<1%) actually like it when you whim them...
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          We don't talk about "that" part of the population though.


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            Originally posted by vmxa1
            I think it is 20 turns for them to "forget" the pop rushing.
            vmxa1 has quite a memory. I have confirmed that this is true. It takes 20 turns for them to forget their whippings.

            I also determined if you whip 2 citizens to rush that it will take 20 turns for 1 and then an additional 20 for the other.

            During my testing I never encountered anyone that liked the whip. Maybe in Civ4.


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              Is it a flat 20 turns for the memory to fade? Or do successive poprushes take longer to leave the public memory?

              Personally, I'd imagine that being whipped the first time would be just as shocking as being whipped any later time.

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                Flat 20 as far as I can tell. I did not test a rush followed by another rush before the citizens forgot about the whip. I'll test it tomorrow some time.


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                  I think it is 20 turns per pop killed. Haven't done any actual testing but some of the cities I've captured have kept the 'someone killed my grandfather' unhappiness for what seems like ages, far more than 20 turns anyway.
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                    It accumulates. Basically back in 1.07-1.17 IIRC despotism was too powerful, with cities built just to rush a unit every 10 turns. Obviously this works even for the most corrupt cities (and corruption was higher back then too). No matter how many you rushed the first citizen couldn't become more than unhappy, so you only needed 1 MP or luxury.

                    In 1.21 I think it was they made it cumulative, and had it transfer if you disbanded the city.


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                      Happiness is whipping your citizens
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