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  • Ideas/Discussion on Bank Your Booty.

    Here's the deal, ever since I played AoD I've really liked the idea of Treasure and hauling it to your capital.

    So I've been working on a little scenario that adds two new elements:

    1) Gold, Silver, and Gem Mines with the same stats and requirements as those in AoD and are available to be built with Construction.

    2) A unit upgrade path for Foot, Mounted, and Ships that are all Hidden Nationality so that players can go bonk and swipe each other's booty.

    My question for all you Strat guys is what should be the units/stats and upgrade paths for the Hidden Nationality units?

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    Why do you need hidden nationality ships?
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      For Piracy. He is talking about the Age of Discovery Conquest and is trying to make a mod that implements piracy on a grander scale.

      A very good idea, IMO. The problem, would the AI know how to use either the treasure or the Hidden Nat units?
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        Don't know about the treasure, but the AI does have some idea of how to use hidden nat units; IIRC, people have had workers swiped when modding the game with a hidden nationality land unit (disaster combined with rails and ROP )


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          This mod is primarily designed for PBEM MultiPlayer.

          You can't build Workers, you have to enslave someone else's units (or Barbs) to get Workers(serfs).

          So far I'm leaning towards:

          Foot/Hidden Nationality Units
          Germanic Mercenary - Cost 30 - 2/1/1 {No Prerequisite} Enslaves Workers and upgrades to Crossman.
          Crossman - Cost 60 - 4/3/1 {Theology} Enslaves Workers and upgrades to Hessian (Iron).
          Hessian - Cost 80 - 5/4/1 {Military Tradition} Enslaves Workers (Saltpeter).

          Viking Raider - Cost 40 3/1/1 {Mapmaking} Amphibious assault and upgrades to Berserk (for Scandinavia).

          Sell Sword - Cost 40 - 3/2/1 {Iron Working}Upgrades to Brigand (Iron).
          Brigand - Cost 50 - 3/2/1 {Feudalism} Bmrd 2, Range 0, RoF 1 Upgrades to Insurgent.
          Insurgent - Cost 70 - 3/4/1 {Printing Press} Bombard 2, Range 0, RoF 1 (Saltpeter).

          *Crusader given Hidden Nationality ability and is now generated by Crusade small wonder.

          Mounted/Hidden Nationality Units
          Nomad Horseman - Cost 40 - 2/1/2 Enslaves Workers and upgrades to Teutonic Knight (Horses).
          Teutonic Knight - Cost 80 - 4/3/2 {Chivalry} Enslaves Workers (Iron and Horses).
          Crusader Knight - Generated by Knights Templar 5/3/2 Enslaves Workers.
          Revolutionary - Cost 80 - 5/3/3 {Nationalism} (Horses and Saltpeter)

          Naval/Hidden Nationality Units
          Longship - Cost 40 - 1/1/3 {Mapmaking} Cargo 2 upgrades to Corsair.
          Corsair - Cost 50 - 2/1/4 {Astronomy} Enslaves Corsairs and upgrades to Privateer.

          *Privateers and Frigates upgrade to Iron Frigates.

          Iron Frigate - Cost 70 - 3/2/5 Bmrd 3, Range 1, RoF 2 {Steam Power} Enslaves Privateers.


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            I renamed Cutthroats to Pillage&Burn and finally got it uploaded.