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  • Need advice/strategy

    Observation ,most trades relating to Luxeries or Resouces with other Civs (playing AI) are heavy in favor of the other Civ and as if if they have practicially no need for your goods. Ok, I have a game going where I have iron and just won a war in which I obtained a horse city. I have NO LUXERIES, hense, no happiness modifiers. My Civ cranks out mucho food with 4 cities having many flood plains and I have a generous amount of hills and mountians for shields. I have just converted to a Repulblic but am finding the lack of luxeries is causing havoc. My defending army is costing to much.

    My questions is how should I play the game or should I quit and start over where I can control some luxeries.

    Current game is a Regent about 700AD. I have about 11 cities.

    I just had a deplomatic victory in a Warlord game but first time in Regent.

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    A couple of questions:
    Have you built marketplaces?
    What is your tax/luxury/science slider looking like? You may have to decrease your science rate if you are not succeeding at your current rate.
    Other than that, I would suggest that you get luxuries if you find that your cities are coming close to or are in disorder in the following ways:
    1) Luxuries from other civs via trade (hopefully you'll be able to afford a deal after the increase in income after lowering the science slider).
    2) Short wars whose aim is to capture enemy cities that have luxuries are also very good--but be wary of war weariness, and try not to get involved in lengthy conflicts (especially in consideration of your current luxuries situation).
    Hope this helps.
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      Or switch to monarchy instead of republic. Military is cheap and they'll keep your people happy until you get to conquer some luxuries from your neighbors.

      I never go to republic unless I have luxs and/or marketplaces 'cause otherwise I spend all my money keeping the people happy and the AI attacks me.
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