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  • Reasons for restart...

    I like to set the Civ I'm playing as as random and then i play what I get. But the game has taught me that if you're alone on an island or extremely far north or south and surrounded by tundra, that a restart may be in order.

    What I'm wondering more and more is if you're surrounded by jungle if that's a restart as well.

    Jungle just devastates early development for me. It's possible I'm playing it wrong. What is the consensus on this subject?

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    I often wonder about the starting positions. What seems to happen in a huge pangea scenario is that your placed on the tip of some peninsula. Whilst the AI has the rest of island to roam around.

    Unless you expand really fast you end up being hemmed in.

    Sorry, this refers to vanilla civ, I've only played one c3c so far.


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      I hear you archmage, I play where ever I start. If I am an a remote island, I just change my tatics. If I am in the middle, then I have other tatics.


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        Any start can be made to work if you have the patience and the skill (not saying I do). See "so very cold" for an extreme examble.

        The question then becomes what is fun for you. If you find fighting out of a nasty hole, a fun challenge, then go for it. If that sounds like drudgery, then restart. Sometimes you feel one way about it and other times you make take the opposite tact.


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          I've been used to (and like) get a good grab of a portion of land in the beginning. So do as you prefer is my suggestion. If you like a challenge, never restart (but it might be boring if you're on a tiny island alone with 50% tundra and you'll need magnetism/navigation to get away and then you'll find your galleons are attacked by subs). It actually happens that I'll restart if I'll meet an other civ too early or get into a war I don't like (stupid Zulu and Persia!)