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decision point, late Middle Ages

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    Interesting discussion; this gives me insight into strat for Emp or Deity level, which I need to move to since it seems I always win at Regent no matter what victory I go for. I have played Civ since 1991 or 92 and mastered both Civ1 and Civ2 (didn't like CTP1) but never could get into Civ3 until lately.

    In my game, the enemy civ's only have musketmen (but are about to get rifles) and I've got Cav. Since I'm playing warmonger I am obviously going to Cav rush as much as possible until they get Infantry...and so far so good, we're rolling over Mongol Musketmen. I'm still in Monarchy, I see no need to switch to something else considering the style I'm playing in this game.

    An interesting thing is that, if I were to play a different style of game, I could conquer most of Civ A (the mongols) and give most or all of these cities to Civ B (the Scandinavians), the civ just to the north of the Mongols. I might consider doing this since they're on an overseas continent to begin with (high corruption). After all, these distant cities will be drains unless I were to relocate the Palace. This is a sort of "World's Policeman" method I guess, not an option for military or domination victory.
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