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Getting Very, Very Angry (n00b Problems)

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    Slap up a screen shot or two so we can see what is happening.


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      Yes, we demand screenies!
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        Originally posted by Colonel E
        Wow! Even more help!

        Okay, here's what has happened:

        1. Start a new game. Large map, land-y contientents. Random Civ for me, all slots filled.

        2. Okay, I'm the Ottomans. Set everything up then build a warrior and two spearmen.

        3. Expand. Granary in capitol, settler factories, etc.

        4. Expand. Build a few specialized cities.

        5. Okay, out of space. (about 20 cities) Concentrating on perfecting.

        It's going pretty well so far... plus I'm trading tech a LOT more so I'm more ahead here... I'm a Monarchy.
        sounds good, just don't neglect your defenses. The ai has a nasty habit of hitting you at the worst possible time.


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          I'll put a screenie up just as soon as I get a chance to boot to Windows...

          Okay, I've advanced a little bit. I got LW and fought a war with the Persians, which I got two cities out of.

          Gunpowder, here I come!

          And really, thanks for all the help...


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            I have two others but it's late...


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              Not a bad start.

              Gunpowder is overrated..... You can get it from the AI whenever you need it. Look at the next wonders comming up (Sistines, Copernicus, Smith's, Magellan) and a new government you may want. The only reason to research the lower tier first is if you are beelineing to cav (since you have universities, this is not the case) The only wonder on the lowest tier is Newtons and you should be able to grab that first if you research the upper tier techs first.

              Don't forget to BUILD WORKERS

              its the one unit newbies forget to build. Some of your cities look under developed.

              The marsh should be drained and you could fit a city right in the middle of the muck when you get it drained.

              Keep us updated!
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                Colonel E you ccan post them inline within this thread, no need to upload them and link.

                Use the reply post button and just below the text area you can see the browse button. Use this to point to the jpeg on your system and it will be hosted here.


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                  Man that is a lot of marsh you have. Anyway you may want to consider a tighter spacing between cities. You will have less land that is never to be used, less distance for the workers to travel so early in the game. It will be easier to defend.


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                    Keep pumping out those knights! They upgrade to the powerful Saphai. Also, I don't know what your military looks like, but I would suggest building trebechets.... lots and lots of trebechets (and lots, and lots, and lots, and lots, and lots, etc). Ok, if you don't have C3C, then build Catapults. LOTS of catapults.
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                      It is C3C or there would not be any marshes.


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                        Don't know about the older versions of civ, but your play style does not match with how C3 works.

                        Besides closer cities, where are your roads? No roads equals reduced commerce.

                        Istanbul, pop 12, tiles with roads 10, wasted tiles 2
                        Antalya, pop 9, roaded tiles 4. wasted tiles 5
                        Sivas, pop 6, roaded tiles 4,wasted 2
                        Uskudar pop 7, is good
                        Edrine pop 6, roaded 5, is close

                        On the good side, your mini map looks promising. It is early, you have land and need to fill in the capital area a bit, but I would suggest roads first.

                        Oh, because of bug, you may want to wait on FP until next patch.

                        -- PF


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                          Here's my latest screenshot... thanks again for all the help...

                          (No, I don't see the "browse" button, sorry! Using Firebird on Windows 2000)



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                            The city (size 10) that has a harbor and a barracks does not have any mines. Before you get hospitals most tiels should be mined. Irrigate when you have to to get enough food to grow or you have a tile that will not benefit from mining.

                            When you selec "post reply as oppossed to the quick reply. You should have a browse selection below where you are writing. Use it to point to the file.