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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of your AI opponents

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    I have yet to see a weak Korea. I don't know quite why, but they are invariably awesome - lots of land and excellent tech. And I've never even seen their UU in action.


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      Have to agree with Carthage being one of the stronger civs. I have not played a game yet where Carthage did not end up as my top (or among myt top) rivals.
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        The babylonians weak point is the UU. They build so many of the things, and keep supporting them, that they consistently bankrupt themselves.
        I've seen it plenty of times. They do well early on, then suffer, until someone kills their 100+ bowmen units wandering the countryside. Then they'll bounce back, but often too late to take any lead.

        I also disagree with Egypt and Carthage being weak. Of course I don't have C3C so I'm not sure what they're like now.
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          I also have a great respect for korea, since I almost always see them with 30k+ gold and a healthy tech lead from the end of the med age and forwards. Incidentally this is exactly the same time as the world bogs down in the endless series of wars that slows down the tech pace and lets me catch up with them (demigod. last time I was first to democrazy and got 7! techs for it).

          I've seen a much bigger tendency for the global war to always happen lately about halfway through med age in c3c. Have anyone other noticed this as well? This, IME, makes for the rise of several KAI's