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Express Path to Republic in C3C

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    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Express Path to Republic in C3C

    Originally posted by Dominae

    The screenshot you posted I would classify as an "Average" Agricultural start. Nothing overly obscene about it.
    That's really my point: my goal in restarting was not to get an obscenely good starting position. The idea of getting an obscenely good starting position certainly wouldn't have bothered me, but all I really insisted on was a bit of river and at least something else useful (even if just a couple grasslands with shield).

    When I want to really push the limits of how much power I can get, I'm willing to restart dozens of times in pursuit of an obscenely good starting position. And I won't apologize for doing it, because I view Ultimate Power games as a perfectly legitimate specialized genre. But that's not what I was doing here.


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      Heh, my current game has a very similar island start. The biggest difference is my capitol location was easily capable of +5 food/turn (2 grassland cows) and produces a LOT of shields, making it a monster wonder city. My island is a little bit larger, has a lot more mountians/hills/plains, and a bit more tundra. Now it sounds totally different But the similarities strike me: island start, 1 river, 1 luxury type.

      I got some luck that turned what would have been a good game into a great one. I got a settler from a hut, and I was able to make contact with 3 civs via my 1 curragh. The result was a tech lead (and several SGLs over the course of the game - 3 IIRC) and wonder mania. Believe it or not, I cannot recall ever winning a game of CivIII via the 20k culture in 1 city option. This time I'm gonna do it. In 1295AD, Salamanca is just shy of 8k culture, producing 81 per turn, which will increase to 85/turn upon completion of Univ Suff in 2 turns. It contains the Pyramids, the Great Library (SGL rushed), the Sistine, Smith, Copernicus, Newton (SGL rushed), Shakespeares, and the Heroic Epic. Mmmmm, wonders.

      The Statue of Zeus can turn an AI into a KAI, yeesh! Persia built it and if I hadn't hit them when I did would have easily finshed off the conquest of their continent. They destroyed Arabia with sickening speed, and decided to pick on the Maya just as my invasion fleet sailed. Of course my sole motivation in crushing the #1 AI civ and taking 2 luxury sources was the defense of the noble Maya. It hurt, though. And with my small home continent, replenishing my forces isn't all that easy.

      grog want tank...Grog Want Tank... GROG WANT TANK!

      The trick isn't to break some eggs to make an omelette, it's convincing the eggs to break themselves in order to aspire to omelettehood.


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        I personally have found this thread very confusing...

        I prolly won;t understand it till I discover Philosophy!
        The greatest delight for man is to inflict defeat on his enemies, to drive them before him, to see those dear to them with their faces bathed in tears, to bestride their horses, to crush in his arms their daughters and wives.

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          The only tech I was first to in my current Demi was Philosophy and I took Lit. I was able to get the GL and I needed it bad as I was at least 4 techs down.
          I am all the way into the start of the Industrial age and I am finally near parity in tech (down 1 ).

          So how are you finding Demi so far Theseus. I am having to jam 30% to lux almost the whole time, even when I can import a 4th luxs. Still a few cities are fussing.