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Tourism and the OCC

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  • Tourism and the OCC

    Having read elsewhere (in Catt's post I think) that the tourism effect for some great wonders starts at 2 gpt after 1000 years and steps up (in 2 gpt steps) to 14 gpt after 2501 years, I was wondering what effect this has on OCC games. How is the tourism gold added? Is it trade, added to your base trade, divided up between tax, luxuries and science, and then subject to multiplication by markets, universities, Newton's theatre etc. (like the Colossus trade bonus to your tiles) - or is it just a gold per turn sum added to your treasury.

    If the former, it would seem to make the non-cultural OCCs much easier. With a good start position you can be getting around 50-60 gpt base trade from your 21 tiles (post-hospitals, obviously, so mid-industrial). By the mid industrial era, you can possibly have 2 great wonders at full tourism. Looking back at the AU302 (OCC) AARs, the first wonder generallt seems to have been completed around 1900 BC (2310 BC was the earliest I saw) - usually the Colossus, and the second as the Great Library around 900 BC (1250 BC the earliest I noticed). That means that by around 1500 AD - a reasonable time to be in the industrial era in OCC I think (depending on map size), you are getting 28 gpt from those two wonders alone, and probably more like 30+ gpt in practice with other wonders included. That would be a 50% boost to your net output. That's a huge difference - more than having a golden age last the entire inustrial and modern eras.

    Can anyone whether the tourism bonus is affected by city improvements? If so, it would seem to make OCC research significantly easier, making spaceship wins much more viable.

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    My own observations indicate that the tourism bonus is added to the city's raw commerce. Factors such as corruption and markets/libraries are then applied as if the tourism was regular tile commerce.
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      I have to agree with Thoth (how could I not) it adds in raw then gets adjusted.