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  • Future Tech.

    I didn't see any other threads on this, but what does it do? I came very close to researching one in a Civ3:Con ., but time ran out. Any hints.

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    In the epic game (normal civ) it does nothing (or virtually nothing). It doesn't provide any new attributes / units / improvements. It does add points to your score, but it is so slight as to be almost nonexistent -- adding one or two specialists or happy citizens to a single city adds more to your overall score than discovering a future tech does, IIRC.

    The same may not be true in a Conquests scenario, and may not be true for a scenario with different scoring / victory methods (like victory points?). I suppose in C3C you might be able to generate a scientific great leader by researching a future tech (is it possible?), but I can't see how that would matter since all wonders are gone, you don't need a boost to science research, and rshing normal improvements is probably not a priority if you've reached the point of researching future techs.



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      Just a filler, in hopes that some people will be enticed to keep up their science rate.


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        Thanks guys.