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    Puma my comment about late tech was for having republic and then getting markets. In you scenario, you do not have repbulic and none of the other key tech for survivial (BW/IW/HBR).

    Republic has so many requiste techs that by the time you have it and start to get Currency, you have most of the ancient techs, that is what I was saying.


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      Oops, my mistake regarding your comment on republic.

      I tend not to research Bronze Working, Iron Working, Horseback riding myself. Bronze Working I can get from Alphabet or Warrior Code trades, usually. Ironworking from a Math trade. Horsebackriding I usually don't have by this time, but I get the wheel asap - usually with a math trade so that I know where the horse is - before that I do with spearmen and swordsmen. It does work. Writing I get from a Currency trade, sometimes I can get construction with it.

      True regarding Republic prerequisites. For me, with the way I play, I tend to go for Currency so quickly that I have already pop rushed a few markets by the time Republic comes around.


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        It has all changed with C3C. So back to the drawing boards. SGL will force people to change tactic.


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          Originally posted by Yahweh Sabaoth
          Does the government of an AI affect what they build? ... Does your government choice affect what the AI builds, especially in so far as military is concerned?
          For the first question, I doubt it. I heard that they do not use the luxury slider. From city investigations, I've noticed that ALL cities tend to have colesseums (sp?), cathedrals, police stations. I have seen this even when they get wonders like Suffrage. I think the building of city improvements is based on city development and squares. I once noticed one large Aztec empire with only two harbours - connecting one small island to a continent that had a few seaside towns.

          Regarding military, I doubt it as well... from the programmer's point of view, I'm sure it would be a lot of trouble to try that to work. There may be so many civs with various goverment types and with treaties getting set and broken all the time - it seems pointless. I think the AI just builds its military as well as it's designed to on its own terms. I think they're all pretty good at keeping old units and upgrading as much as they can.