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I just lost for the first time to the AI!

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    I think religious+scientific is by far the best trait combo for OCC. Militarist is plain useless, you won't have the resources to fight wars anyway (apart from ancient age skirmishes), so is Commercial, as you have only one city. Expansionist can prove useful early, but it's main benefits (more settlers/cities) are a no-no for OCC and the cheap techs/maps/gold you get just don't make up the difference. Industrious is, well, the best trait for Civ3 and PtW hands down, but not for OCC. You have only 1 city to improve anyway, so I churn out ~4 workers early, do the whole improvement within, say, 50 turns and then add them back to the city to boost its size up to twelve. After all tiles are improved, industrious is as useful as expansionist in the medieval age.

    Religious+scientific provides cheap happiness improvements (very important, as you usually don't have more than one own luxury) and scientific improvements (own research helps saving money to get to the key improvements). Additionally, the early culture adds up quickly, because the 1000 years needed to double culture output are quickly reached in the early game.


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      Playing OCC, I want a cultural victory (probably), which means ancient wonders. I can choose
      Iroquis, Egypt or Babylon. The main disadvantage of the Iroquis is the fast tech pace early on due to expansionistic neighbours. You want to stop the first cascade with the Great Library.
      Scientific is not that useful. You also risk to lose your
      Golden Age. (Oracle+ Great Library will trigger it).
      So I chose Egypt instead, emperor, small, five opponents. Build temple, granary, warrior, warrior, warrior (limit number of free units), Oracle, Great Library (ends cascade).
      Revolt to Monarchy before completion of Hanging Gardens+build Colossus and Lighthouse during the Golden Age.
      The result was a cultural victory a bit after 1750.
      Another advantage of Egypt is that you can build the
      20 shields war chariot in 1 turn, buy salpeter,
      overrun some opponent with cavalry. Just for fun,
      you do not need it at this stage.


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        Re: I just lost for the first time to the AI!

        Originally posted by asleepathewheel

        I haven't read any strats on this type of game, so play was a bit rough.
        There are some excellent threads about OCC games.
        Check my 'Best threads of the past year' thread.
        I *bumped* it for you.
        The Mountain Sage of the Swiss Alps