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Which wonder would you chose, part 2

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    That was kind of what I was driving at, MM. Getting Smith's is almost a military decision for me, since my military explodes in size in the Industrial Age, and it usually gets me 250+ gpt in saved maintenance by the middle Ind Age, in addition to the extra gold generated by those trade improvements. Since I'm usually already ramped up scientifically and researching most techs in 4 turns, with the occasional 5 or even 6 turn tech, that money goes directly a) into the treasury to rush units, mainly, and b) to upkeep of those units as my intercontinental war machine gets cranked up to full power.

    The bottom line is that, contrary to WOA's either/or proposition, by the time Smith's is in the picture, I have to build economy to build the military I want.
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