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Questions about getting back into CIVIII....

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  • Questions about getting back into CIVIII....


    I played CIV III quite a bit when it first came out. Right up to the point where PTW came out and then shortly after that I just quit. (I know this is heresy but I was spending too much time playing CIV II PBEMS!)

    I consider my self an average to below average player. I never did really well unless at the lower difficulty settings.

    Ok now that the background is done time for questions.

    What is the best way to jump back in?

    I looked at the "Must Read" thread and "AU History" thread but there is a TON of stuff to read in both. Any reccommendations on where to start?

    What is the best thread to check out to figure out what is going on with AU? Which games are ongoing? Can someone just jump right in? Is it worth it going back and playing some of the older ones? Or will I just get accused of threadjacking?

    Lots of questions but I'd like to start getting invovled before "Conquests" comes out.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    (A reformed CIV II PBEM Player! )

    *"Winning is still the goal, and we cannot win if we lose (gawd, that was brilliant - you can quote me on that if you want. And con - I don't want to see that in your sig."- Beta

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    Since I've never played an AU game (I know blasphemy) I would just start up a game and play. Trial by fire. When I have specific questions I come and search the forum or post a question. I usually play everything random so I don't get locked into playing only with certain civ traits or map. The variety of games is simply amazing.

    I would look at AU games if you want to try a specific strategy.


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      I was just about to come and suggest you take a look at some of the first few DARs from AUSG101. It's being played in turn blocks and has not only the opening plays of many players, but discussion on the whys and wherefores of the play.

      As to the linked threads you talked about, take a look at the Winning Early and Opening moves threads. The beginning of the game is the most important part IMO.


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        C3C is probably going to change a few strategies, anyway.
        Governments, exploration, air power and defense, tech tree paths, and MAYBE even significant AI use of artillery (gasp!).


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          Thanks for the response guys!

          Ill start checking out those threads.

          Can I just hop into an AU game? Whcih one would be best?

          Just what does DAR stand for? I looked at a couple and they looked like AAR's to me.

          Thanks again
          *"Winning is still the goal, and we cannot win if we lose (gawd, that was brilliant - you can quote me on that if you want. And con - I don't want to see that in your sig."- Beta


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            DAR is "during action report". It's an ongoing posting rather than waiting until the end of the game to post the thoughts etc.

            As to hopping into an AU game, AU210 just started over the weekend. It has a special theme to it called UN peacekeepers. If you'd like to play it you can read up about it in the main thread. You can also hop into AUSG101 as well. Like I said we're playing in turn blocks, and there are three teams, each with a different goal while playing the same save. It's a little like "scramble" from golf where after each turn block the players vote on the next turn block to use.