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    What are the best game settings for a really fun game. I usually do Huge/70% Water Continents/Ottomans/8-12 other civs.
    What about you?

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    STD maps for me.


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      Honestly I don't play too many "stock" games of Civ3 or PTW anymore. The most fun for me comes from the Apolyton University games where you can compare games against each other. And the democracy games where a bunch of people get together to play the game.

      To answer your question though...I like large/continents/any industrious civ/10-12 civs.


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        Huge/continents/60% Water (to give my suicide galleys a fighting chance and reduce slightly the irritating sail for IC invasion in modern era)/8 civs

        I'm trying to branch out and wean myself from Industrious (which, btw is damn hard). It's the only trait I bemoan not having, but in my latest game I've fallen in love with Germany, and Mil is slowly joining Ind in that category. On top of all their obvious benefits, playing as Germany means you know you won't have them for a neighbor.

        I'm thinking about creating a mod with every civ having a third trait, and giving the Germans Ind, just to see how it feels, but that would be backsliding, wouldn't it?

        The demo game I'm in has been a lot of fun, as was the AU OCC game (which I neglected to make notes for so I could write an AAR, and now just remember that I was Spain and won a single-city culture victory). I keep wanting to jump back in and try some more AU games, but have prioritized trying to get off Ind and try some "new" civs.
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          standard everywhere.... sometimes I do pangaea rather than continents, but only when on small maps and with Persians


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            I play on a 180x180 map, large continents, wet/cool/4B, 20 Civs.

            This usually yields two or three really big AI Civs to challenge me late in the game, while providing plenty of "local" wars early in the game to keep things interesting.
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