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  • C3C Senario Editor

    Has anyone herd anything about the C3C Editor? Can you add
    new units or anything? The PTW Senario editor was much
    better then the Civ3 Editor have they made any improvements?
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    I've heard it's better, but I don't know exactly how. The people in the Conquests forum or the Creation forum would probably know more about it.


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      oops yeah I probably should have put it in the right catagory Im still trying to figure out this web sight. Oh well i hope you can add new units.
      Absolute power corrupts absolutely


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        Check that forum, if anyone knows it will be posted there, most likely. Me I will what until I have it in my hands to worry about it.


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          Most of the new stuff that is added (like desease, and locked alliances) are customizable in the new editor. There are also some other stuff which frankly I have no clue what to do with

          It has the same look and feel as the PTW editor so those used to working with it should find no trouble. The process of adding units is exactly the same.
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