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Wow... I just started my first "new game" in how long?

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    Originally posted by Theseus
    Solomwi, which game were you playing?
    Yeah I am wondering how his turned out and if he finished it. That was an interesting map and story he had going there.

    Off subject, I have really got to get an expansion here. Looking at all of the buttons on his screen makes me wonder why I never got PtW. I should have never listened to those complainers when it was first released. Now that I did, the good thing is I can just get C3C and have PtW features. It still don't make up for all of the time I been playing vanilla CIV3 when I could have been playing an obviously improved PtW.


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      I won a cultural victory in 1752, three turns before finishing the spaceship.

      I did launch a massive attack on China, which occupied the bottom third or so of my continent. I had by that time occupied all former Ottoman, Viking and Aztec lands. The Zulu had a decent sized island to themselves with all the wines, so I used them as a tuneup for China, launching five amphibious fleets against their five southern coastal cities simultaneously, then pushing north until I had the whole island.

      A vital part of my attack on China was Operation Vulcan, an amphibious invasion aimed at resource denial (rubber in particular) on New Canton, which was in a bay on China's southern coast (IOW, I had to sneak the fleet into striking distance, which took about 5 turns, while making sure peace was kept). Simultaneously with the capture of New Canton, and a Panzer thrust north that netted one more metro, my Cavs and Panzers poured across our common border on China's north in Operation Frazier (trying to deliver an opening round knockout blow).

      Both were successful, but Mao had 105 Infantry units when the war started (1600), so it wasn't easy. Operations Vulcan and Frazier, btw, knocked that number down to 60 units at the end of the first turn. The two operations also took all of China's oil, rubber, uranium, saltpeter and iron, as they were designed to do. They tried to mount a counterattack or two, but were throwing Cavs against MI's for the most part. It ended in 1635, with China reduced to some remote island settlements and a Vietnam-shaped string of coastal towns on the other continent. In the peace, I got one town in the Antarctic region of the other continent (which, incidentally, inspired "The Barbarossa Incident" over in the stories forum) for its dyes, and several worthless towns on a small island with the only two Zulu towns left (promptly gave those to the Zulu, too).

      It was one of the more epic wars I've undertaken, but the opening round success of my carefully planned attacks made the outcome academic quickly. Clearing them from the continent was still tough and took careful planning, though, to minimize WW and not leave any undefended culture gaps (they were almost totally railroaded). I'm sure I've still got a pre-invasion save, if anybody wants to experience that war machine in action for themselves.

      I think this screenshot's in another thread, but just in case, here's the after shot of Operation Vulcan. By the end of the turn, Frazier had broken all the way through to Chengdu, so none of my forces were cut off from reinforcements.
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      Solomwi is very wise. - Imran Siddiqui


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        Oh, I forgot to add that the war with China, as it was planned and executed, would not have been possible with Tanks. Panzers are officially my favorite UU now, though I see mucho potential in Berserks (the one time I played Scandy, I didn't know how to use them properly).

        Viva la Panzer!

        Hmmm, there's got to be something just fundamentally wrong with that sentence.
        Solomwi is very wise. - Imran Siddiqui


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          Laudare Athanatoi!! Something wrong with that too.

          [Ancient language challenge, for those interested... )

          Solomwi, I still can't tell or remember... was that the game I started?
          The greatest delight for man is to inflict defeat on his enemies, to drive them before him, to see those dear to them with their faces bathed in tears, to bestride their horses, to crush in his arms their daughters and wives.

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            Ahhh, now your question makes sense. No, this was a purely homegrown game that I just started talking about to avoid being completely off topic (stretching the topic to be "new games started for the first time in forever"), and because I became so enamored with Germany that I just had to share.

            Athanatoi or Athenameton?

            If it's what I suspect, not nearly as much is wrong, seeing how much the later culture drew from the earlier (don't want to give it away for any interested).
            Solomwi is very wise. - Imran Siddiqui