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Apolyton Strategy Guru's, experts, and journymen: I need your help

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  • Apolyton Strategy Guru's, experts, and journymen: I need your help

    Fellow apolytoner's (especially participants of the AU),

    A while back I tried to address the problems I had with Civ3 by making a mod for it called the Blitz mod. Because of circumstances in my life I stopped work on it for quite some time. However, the pending release of Conquests has inspired me to resurrect the Blitz Mod. During the creation of the Blitz mod I tried to stick to the following principles:

    *better balance throughout the game
    *more interesting combat
    *a variety of units that encourages combined arms strategies
    *scarcity forcing the player to weigh their strategic choices carefully
    *more approaches to playing and winning, with less cookie cutter strategies
    *slightly more emphasis on real life as an inspiration
    *trying to keep the gameplay familar to unmodded civ3

    So with those goals in mind this is what I've came up with. I would appreciate all of you to play it a few times and see what you think. I really need feedback in reguards to the following areas, units and governments. Specifically I am wondering if any of my units are unbalanced in your opinion, if you can rely on a single unit to dominate the game, if naval and air units have more of an impact now, and if the governments all have their various uses so that none of them act as a supergovernment.

    This is an early version of the implementation, and I haven't added new units, artwork, or updated the civilpedia, but everything should work.

    In order to play download the zip file, open it, select extract, and then extract the included files to your PtW Scenarios folder. Then to play start PtW and select new scenario.

    In addition to feedback, if you encounter any bugs or problems please let me know. Thanks in advance

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    I can't promise I'll use it right away because I don't have as much time for actual games right now and I'm currently involved in one, but once that one is over I'll try to take a run though this.


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      Do you have a readme you can paste into a post?

      grog want tank...Grog Want Tank... GROG WANT TANK!

      The trick isn't to break some eggs to make an omelette, it's convincing the eggs to break themselves in order to aspire to omelettehood.


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        yes and I was in the process of posting it when I got a phone call. lol see my next few posts


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          my info is on a thread at civfanatics, which keeps on giving me the "sever too busy" warning!

          as soon as it starts working i'll post the readme


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            Blitz Mod Readme

            Changes to Units

            Non-combat Units
            Settler 0.0.1 50/3 {Colonist}
            *Colonist 0.0.2 50/3 Navigation
            Worker 0.0.1 10/1 {Engineer}
            *Engineer 0.0.1 10/1 (all terrain as roads) Steam Power
            Scout 0.0.2 10 (invisible, hidden nationality, free upkeep) {Conquistador}
            Chasqui Scout 1.1.2 10 (imc: hills, mountains) {Scout}
            Explorer 0.0.2 20 (invisible, hidden nationality, free upkeep) Astronomy
            **Conquistador 4.2.2 40 (invisible, all terrain as roads, blitz, zoc) horses Astronomy {Explorer}
            **Army 0.0.2|3 150 (blitz, zoc, pillage, radar +6 hp)

            Ancient Land Units
            Warrior 2.1.1 20 {Legion}
            Enkidu Warrior
            Jaguar Warrior 2.1.2 20 (imc: forest, jungle) {Warrior}
            Archer 3.1.1 20 {Bezerk}
            Bowman 3.2.1 20 {Archer}
            Javelineer 4.1.1 20 (enslave) {Bowman}
            Swordsman 4.2.1 30 iron {Medieval Infantry}
            Gallic Swordsman 5.2.2 40 iron {Swordsman}
            Immortal 4.2.1 20 (-1 hp) iron {Gallic Swordsman}
            Legion 4.2.1 30 (+2 hp) iron {Immortal}
            Spearman 2.2.1 20 {Pikeman}
            Hoplite 2.3.1 20 {Spearman}
            Impi 2.2.2 20 {Hoplite}
            Numideon Mercenary 3.4.1 30 (free upkeep) {Impi}
            Chariot 3.1.2 30 (wheeled, zoc) horses {Mounted Warrior}
            Three Man Chariot
            War Chariot 3.1.2 30 (wheeled, zoc, +2 hp) horses {Chariot}
            Horseman 3.1.3 40 (zoc) horses {War Elephant}
            Mounted Warrior 3.1.3 40 (blitz, zoc, +1 hp) horses {Horseman}

            Middle Age Land Units
            Longbowman 7.2.1 40 {Musketeer}
            Bezerk 12.4.1 60 (Amphibious, +1 hp) {Longbowman}
            Medieval Infantry 8.5.1 50 iron {Rifleman} Chivalry
            Pikeman 5.5.1 40 {Musketeer}
            Swiss Mercenary 5.8.1 40 {Pikeman}
            Musketman 11.11.1 60/1 saltpeter {Rifleman}
            Musketeer 14.14.1 60/1 saltpeter {Musketman}
            Knight 8.4.2 60 (zoc) iron, horses {Siphai}
            Ansar Warrior 9.3.2 50 (blitz, zoc) iron, horses {Knight}
            Keshik 8.2.2 40 (imc: mountains, hills, zoc) horses {Ansar Warrior}
            Rider 8.4.3 60 (zoc) iron, horses {Keshik}
            Samurai 8.6.2 60 (zoc) iron {Rider}
            War Elephant 14.10.1 80 (zoc) {Samurai}
            Cavalry 15.6.3 80/1 (zoc) horses, saltpeter {Panzer}
            Cossack 15.8.4 (zoc) horses, saltpeter {Cavalry}
            Siphai 22.6.3 80/1 (zoc) horses, saltpeter {Cossack}

            Industrial Era Land Units
            Guerrilla 4.1.3 15/1/3 10/2 (invisible, hidden nationality, lethal land bombardment, -3 hp, free upkeep, imc:all) Replaceable parts
            Marine 30.15.2 120/1 (amphibious, zoc) rubber
            Paratrooper 25.20.2 120/1 (10 air drop range, zoc) rubber
            Rifleman 15.15.2 80/1 {Infantry}
            Infantry 20.20.2 100/1 rubber
            Tank 40.16.3 140/1 (wheeled, blitz, zoc, cannot airlift) iron, oil {Modern Armor}
            Panzer 40.16.4 140/1 (wheeled, blitz, zoc, cannot airlift, +1hp, imc:forest) iron, oil {Tank}

            Modern Land Units
            *Special Forces 40.20.4 150 (amphibious, invisible, see invisible, 10 air drop range, blitz, -4 hp, imc:all) Computers
            Tow Infantry 25.25.2 120|1 Computers
            Mech Infantry 40.40.4 160/1 (wheeled, blitz, zoc, cannot airlift) iron, oil, rubber Miniturization
            Modern Armor 60.20.4 180/1 (wheeled, blitz, zoc, cannot airlift) iron, oil, aluminum

            Catapult 0.1.1 8/1/4 40 (wheeled) iron {Cannon}
            Cannon 0.1.1 18/1/6 80 (wheeled) iron, saltpeter {Artillary}
            Hwacha 0.1.1 24/1/6 80 (wheeled) saltpeter
            Artillary 0.2.2 25/2/8 120 (helicopter transportable) iron
            Radar Artillary 0.2.3 30/2/5 160 (wheeled, blitz, cannot airlift) aluminum, oil

            Cruise Missile 0.0.1 60 40/5/2 (leathal land, leathal sea, can load into Aegis Cruisers and nuclear subs) aluminum
            Tactical Nuke 0.0.1 180 10 aluminum, uranium
            ICBM 0.0.1 250 aluminum, uranium

            Ancient Naval Units
            Galley 2.2.4 30|2 (wheeled, sink in sea, sink in ocean) {Sloop}

            Middle Age Naval Units
            *Sloop 5.3.5 50 (sink in ocean, imc: sea) {Man-o-War} Astronomy
            Caravel 2.3.4 60|3 (-1 hp, sink in ocean, imc: sea) {Galleon}
            Galleon 2.3.5 80|4 (-1 hp, imc: sea, ocean) {Transport}
            Frigate 12.9.2 12/1/1 100 (all terrain as roads, blitz) {Ironclad}
            Man-o-War 16.12.2 12/1/1 100 (all terrain as roads, blitz)
            Privateer 8.2.7 40 (hidden nationality, imc: sea, ocean) Navigation

            Industrial Era Naval Units
            Ironclad 20.16.3 20/1/1 120 (all terrain as roads, blitz) iron, coal Steel {Battleship}
            Transport 2.5.8 100 (-1 hp, imc: sea, ocean) oil
            Battleship 48.38.3 30/2/2 240 (all terrain as roads, blitz) iron, coal, oil
            Destroyer 16.26.4 16/1/1 120 (all terrain as roads, blitz) oil {Aegis Cruiser}
            Submarine 16.6.3 120 (all terrain as roads, blitz, invisible, detect invisible)
            Aircraft Carrier 2.8.3 200|5 (all terrain as roads, blitz, radar) iron, rubber Advanced Flight

            Modern Naval Units
            Nuclear Sub 16.20.3 180|3 (all terrain as roads, blitz, invisible, detect invisible)
            Aegis Cruiser 25.35.4 25/1/1 160|2 (all terrain as roads, blitz, radar, detect invisible, *transport cruise missiles) aluminum, oil

            Industrial Era Air Units
            Fighter 5.5.2 25/6/2 120 (blitz, lethal sea bombard, *foot soldier) oil {F-15}
            Bomber 0.2.1 20/10/6 150 oil, rubber {Jet Bomber}
            Helicopter 0.2.3 0/6/0 100 oil, rubber

            Modern Air Units
            Jet Fighter 20.20.3 35/8/2 180 (blitz, radar, lethal sea bombard) aluminum, oil
            F-15 30.30.3 35/8/2 180 (blitz, radar, lethal sea bombard, precision strike, *foot soldier) aluminum, oil {Jet Fighter}
            *Jet Bomber 0.6.2 30/14/6 220 (blitz, radar) aluminum, oil Rocketry
            Stealth Fighter 0.1.2 32/12/4 250 (blitz, stealth, radar, precision strike) aluminum, oil, uranium
            Stealth Bomber 0.1.1 65/120/10 450 (stealth, radar, precision strike) aluminum, oil, uranium

            *denotes new unit


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              Changes to Combat Experience
              Conscript 3hp 35% retreat
              Regular 4hp 50% retreat
              Veteran 6hp 60% retreat
              Elite 9hp 75% retreat

              Changes to Terrain
              *All terrain defensive bonuses set to 0% except in jungles, forest, hills, and mountains which are unchanged
              *Jungle changed to 1.1.0
              *Mountains changed to 0.2.0
              *Tundra changed to 0.1.0
              *Jungle move cost changed to 4
              *Mountainís move cost changed to 4
              *Seaís move cost changed to 2
              *Oceanís move cost changed to 2
              *Ocean is now impassable to wheeled units

              General Settings Changes
              *Chance of Rioting is now 50%
              *Citizen value in shields is now 25
              *Turn Penalty for Each Hurry Sacrifice is now 20
              *Turn Penalty for Each Drafted Citizen is now 20
              *Future Tech Cost now 500
              *Minimum Research Time now 1 turn
              *Maximum Research Time now 42 turns
              *Cities Needed to Support an Army now 2
              *Chance to Intercept Enemy Air Missions now 75%
              *Chance to Intercept Enemy Stealth Missions now 4%
              *Fortification Defense Bonus now 50%
              *Town Defense Bonus now 50%
              *City Defense Bonus now 100%
              *Metro Defense Bonus now 150%
              *Shield cost per gold is now 12 (but extra double effect of wealth added to mass production)
              *Citizen Defensive Bonus now 12
              *Building Defensive Bonus now 12
              *Basic Barbarian is now a Swordsman
              *Advanced Barbarian is now a Knight

              Changes to Citizens
              *Scientist now provides 3 research and comes with Education
              *Tax Collector now provides 3 taxes and comes with Currency

              Changes to Difficulty Level

              Bonus versus Barbarians removed at Regent and above
              All difficulty levels except for chieftain have one less default happy citizen (note: emperor and deity now start at 0 happy citizens)

              Changes to Diplomats and Spies
              *Build an Embassy cost 15
              *Investigate City cost 5
              *Steal Technology cost 8
              *Steal World Map cost 1
              *Plant Spy cost 45
              *Steal Plans cost 5
              *Initiate Propaganda cost 60
              *Sabotage Production cost 8
              *Expose Enemy Mole cost 60

              Changes to Governments

              0 police
              1/1/1 1 support
              0 draft
              tile penalty
              no building upkeep
              high war weariness
              1 worker rate
              0 assimilation
              catastrophic corruption
              conscript spies
              immune to build embassy

              3 police
              3/3/3 1 support
              2 draft
              tile penalty
              no war weariness
              1 worker rate
              forced labor
              0 assimilation
              rampant corruption
              regular spies

              0 police
              0/0/0 3 support +20 free units
              1 draft
              high war weariness
              trade bonus
              2 worker rate
              paid labor
              2 assimilation
              problematic corruption
              regular spies

              2 police
              2/3/4 2 support
              2 draft
              low war weariness
              2 worker rate
              paid labor
              1 assimilation
              nuisance corruption
              regular spies

              2 police
              4/1/0 3 support
              2 draft
              no war weariness
              1 worker rate
              paid labor
              0 assimilation
              communal corruption
              regular spies

              0 police
              1/2/3 2 support
              1 draft
              high war weariness
              trade bonus
              3 worker rate
              paid labor
              4 assimilation
              minimal corruption
              regular spies
              immune to propaganda

              3 police
              2/3/4 1 support
              3 draft
              no building upkeep
              no war weariness
              4 worker rate
              cannot hurry
              3 assimilation
              communal corruption
              elite spies
              immune to investigate city

              4 police
              3/4/6 3 support
              3 draft
              no war weariness
              trade bonus
              3 worker rate
              forced labor
              0 assimilation
              nuisance corruption
              regular spies
              immune to tech steal


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                Changes to Culture

                In awe of
                Culture Ratio 5:1
                Chance of Successful Propaganda: 60%
                Initial Resistance Chance: 20%
                Continued Resistance Chance: 10%

                Admirers of
                Culture Ratio 3:1
                Chance of Successful Propaganda: 45%
                Initial Resistance Chance: 35%
                Continued Resistance Chance: 25%

                Impressed with
                Culture Ratio 5:4
                Chance of Successful Propaganda: 30%
                Initial Resistance Chance: 50%
                Continued Resistance Chance: 40%

                On par with
                Culture Ratio 4:5
                Chance of Successful Propaganda: 25%
                Initial Resistance Chance: 60%
                Continued Resistance Chance: 55%

                Unimpressed by
                Culture Ratio 1:3
                Chance of Successful Propaganda: 15%
                Initial Resistance Chance: 75%
                Continued Resistance Chance: 70%

                Dismissive of
                Culture Ratio 1:5
                Chance of Successful Propaganda: 5%
                Initial Resistance Chance: 90%
                Continued Resistance Chance: 85%

                Disdainful of
                Culture Ratio 1:10
                Chance of Successful Propaganda: 1%
                Initial Resistance Chance: 100%
                Continued Resistance Chance: 98%

                Changes to Improvements and Wonders

                Palace 100/1/0 Center of Empire, +1 Happy

                Temple 60/1/1 +1 Happy (Religious)
                Coliseum 120/2/2 +2 Happy
                Cathedral 160/2/2 +3 Happy [Temple] (Religious)

                Marketplace 100/0/1 +50% Tax Output, Increases Luxury Trade (Commercial)
                Bank 150/0/3 +50% Tax Output [Marketplace] (Commercial)
                *Stock Exchange 220/0/4 +50% Tax Output [Bank] (Commercial) The Corporation

                Harbor 80/0/1 Allows Water Trade, Increases Food in Water (Commercial, Coastal)
                Air Port 160/0/2 Allows Air Trade, +50% Luxury Output 1 Pollution {Oil} (Commercial)

                Walls 20/0/0 +50% Defense, 12 Bombard Defense (Militaristic)
                Coastal Fortress 40/0/1 16 Naval Power, 12 Naval Bombard Defense {Iron, Saltpeter} (Militaristic, Coastal)
                Barracks 80/0/2 Veteran Ground Units (Militaristic) Warrior Code
                *Naval Base 120/0/3 Veteran Sea Units [Harbor] (Militaristic, Coastal) Astronomy
                *Airforce Installation 160/0/4 Veteran Air Units {Oil} (Militaristic) Flight
                SAM Missile Battery 120/0/2 Airpower 12 (Militaristic)

                *Mill 160/0/2 +25% Production, Must be Near a River; Engineering
                Factory 240/0/4 +50% Production, 2 Pollution {Iron}
                Manufacturing Plant 320/0/5 +50% Production, 1 Pollution [Factory] {Aluminum}
                Coal Plant 160/0/4 +50% Production, 3 Pollution [Factory] {Coal}
                Hydro Plant 240/0/4 +50% Production, Must be Near a River [Factory] {Iron}
                Solar Plant 320/0/4 +50% Production [Factory] {Rubber}
                Nuclear Plant 240/0/4 +100% Production, 1 Pollution, Must be Near Water, Can Explode or Meltdown [Factory] {Uranium}
                Offshore Platform 240/0/3 Increases Shields in Water, 2 Pollution (Coastal)

                Library 80/1/1 +50% Research Output (Scientific) Writing
                University 200/3/3 +50% Research Output [Library] (Scientific)
                Research Lab 240/1/4 +50% Research Output [University] (Scientific)

                Courthouse 80/1/1 Reduces Corruption
                *Newspaper 120/1/2 Reduces Corruption, Resistant to Propaganda [Library] Printing Press
                Police Station 180/1/2 Reduces Corruption, Reduces War Weariness [Courthouse]

                Granary 60/0/1 Doubles City Growth Rate
                Aqueduct 100/0/1 Allows City Size Level 2
                Hospital 160/0/2 Allows City Size Level 3

                Mass Transit 200/0/3 Removes Population Pollution {Rubber}
                Recycling Center 200/0/3 Removes Building Pollution

                *Amphitheater 80/3/1 Literature
                *Opera 160/8/2 [Amphitheater] Music Theory
                *Museum 240/14/4 [Opera] Atomic Theory
                **Obelisk 0/2/0 cannot be built only appears through the Pyramids

                Hanging Gardens 300/4/0 3 happy, 1 happy in all cities expires with Steam Power {Ind}
                Oracle 300/4/0 [2x Temple] Doubles happiness of temples expires with Theology {Rel}
                Sistine Chapel 600/6/0 [2x Cathedral] Doubles happiness of Cathedrals {Rel}
                JS Bach's Cathedral 600/6/0 [2x Cathedral] 2 happy, 2 happy in all cities expires with Genetics {Rel, Con}
                Cure for Cancer 1000/8/0 [2x Research Lab] 6 happy, 2 happy in all cities {Sci}

                Colossus 200/2/0 +1 trade in all trade producing squares expires with Mass Production {Ex, Com, Coastal)
                Wall Street 300/1/0 [4x Stock Exchange] Treasury Earns 5% {Com}

                Great Lighthouse 300/2/0 [2x Harbor] Safe Sea Travel, +1 Ship Movement expires with Magnetism {Exp, Com, Coa}
                Magellan's Voyage [2x Harbor] 400/3/0 +1 Ship Movement expires with Nuclear Power {Exp, Com, Coa}
                Smith's Trading Company 600/4/0 Pays Maintenance for trade Installations {Com}

                Great Wall 200/2/0 Doubles combat vs. Barbs, Doubles City Defense expires with Metallurgy {Mil, Ind}
                Sun Tzu's Art of War 600/3/0 Barracks in every city on the continent expires with Motorized Transport{Mil}
                Leonardo's Workshop 600/3/0 Halves upgrade cost {Mil}
                Universal Suffrage 900/4/0 Reduces war weariness in all cities {Mil}
                Manhattan Project 800/2/0 [2x University] Allows all civs to build Nukes {Mil, Sci, Ind} Uranium
                Heroic Epic 200/4/0 Increased chance of leaders, Requires a victorious army expires with Military Tradition {Mil, Rel} (note: The Heroic Epic is now a great wonder)
                Military Academy 400/1/0 Build armies without leaders {Mil} (note: victorious army requirement removed)
                Pentagon 400/1/0 Build larger armies, requires 4 armies, requires a victorious army {Mil}
                Strategic Missile Defense 800/1/0 [5x SAM batteries] Decreased chance of missile attacks {Mil, Sci}
                Intelligence Agency 400/1/0 Allows spy missions {Mil, Sci}
                Battlefield Medicine 500/1/0 [5x Hospital] Healing in enemy territory {Mil}

                Hoover Dam 1200/3/0 gain hydro plant in every city on continent, must be near a river {Ind}
                Iron Works 400/1/0 +100% production, 4 pollution, requires coal and iron in city radius {Ind}

                Great Library 400/4/0 [2x Library] Gain any advances owned by two civs expires with Education {Sci}
                Copernicus's Observatory 400/4/0 doubles research output expires with Space Flight {Exp, Sci}
                Newton's University 500/5/0 [2x University] doubles research output {Sci}
                Theory of Evolution 600/6/0 +2 free advances {Sci}
                SETI Program 1200/8/0 [3x University] doubles research output {Sci, Exp}
                Apollo Program 500/3/0 build spaceship parts {Sci, Ind} Aluminum

                Forbidden Palace 150/1/0 reduces corruption {Exp, Rel}

                Longevity 1200/8/0 [2x research Lab] city growth causes +2 pop {Sci, Exp}


                Pyramids 200/4/0 gives an obelisk in each city on the continent expires with Monotheism {Ind, Rel}
                Shakespeare's Theater 400/16/0 [2x Opera] 2 happy, +50% Luxury Output
                United Nations 1200/15/0 Allows diplomatic victory {Exp, Com}

                Space Ship Parts
                SS Thrusters 600 Aluminum
                SS Engine 1200 Aluminum, Uranium
                SS Docking Bay 300 Oil, Rubber
                SS Cockpit 600 Aluminum
                SS Fuel Cells 300 Uranium, Rubber
                SS Life Support System 600 Aluminum
                SS Stasis Chamber 600 Aluminum
                SS Storage/Supply 300 Oil, Rubber
                SS Planetary Party Lounge 300 Oil, Rubber
                SS Exterior Casing 1200 Aluminum, Uranium

                Changes to Resources

                *All strategic resources set to have a disappearance rate of 900
                *Uranium's Appearance ratio changed from 100 to 80
                *Oil can now be in plains
                *Game can now be in jungle

                Changes to Technology

                *Moved Map Trading from Map Making to Printing Press
                *Moved Communication trading from Writing to Navigation
                *Moved Mutual Protection Pacts from Nationalism to Espionage
                *Moved appearance of Aluminum to Mass Production
                *Moved appearance of Uranium to Atomic Theory
                *Gunpowder now has Education as a prereq in addition to invention
                *Advanced Flight is now a required tech


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                  "...familiar to unmodded Civ3"

                  Your kidding, right?

                  Looks interesting... maybe when there is another lull (like before AUSG101) I'll give it a run.
                  The greatest delight for man is to inflict defeat on his enemies, to drive them before him, to see those dear to them with their faces bathed in tears, to bestride their horses, to crush in his arms their daughters and wives.

                  Duas uncias in puncta mortalis est.


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                    "...familiar to unmodded Civ3"

                    Your kidding, right?

                    lol, no i wasn't, but that makes it even funnier right?

                    while there are many many changes i wanted it to a have a similar feel, like if you know civ3, then it would only take one possibly two games to know exactly what is going on in the blitz mod


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                      I was sorta giving you grief there.

                      I can see from the balance of the changes to military units that it DOES still feel like stock, albeit with much higher values. Everything is relative, neh?

                      A couple of Ancient units jumped out at me: WCs and MWs are overwhelming for the era, although, not, of course, across eras (a key problem with stock... can we say Sipahi?... which you have obviously been trying to address).

                      Looks cool.
                      The greatest delight for man is to inflict defeat on his enemies, to drive them before him, to see those dear to them with their faces bathed in tears, to bestride their horses, to crush in his arms their daughters and wives.

                      Duas uncias in puncta mortalis est.


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                        The Gallic Swordsman is the one that jumped out at me: 5/2/2 40 shields!! I know some of the defenders are beefed up, but still!

                        The best ancient defender I saw in there was the Numidian, with a 4 defense. Then the Hoplite at 3, and everything else has a 2 defense. Against a 5 attack, 2 move unit? That should be a slaughter.

                        And the MW... 4/1/3 with blitz... YIKES

                        Then it looks like the defenders get crazy in the mid-middle ages (musketmen are hardcore).

                        I dunno... there are tons of changes in there. Some of them are interesting, for sure.

                        grog want tank...Grog Want Tank... GROG WANT TANK!

                        The trick isn't to break some eggs to make an omelette, it's convincing the eggs to break themselves in order to aspire to omelettehood.


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                          I agree: most if not all of the changes to units favor the attacker. This may actually turn out okay because the AI likes to counter-attack, but it means there's no place left for Spearmen, Pikemen or anything else. The whole idea behind defense in Civ3 is that if you a player is willing to sit there and do nothing, he's going to be more difficult to beat up on. With your mod it's all offense.

                          I've only glanced through it (nice work, by the way!), and the other change that strikes me is the Scout: Hidden Nationality, Invisible, and free upkeep can really screw up the AI. Seems to me like you can just park your Scouts on every resource available and the AI will never do anything about it, unless they have some other reason to move a military unit onto that tile.

                          And her eyes have all the seeming of a demon's that is dreaming...


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                            It's very difficult to balance a mod with so many changes, and even more difficult to have the AI understand the new strategies that the changes bring.

                            Here are a couple of things I noticed right away:

                            The Colonist (2-move Settler) can be abused as an offensive weapon: move one tile into enemy territory, and settle. Couple that with railroads and loose AI city spacing, and you can conquer any continent in a single turn.

                            Marketplaces and airports offer +50% on luxury spending, but the AI doesn't use the luxury slider.

                            Your more powerful artillery won't convince the AI to build more of them, nor to use them offensively.

                            The AI doesn't transport cruise missiles, even if you give your ships the ability to do so.

                            Your Fascism seems extremely powerful, both as a wartime and peacetime government. Your Communism seems even weaker than the stock version.

                            Still, I see that many of your changes have made into the stock version of PTW and Conquests. Good job pioneering modding for Civ3!


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                              This broth is spoiled. Time to sack some of those cooks!