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    I guess that I have to try this abandon cities a bit more. Try for the settler pumps or for the pure unit cities, after all I do have a friend to whoop in mulitplayer when conquest comes out...


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      Does this really improve your gameplay?

      Considering that are so many things and tactics to remember and used at any giving time.


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        Dunno if any usefull or maybe i'm ages behind on this topic (just know of the formula recently) but this is what in my vision is the ideal use of the knowledge:

        1: Build a circle of cities at distance 4 around your capital (Rome)

        2: Build A city (Veii) at big distance from Rome. Build FP in Rome. Use GL to move Palace to Veii.

        3: Build circle of cities distance 7 around both Rome and Veii.

        The small circle will of course still have no cities closer to them.

        The large circle around Rome will now have a small circle inside, but because of the bug described in the other tread, this will not matter, the cities around the capital are used in calculation, those are at same distance and thus no problem.

        The large circle around Veii has no sities closer to the capital.

        You now have over 30 cities without corruption for number of cities.

        I am currently in a game where i will try to implement this if the game will last long enough to do this and i will get a chance to do this
        I play deity on a normal size map, so by the time i am building my 30th city, i expect to have won the game by far. But at least i can build UP TO 30 cities this way without worrying about corruption, thats a good thing.

        I am only at step 1 yet though
        1 circle of 7 cities , 1200BC.