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    Sounds like a plan Osmaniac.

    BTW, in addition to Theseus' seven pillars I'd recommend reading as much as you can of the threads linked into Must read threads. It has a lot of great info, though some of it is out of date. Can't wait to see your game.


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      I would recommend the following programme as a fool-proof means of beating the computer at the highest level of difficulty:

      1. Build lots of soldiers.
      2. Build everything else.
      3. Generate plenty of great leaders.
      4. Kill your opponents.
      5. Be quick!
      6. No, quicker!!!

      Unfortunately such auspicious situations arise sporadically at best ....


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        Osmaniac forgive me for not remembering anything about what may have been going on in this thread.
        Did you have a reasonable start location? Are you using 1.27F? I have not seen much mentioned about this patch, but IMO it seems to have increased the AI a tad. I find I have to be more aggressive and use tighter spacing than before to get by.
        Anyway, one thing that I know will work for China, is to make some ring cities and put up barracks in them. Crank out units and not worry about much other than a few workers. Get some archers and pay a visit to the near civ. If you are observant you will catch them running a setter + warrior team. Snatch it up and then hit the next city. You can take down a few units and maybe even another city. This will give you a vasal and insure they never are a factor. It also means some land that would have been settled with be open a lot longer. This gives you time to fill in. Now you can crank up the workers and settlers to get the extra land and I like to do it in a way to cut off any incursion. This means no settlers teams coming through. I would rather not have to kill them and get all the civs after me right away.
        You will need to get in some key structures along the about now and keep those vet units coming.
        This prevents them from trying to push you around and you do not have to switch gears if a war comes along.
        Start making horses as soon as you can, you will be set for a massive Riders upgrade and kick off your next round of expansion. This will ideally come with a GA and a smack down of a rivial. If you do it right, you will be build something like Leos or something to get those double shields making the wonders faster.


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          BTW the way if that was too vague, take a look at some of the DAR's being posted in the AUSG101 game. There is bound to be a few super reports.


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            sipahi are way too strong imo. You can pretty much destroy everyone once you get them with the Ottomans.