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I NEED HELP on a world map

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    I'm playing a mod of my own with lethal bombardment right now. It's fun, isn't it.

    If you're playing the same world map I've used, the Greeks would definitely be in my crosshairs as soon as the Aztecs are wiped out.
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      You know how too find the map image anybody?

      Oh and yes the Greeks are gonna glow when Im through...Alexander has blacked the Medditteranean with a carrier and sub force


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        Hmmm a hitlist....warmongering its Fun


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          Ill work on taking down the Aztecs and Greek, once that is done I will hopefully be ready too launch an invasion of China at there cities on Japan, with India as an allie against them(I can pay them too attack) The naval war is won.


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            Screenshots and saves, por favor.
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              Originally posted by Uber Warrior
              You know how too find the map image anybody?
              Briefly: Press the PrntScrn key, which takes the image of the screen and puts it into the Copy buffer. Now start up an image editor and Paste it into an empty page. Then reduce the image size to ??? x ??? so that Apolyton can accept the image.

              ... You'll have to get other responses to fill in the details (e.g., image editor of choice and image size (800x600??).

              Edit: Aha! check out the thread
              Civ3-General > 'Art of Picturing', tips for noobs