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  • "Crossing the Rubicon"

    Just thought I'd right a little I go.

    It was 845 B.C. Aguast 24 that the Romans finished there conquest of south western Gaul. They looted and burned every Gaulic village and town they could. Burning and pillaging the land around it without mercy or care for human life. Satisfied with what they had gained and had done, they left. Bremanicus had watched as his empire crumbled under the weight of the legion sword. For years after he would think of nothing , but revenge on the Romans.

    Twenty years later a new Celtic leader arose out of Gaul. His name was Brennus son of Bremanicus. As Bremanicus layed on his bed, sickly and near death....he whispered his last word to him......"Revenge". With that one word Brennus knew what he had to do.......

    Chapter 1: "It Begins"

    Brennus looked across the old creeky wooden bridge that would let his army of over 8,000 Gallic swordsmen cross into the territory of his enemy, Rome. For twenty years the Rubicon sat as a peaceful border between Gaul and Rome. It was here the first Roman soldier crossed over to terrorize the Celts. However, for being a place of such bad history it was quite a beautiful place to behold. The plains that layed along side the river were calm and filled wheat, waving in the cool breeze. The hills gently rolled in the background as if the gods had painted a grand picture and set it for all to see. The landscape was very diffrent from the rocky, cold, river valleys of Gaul. It seemed as if he had crossed into a new world.

    Brennus shook his head and looked away from the beautiful landscape, forcing himself back to reality. As pretty as the land was he knew that he had to concentrate on the misson at hand.

    "The bridge is still here, thats good.", Brennus said as he looked across towards his brother Branon.

    "How do you figure?"

    "The Romans don't know were coming. If they did, that bridge wouldn't of been there."

    "We have the advantge of suprise then. Even if we didn't...the legions wouldn't dare take us on out in the open. Right?"

    Branon was an arrogant young man who was always ready to blindly throw himself at any danger or challenge that faced him. However, his valiant efforts would often lead him into trouble. Luckly, Brennus could usualy get Branon out of trouble like any older brother would do for his younger sibbling.

    "Maybe.", Brennus answered simply.

    "Maybe? Hmph father wouldn't of said that....", Branon mumbled.

    Brennus heard Branons comment, but ignored it. He could remeber countless times when his fathers advisors and freinds told him what his father did and what his father would of done. Brennus was growing tired of just hearing the phrase "Your father would of".

    Brennusess deep thought was broken by one of his scouts coming in on a white mained horse with brown silky like fur.
    "Sire, Hispalis is not too far away just an hours march from here. Theres a high hill near the town where we can stop and camp"

    "Any signs of Roman troops?"

    "No sire."

    A huge grin went across Branons face. "Ha Ha!!! Its ours for the taking. You hear that brother?!"

    "Calm your war spirit Branon. Will rejoice once we actually have Hispalis."

    "Of course brother....", Branon said with a sigh.

    Brennus look back down at his scout again. "Tell the ranks that will be marching on to Hispalis."

    The scout nodded and dashed off sending the word.

    About an hour later the army of 8,000 men were camped behind the hill that overlooked Hispalis. The night was young, but to Brennus it felt like the day had passed already. Brennus looked up at the stars, hoping to find his father in a constellation, striking a pose of bravery and might. He would not find it however, because the thick clouds had covered the moon and the stars in the night sky.

    Brennus then fixed his eyes on Hispalis, calculating in his mind how to take grip of the town. Hispalis wasn't just any old town in the vast Roman Empire. It was home to three of the most violent rebellions in the whole history of the known world. Not only that, but laying at the edged of the Roman Empire made it one of the most corrupt cities in the empire. It became so bad that the senate virtually ignored the city and ordered grand public buildings to built just to appease the people, so they wouldn't riot.

    Brennus watched as the last fire lit house dimmed making the town seem calm. Quite odd for a town with such a bad reputation.
    "It is time", Brennus muttered to himself as he turned back towards the camp.

    Within no less then ten minutes, 2,050 of the 8,000 soldiers were standing at the top of the hill overlooking there prey....Hispalis.
    Brennus raised a lighted tourch in the air. This signaled the archers in the back of the rank to light there arrows with fire and get them into position. Brennus then waved the tourch and dropped it downward. The archers immediatly let loose there flamming arrows down onto thr unsuspecting town of Hispalis. It was if the gods had sent a rain of ash and fire to punish the town for its evil ways. The arrows landed on random houses and public buildings instantly catching them a blaze.

    Brennus once again raised his tourch and let it down. Hoards of swordsmen broke from there ranks and came down the hill like a plague over the land. Brennus watched proudlly as his men flooded the town of Hispalis unmercefully attacking and destroying anything in sight. Brennus grinned with delite as screams of Roman wifes and children filled the air, along with the smell of burning wood and concrete. He had tasted his first drop of revenge....
    -Civ3King, author of the stories- "Of Freindship and War", "The Struggle for Power", and Crossing the Rubicon".
    Civ3King is currently working on: The story "Hidden Agenda" and "The Rising Moon"

    "Too many ties with too many people will get you in a knot."
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    Nice start, I usually play as Rome but since installing PTW Ive been playing the Celts. Got to love those Gallic Swordsmen.

    Looking forward to some more and would like to see more from you on "Defying an Empire"
    A proud member of the "Apolyton Story Writers Guild".There are many great stories at the Civ 3 stories forum, do yourself a favour and visit the forum. Lose yourself in one of many epic tales and be inspired to write yourself, as I was.


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      Thank you Chris for your support.......I will definitly complete this story. I have a good feeling about it. As for "Defying an Empire".....well........I didn't really like the story really wasn't one of my best and plus I found it a bit too predictable and plain. I apologize for those who did enjoy the story, but again I just wasn't in to it. I promise to make it up with this story though.
      -Civ3King, author of the stories- "Of Freindship and War", "The Struggle for Power", and Crossing the Rubicon".
      Civ3King is currently working on: The story "Hidden Agenda" and "The Rising Moon"

      "Too many ties with too many people will get you in a knot."
      - Me


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        Okay, and looking forward to the next part.
        A proud member of the "Apolyton Story Writers Guild".There are many great stories at the Civ 3 stories forum, do yourself a favour and visit the forum. Lose yourself in one of many epic tales and be inspired to write yourself, as I was.


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          Also looking forward to it...


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            Chapter 2: "Bid for Power"

            To the Romen Senate from Governer Dravion of Hispalis. URGENT NEWS!,

            Dear Senate I pray that this message has been brought to you by the speed of Mercury. There is great trouble in Hispalis. The Celts have bursted out of the backward and savage lands of Gaul like demons out of the bouls of Hades. They have crossed the Rubicon and are raiding Hispalis as I write. Please I pray to you, bring help. I must go......I think the barbarians have found my roo......

            ".....and the letter ends there.", Said Titus, the hed of the senate as he read the letter allowed to the rest of the senators.

            In Rome the senate was in panic. They had thought the "savage barbarians from the north" were long dealt with. This letter had proven oh how wrong they were. The voices and whispers of the Roman elite spread around the room like wild fire as the horrible message set in.

            "What are we to do?", one senator spoke up, breaking the
            whispers of the rest.

            Titus paused for a second and began to speak, only to be interrupted by another outburst.

            "First they cross the Rubicon next they cross the streets of Rome!!", one senator yelled out.

            Then another, "Are we to sit back and let Hispalis burn?!! Revenge on the savages....Wipe them out tell no man can speek of the Celts without feeling pain!!"

            Again the senators burst into whispers and discussion among themselves until there voices echoed off the walls of the grand hall.

            Titus had had enough....he would get order in this senate even if it killed him, "That is quite enough senators!!", Titus yelled out.

            Immeditly he was given the attention and order he seeked as the senate calmed down and listened.

            "The barbarian threat will be dealt with. I give you my word and the word of Zues himself. Tommorow I will order Commander Crassius and an army of 10,000 men to meet the Celtian army hed on. Now, Senate, go to your homes, relax, eat, enjoy your wine, and spices. There will be plenty to discuss on tommorow, I assure you."

            With that, the senate left a little shaken, but confident that everything was in good hands.

            The loud rummble of soldiers marching in beat filled the air. The ten regiments of Roman legion each a hundred men strong marched down the Appian way with discipline. They were a fresh bunch of troops, straight out of the barraks of Lutetia. Though they were new, they still marched on with pride and confidence. After all, they were backed by the mightest empire in the world. What did they have to fear from a few sword swinging savages? To them, it would be a push over.

            Crassius gently bounced up and down on his black horse. The hooves of his horse echoed off the concrete road as the horse galloped in tune with the marching ranks. Crassius looked left to his second in command Maxavium who was busy admiring the wide open sky hanging over the vast feild of wheat.

            "Do you think will win?", Crassius asked his second in command.

            Maxavium snapped his head away from the picture perfect view to face Crassius. "Do I think will win? Ha! The real question Crassius, is how fast will those Celtians run away once we meet face to face."

            Crassius chuckled at his commanders answer and looked downward towards ground.

            Maxavium raised his eyebrow seeing past the Crassiuses laugh into his worried eyes. "Your not nervouse.....are you general?"

            Crassius sprouted his head up quickly, a little startled by the question. "No, no. Just sometimes....I think we underestimate the Celts sometimes. I was in command of a small regiment during the first war. Though we won most of are engagments with them .....I saw them do some daring and brave things out in the battlefeild. Believe you me Maxavium they would of even had Ares himself running for his life."

            There was slight pause between the two until Maxavius spoke up again. "That as it maybe Crassius, bravery and heroics won't defeat pure Roman discipline and skill. Will do fine Crassius, don't worry."

            Crassius was about to respond when one of his soldiers galloped beside him. "Sir, are scouts have reported that the enemy has left Hispalis and are fortifying on Mount Helena as we speak."

            Crassius silently nodded to the soldier, signaling he understood. The soldier saluted his general, turned his horse around, and galloped back into the ranks.

            "Change of plans?", Maxavium asked, overhearing there conversation.

            "Yes, were going to fortify around the mountain. Try to bottle them up."

            Crassius looked away from his general and ahead of him down the long winding road of the Appian way. The worrying feeling that had plagued him all the way down the path was becoming as loud as the pounding of soldiers feet on the concrete. Something told Crassius that this wouldn't be as easy as everyone believed....

            Brennus looked over the surrounding land, dwarfed by the height of Mount Helena. It was an odd mountain....smack dab in the middle of an open plain. Like a huge bump on the face of the smooth flat surface. As odd as it was, the mountain had great strategic value. From here Brennus watched as the Roman legions built the fortifications and moved there troops into position. He felt almost like a god.....

            "Brother, the Romans have fortified and are building a temporary wall around the mountain to keep us from leaving. They have completed most of it except for one section, but that is on the most steep and rocky part of the mountain.", Branon said as he walked up behind his older sibbling.

            Brennus paused for a moment, rubbing his chin in thought before finally replying, "Have some of are men to find the strongest plants in the area and dig up there roots."

            Branon scratched hi head in confussion, "Ok, but why?"

            Brennus pivoted around and walked off past Branon, "You'll understand soon enough."

            Branon even more confussed shrugged and followed behind his brother towards the camp.

            Crassius sipped on his silver cup full of wine as he layed on tent bed reading his old war journals. He flipped through a few pages reading some of his old experiances, good and bad. Crassius hoped by reading his old writings he would get the nagging feeling off his mind. He was well on his way to achieving that until his second in command abrupptly stepped into his tent with a troubled look on his face.

            Crassius looked up at his second command a bit startled by his sudden presents. Instantly he read Maxaviums face, "What are you here for? Whats wrong Maxavium?"

            Maxavium looked down and spoke up with a low voice, "The Celts sire they have climbed down the face of the Mount and have managed to break through an opening in the baracade. Are troops are trying to hold them off as we speek, but we were caught off gaurd."

            Crassius stared blankley passed his second in command in quiet thought. His eyes then shifted to his armour and sword leaning on the wooden poll that supported the tent.

            "What now Sir?"

            Crassius got from his bed, dropping the wine from his right hand and his journal in the left. He hurried over to his armour and with great speed, slipped it on. He then grabbed the hilt of his shortsword and twirled it with grace.

            "We fight like Romans Maxavium", Crassius replied looking at Maxavium with eyes of man not worried, but ready for battle.

            Crassius dashed out his tent followed by his second commander. he looked ahead at the fight that was now taking place no more then three tents away from his own. The clanging of long Gallic swords against Roman shortsword echoed against the mountain making it seem like a thunderstorm was near by. As Crassius and Maxavium moved deeper into the fight the grunts and heavy breathing of soldiers could be heard all around them.

            A Celtic man with long brown hair came from Maxaviums left. He thrusted his longsword at Maxaviums left side, only to blocked by his short sword. The swords clanked loudly as they hit. The force of the swordsmen blow sent Maxavium staggering backwards. He quickly regained his footing and the celt made another attempt to take out Maxavium. This time at his throat. Maxavium sidesteped to the right and countered with a slash at the celts side. Maxavium sucessfully landed his blow and sent the warrior to the ground with a thud.

            Crassius himself had his hands full battling off two soldiers looking to have his blood. Both swordsmen slashed at Crassiuses head only cut into air as he ducked. Crassius countered by coming upwards with his sword into one of the mens chest. He quickly kicked that man off his sword and slashed across the second mans shoulder, disabling his sword arm. Crassius finished him off with a blow to the defensless soldiers head. He was about to move onto his next celtian victim until he heard the scream of a familiar voice.

            Crassius turned his head slowly, spotting Maxavius being cut up by three Celtian men. Crassius dashed to save his freind, but it seemed as everything had gone into slow if he was running in place. He watched helplessly as Maxavium fell to his knees, covered in blood. Everything around Crassius if the gods had frozen time itself. Crassius ran over to his freind now lying lifeless on the ground, bleeding from numerouse places. Crassius, with a few strokes of his short sword finished off the men who had killed Maxavium. He bent down to Maxavium and craddled his head. He cursed at the gods for taking his soldier, his second in command.....his freind.

            Crassius broke his eyes away from his dead companion and looked upward at the battle still taking place. The camp was in flames and bodies of Roman men were strewn all over the place. There was only a handful of soldiers left now, defending off the aggressive celts to the last. It was then Crassius noticed something on the side of the mountains....people ....climbing down what seemed plants made into ropes. There were hundreds of them, like a river flowing down the slopes of the mountain.

            It was at that moment the worrying feeling that had plagued Crassius grew the strongest and loudest it had ever grown. It was at that moment....Crassius knew his fears were true.....

            To the Senate in Rome from the last few remaning troops of Crassiuses regiment,

            To the Roman senate.....Crassius has been killed....the army of 10,000 men is now 30, and we have ordered a retreat back to Lutetia. We have failed to stop the savages at Mount Helena.
            May the gods have mercy on us.

            Roman footsoldier-Glavus

            Titus sadly read the message aloud to the Roman senate. Once again the senate was in panic and once again there whispers flowed through the grand hall.

            "What will we do now?!!", the Roman senators shouted out.

            This time Titus could not answer. He was so sure that the 10 regiments of legion soldiers would do the job. He hadn't planned on faliure, so he never thought about a back up force. In short, Rome was defenseless. It would take atleast three more months before another group of soldiers could be trained to hold off the invasion. With the speed the Celts were making, they would most likely be knocking at the gates of Rome long before that.

            Hadrian sat quietly watching the senate panic from his position against a pillar. He chuckled to himself as they argued and whispered amongst themselves. "Probally figuring out ways to back stab eachother, he thought to himself." Hadrian was a cunning and graceful man with plenty of money to back it up. He was the richest man of the richest family in Rome, owning atleast one fourth of all the property in the city. Indeed he had the wealth and fortune, but he lacked one thing....the title. The title as emperor that is. For years Hadrian had tried his luck at winning the peoples his hearts, but the each time the gods had not favored him. He was too rich for the common person in Rome. What would he know about what the people wanted?

            Today Hadrian was intrested in the goings on in the senate. he wouldn't usually be, but there discussion had caught his attention.

            "We have no men no army to defend us from invasion?! Are you telling us we should just sit on are hands and wait for those barbarians to come?", Another Senator yelled out to Solon, obviously asking what was on most of the congregations mind.

            Titus answered with a sigh, "In any other case I would order a new army of men to be trained, but the Republic is out of money and a decent supply of equipment."

            Hadrian grinned as the senate once again broke out into a chaotic state. This was the perfect time to win the trust of the Roman people and he would be damned if he let it slip away.
            With aristocratic grace, Hadrian slipped away from the pillar and into the middle of the hall. He looked up at Titus who was now rubbing his head, most likely having a migrane from dealing with the constant nose of the senate.

            "I believe I have a solution to your problem Titus.", Hadrian said with a smile.

            Solon looked down at Hadrian along with the rest of the senate who had just now noticed him.

            "And how is that?", Titus said with a sceptical voice.

            "Its simple, really. I will provide the Republic with money and weapons all you have to do is get me the men."

            "Whats in it for you?", a senator yelled out from his seat.

            "Nothing at all. Just the security of the Roman Empire and its people."

            "How can I trust that you Hadrian. Your not exactly a saint."

            Hadrian replied simply, "I don't believe you have any other choice."

            There was a slight pause of silence and then Titus spoke up. "Fine Hadrian I agree to your terms. You better not be lieing....or by the gods I swear I'll......."

            "Relax Titus you'll have your money. I just thank you for giving me the opertunity to serve my empire.", Hadrian said with a bow.

            "Your welcome hurry and get yourself situated. We have little time to waste."

            Hadrian nodded, turned around, and walked away as gracefully as he had entered . The whispering and talking of the senate quickly began to pick up as Hadrian left the hall. The voices of the senate were mute to him though. He was too busy planning in his mind what to do next. Hadrian wanted the glory of winning the war, he wanted the trust of the Roman people, he wanted to be emperor. He would have it no other way. Hadrian had made his bid for power......
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            -Civ3King, author of the stories- "Of Freindship and War", "The Struggle for Power", and Crossing the Rubicon".
            Civ3King is currently working on: The story "Hidden Agenda" and "The Rising Moon"

            "Too many ties with too many people will get you in a knot."
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              Excellent, a few minor typo's etc but nonetheless an excellent chapter. Keep it coming
              A proud member of the "Apolyton Story Writers Guild".There are many great stories at the Civ 3 stories forum, do yourself a favour and visit the forum. Lose yourself in one of many epic tales and be inspired to write yourself, as I was.


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                For I have crossed the Rubicon, may the bridge be burned behind me! Come what may! Come what may! Commitment!!


                Anyway, good stuff, despite the inclusion of Solon, the Greek lawmaker. I'm looking forward to the next bit.
                Empire growing,
                Pleasures flowing,
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                  Want more fighting! Maybe the gauls stomp on the romans for a change. They were a bad bunch. I read Caesar's 2 books: The Civil War and The Invasion of Gaul. Caesar's boys hardly broke a sweat dishing out the hurt on the poor barbarian hordes all the way from Germany to England. And the civil war was a wash.
                  Here is an interesting scenario to check out. The Vietnam war is cool.


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                    Thanks guys. I will continue with the next installment soon.

                    To History Guy: I have changed the name Solon to Titus.
                    To Unscratched: There will be plenty of fighting to come in the next chapter....
                    -Civ3King, author of the stories- "Of Freindship and War", "The Struggle for Power", and Crossing the Rubicon".
                    Civ3King is currently working on: The story "Hidden Agenda" and "The Rising Moon"

                    "Too many ties with too many people will get you in a knot."
                    - Me


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                      Surely your not still eating Turkey Sandwiches, come on and write us some more Please.
                      A proud member of the "Apolyton Story Writers Guild".There are many great stories at the Civ 3 stories forum, do yourself a favour and visit the forum. Lose yourself in one of many epic tales and be inspired to write yourself, as I was.


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                        Sorry about the wait. We just had family over and I was busy playing PTW :P. Anyways, enough excuses.........Time for the next Chapter!!!!!

                        Chapter 3: "An Eye fo an Eye"

                        Hadrian looked across his line of newly recruited and trained soldiers. He watched with a smile as he studied every soldier from the begging of the long line to the end. They stood disciplined and silent, like machines. Not one clank of the sword. Not one cough, sneeze, or mutter. Only the sound of the wind passing by and the heartbeat of Hadrian. After a month of watching they're gruling training from distance, Hadrian saw them as fit to perform their military duties. His money had been well spent. So he thought anyways......

                        "Men, soldiers, Romans.....I have watched you all in the past days of your intense training. Ever since you picked up the mighty shortsword for the first time, tell you were using it like a master. However, though you have passed this portion of the test...there is still much more to accomplish. The barbarians are still out there pillaging and killing innocents. YOU are the Roman Empires last defense. YOU, gentlemen must stand up and win against them."

                        Hadrian paced back and forth, gently shroking his smooth chin with his right hand. He paused for a minute then looked up at the group. "Will all the soldiers who participated in the first battle with the barbarians come and stand before me in a line.", Hadrian said with a warm smile.

                        The soldiers who had survived the last battle looked around at eachother then stepped forward into a neat line.

                        Hadrian began to pace back and forth infront of the newly formed line. "You men risked your lives and battled the Celts with all your mind and strength, correct?"

                        The men looked at eachother and then slowly nodded in response.

                        "I appauld you for that, but you did one thing wrong."

                        The soldiers once again looked at eachother then looked upward at Hadrian with questioning eyes.

                        " "What did we do", your proablly one wondering. Well retreated. A true Roman soldier never runs like scarred rats! You may have your lives soldiers, but you lost one thing in the process, YOUR HONOR!. "

                        Hadrian looked to his second in command Flavius and spoke, "Have every fith mans head cut off in this line by all the other soldiers in this line of digrace and shame."

                        Flavius nodded camly, but in his head he was thinking how sturn, extreme and almost crazy Hadrian could be.

                        v then walked past the line sentenced kill there own fellow Romans. He stopped infront of the orginal lined and once again looked across it. "Let this be a lesson to you all. You will either fight like a Roman or die as one. Now, get ready, for on tommorow we stop these savages from the north."

                        Hadrian unsheathed his sword and held it in the air before them all. Hadrian shouted out to his men, "For the Empire!!!"

                        The sound of headless bodies hitting the ground was covered up by the chears and chants of the Roman soldiers ready for battle......

                        Brennus sighed as fiddled with his sword given to him by his father as he looked over the map layed out on a wooden table. Bennus was in a predicament. His troops were becoming tired and hungry. There food source was running low andsowas the energy of his soldiers. They had managed to pillage and raid a few Roman towns on the way down, but they were running into resistors who were more hardcore then the ones on the outskirts of the empire. Usually if they couldn't get what they want......the villagers wouldn't get it either.

                        Brennus sighed again as he traced his fingers over the map. He followed with his ring finger on one of the main roads that led down to the coats of the empire. Brennus was about to sigh again until his eyes came across a city......the coastal city of Veii. Veii was a relativly small coastal city which sat a few miles north of Rome itself. What intruiged Brennus about the city was that it sat surrouned by a coastal mountain range. This would be great for defense. He also hoped that by taking this city he could get his men the food and rest they much needed.

                        Brennus rolled his map up with a smile and rucked it in a fur sack he often carried around. Just then Brennus walked in, gasping for air as if he had just goten done with a four mile dash.

                        "Brother.....the Romans they are coming from the south with an army of 17,000 troops!!. There only about ten miles away!!"

                        Brennus shot up from where he had been sitting and rushed out his small, but comfortable tent. Already tired, Branon had a hard time catching up with his brother, but somehow managed.

                        "What do you have planned this time??!!", Branon asked, secretly knowing in his head what Brennus would say.

                        Brennus grinned and looked at his brother, "You'll see."

                        Hadrian looked over the grassland from his position ontop of the hill. Behind him, layed eight canapults aimed and positoned to fire on the semi-valley bellow him. Bellow him was the about six thousand soldiers plus some cavalry (AKA, horsemen). To the far left was the Celtian camp where no more then a few hundrad Galic swordsmen stood in there solid line. To his immediate left sat Flavius on his hoarse looking at the small "barbarian" force.

                        "This is all?!! Ha!! The senate talked as if the Celts were a REAL threat.", Hadrian said to Flavius.

                        "You know the senate Hadrian, Its there job to be paranoid.", Flavius shot back.

                        "True, Flavius."

                        The legions had gotten into their last position when Hadrian looked over to them. "Ah good, Its time to begin or should I say end this. Will you have the honors Flavius?"

                        Flavius nodded with a smile and raised his hand in the air.
                        "Cavalry, ready?!! Charge!!"

                        With that, the cavalry burst from the ranks of the infantry toward the Celts. The sound of hoarse hooves rummbled across the open grassland which intemidated the swordsmen a little bit, but not too much.

                        Brennus watched intently, waiting for the perfect moment to spring his trap.The horsmen were almost a stones throw away from the line when Brennus ordered the trap to be sprung. On two opposite sides two Celtian men layed in the tall grass each with the end of a rope in there hand. On Brennus signal they quickly held the rope up to meet the horses ankles. The trap was a sucesss, some horses stopped right before the line, throwing the riders off there backs like rag dolls. Some horses actually tripped up on the rope sending them down with there masters.
                        One man even flew off his horse head first into the iron sheild of a Celtic swordsmen.

                        Brennus watched with glee as his swordmen broke from there line to finish off the grounded horsemem. Meanwhile Hadrian and Flavius watched in utter suprise as there cavalry was torn apart. "Send in the Legions!!", Hadrian shouted to his commander.


                        "I said now!!!"

                        Flavius nodded seeing Hadrian89 rage filled eyes. He raised his hand in the air again signaling the soldiers to get ready. Instantly the Romans positioned the sheilds and dropped the swords in unison.

                        "Ready, march!!!", Flavius shouted as he brung down his arm.

                        The infrantry marched on in perfect step towards there enemy. From now reformed line of Gallic swordsmen the Romans looked like red wall of death and destruction ready to crush there tiny force. Still, the Celts held.....having trust in there fellow soldiers and there leader Brennus. Brennus watched and waited as the "wall" closed in on his men. Brennus slowly raised his hand and shouted for a retreat as the Romans were halfway there.
                        The swordsmen turned and dashed away from the Roman wall as they were told.

                        Flavius laughed, "Look,those savages are running away with there tales between there legs. Figures......"

                        Hadrian laughed at the sight as well.

                        "Should we chase them, Sir?", Flavius asked.

                        Hadrian nodded joyfully.

                        Flavius raised his hands and ordered the troops to break formation and go into a full pursuit after the Celts.

                        The soldiers did as they were commanded and ran after the savages. Though it did not seem like it, Brennus had the Romans exactly where he wanted them. Suddenly the Celtian troops who were running turned around to face the dashing Romans. The Romans continued to charge not at all scared by the sudden change. The Roman infantry was no more then fifteen feet away......the Celts and Romans could see the white of eachothers eyes. Suddenly, the front line of Roman infantry fell to the ground...then second and third. The Celts suddenly sprang forward as there enemy fell to the ground.

                        Hadrian and Flavius were once again stunned to see this sudden turn of events. What they did not know was that below the ground of the Romans sat Celts in little potholes ready to strike and trip up the unsuspecting Legions.

                        The Romans were tooken by utter suprise as Celtic men burst from the ground with sword in hand. The clanking of shortswords and Celtic broadswords was once again in the air. Brennus glad that his plan had worked had now joined the battle himself. His sword swiftly and smoothly cut through the necks of two Roman soldiers. To his right was Branon who was also disposing of Roman men. Brennus thrusted at a soldier who was coming at Branon from the back. His sword slid through the mans flesh like a hot knife through butter. Branon turned to see his brother kicking the would be attacker off his swords.


                        "Don't mention it.", Brennus said with a smile.

                        The last nerve of Hadrian had been snapped. Flavius knew this and was afraid to hear the next thing that would come out his commanders mouth. Which wasn't too long away.

                        "Flavius, arm the canapults and position them to fire in the middle of the battle."

                        Flaviuses jaw dropped, "The middle?!!!"

                        "Did I stutter Flavius? Yes,the middle."

                        "But Hadrian we still have troops in there fighting.....we'd wipe them out as well!!", he argued.

                        "I don't care what we'd do.....Either do it or you'll be the first object to be shot out from the canapult!!"

                        Flavius couldn't argue with that, so he ordered the command to fire. Instantly, huge boulders washed in oil were lit, turning them into flamming projectiles. Flavius dropped his arm and so went th boulders into the air.

                        Brennus and Branon were busy fighting through a fragile line of Roman soldiers when the first flamming boulder hit the ground a few feet beside them. They were not severly hurt, but the shock of the huge rock hitting the ground sent them stummbling. Brennus and Branon both regained there footing and looked around as even more firey balls were raining down from the hill. Brennus quickly raised his sword in the air and called for his men to draw back away from the battlefield.

                        As ordered the Celtian warriors finished there individual battles and ran away form the center of the battlefield narrowly avoiding the onslaught of boulders. The Romans were not so lucky. The last line had been hit by the projectiles. The soldiers were running around on fire, despretly trying to put themselves out. Brennus watched as the last Roman man fell to the ground......his lifeless body turning into ash. He had won the battle.

                        Flavius watched in horror as Roman blood soacked the now red grass. The smell of burning flesh had reached his nose. He turned his head towards Hadrian who had the look of shock and guilt. Hadrian had ordered the canapults to be fired and in doing so he had caused the lives of hundrads........maybe even thousands.

                        "What now, Hadrian?", Flavius asked with a low tone.

                        Hadrian stood silent fo a moment then spoke up, "We will hed to the nearest town and plan there."

                        "And what about the loss of men?", Flavius said pointing to the battleground now a huge graveyard.

                        Hadrian replied simply and coldly, "They knew the risk when they were recruited. Now, lets go before they can counter-attacker."

                        Flavius nodded and looked down. Flavius knew Hadrian was an ambitouse man, but he had become more then just ambitouse.......he was a heartless monster......

                        With that victory, Brennus had won a clear passage to Veii and had already camped and made fortifications at Veii. With persuasion and the help of his massive force he had managed to to tame the citzens of Veii and forced them to do his will. He was in complete control of everything. Well, almost everything accept.......

                        "No Brannon! The men are not ready to march onto Rome. They need atleast another month to recover.", Brennus said slamming his fist against the table.

                        "Have you even talked to half of the clan?!! There ready to march on the gates of Rome and make the Romans pay for what they've done. Don't you see? We have them on the run brother!!", Branon shot back.

                        "For the last time, no!! This war will only be won through careful planning and CLEAR thought. Not sensless and foolish acts!!."

                        "Ive had it with you Brennus. Ever since father trusted you to lead his kingdom, you've never been the same!!! Your not the only one who can make father proud!!!"

                        Before Brennus could even reply, Brannon had stormed out the tent. Brennus could only sigh and shake his head. Branon was becoming more and more confident that the Romans were at there last rope. He was getting eager, reckless, and arrogant. These were luxuries Brennus could not afford.....

                        "Oh well. One day he'll understand.", Brennus thought to himself.

                        Hadrian was busy feasting on grapes and drinking wine in his luxuries tent when Flavius stepped in with two other soliders to his side.

                        "What is it Flavius?", Hadrian asked with a mouth full of grapes.

                        Flavius rolled his eyes and replied, "Sir, we have a reports of a small band of Celts marching down the Appian Way, towards Rome."

                        "How small?"

                        "Only a few more then 200 at the least."

                        Hadrian swallowed the last grape in his mouth and sipped a bit of wine. "Have a quater of a troops stationed in the woods beside the road.....will ambush them as they march. They'll never see it coming."

                        Flavius nodded and walked out the tent. The soldiers that were with him saluted Hadrian and shortly walked off behind Flavius.

                        A few days had passed since Brannon had left with a hundrad and eighty eight of Brennuses men to Rome. Brennus stared down the rode waiting and hoping for his brother to return. He raised his eye brow as some dirt was being kicked up in the distance. Brennuses heart raced in joy as he dashed down the road hoping to see his younger borthers face. Brennus stopped running as the dirt settled to reveal no more then one Celtian man trudging forward with his head down as if he had been dragged by a hoarse half way here.

                        "Are you one of the men who left with Brannon?"

                        The man quietly nodded.

                        "Well then, what news do you bring?!!! Did they make it to Rome. Is he alive?"

                        The short man looked up at Brennus with empty eyes as he shook his head slowly, "We were ambushed by the Romans before we got to Rome. we were caught off gaurd and everyone was killed accept me. The Romans sent me to bring you this message........ Im.........Im.......sorry, sire"

                        Brennuses hands tightned into a fist. His heart beat not with joy, but with anger and rage. "Where were you when my brother was slain!!?", Brennus yelled out, holding fist over the mans head.

                        The man fell to his knees before his leader, cowering in fear of his wrath.

                        Brennus looked down at the man and dropped his arm to his side. He slowly let out his hand to help the man up. Carefully the man grabbed Brennuses hand and lifted himself from the ground.

                        "Im sorry my Celtian brother.......It is not your fault.......if anything it is my fault for letting my him go..."

                        "I understand how you must feel, sire. The Romans will pay for this dearly."

                        Brennus rubbed his chin and looked back towards the town of Veii where Roman population were finishing off the last wooden barricade they were forced to work on. He pivoted around and walked back into the town followed by the short Celtian man.
                        Brennus then headed into the town center where most of his soldiers were feasting and drinking on what they had stolen from the population of Veii.

                        Brennus stood sturn and tall before them all and spoke up, "Men of Gaul.....Your clansmen, your borthers have been slain by the blade of the Romans....."

                        The end of Brennueses statement was followed by outburst and cries for revenge.

                        "You will all get your revenge....for every Celtian man who died on the Appian way, twice as many Romans will. Celts.....round up the Roman citzens!!! Bring them to me. Because are brothers have shall theres....".The cheers of the men filled the town center.

                        Within twenty minutes the Celts had rounded up all the Roman men into the town circle and had given them clubs, swords and variouse weapons.

                        Brennus stepped infront of the crowd of Roman men witha grin.
                        "Romans.......your Republic has slain are brothers and are clansmen and we can not allow this go unavenged. Now YOU must bare the full weight of are wrath. So, I leave you with two options......fight eachother until you are the last man standing.......or die by the Celtian blade."

                        Brennus looked around to the now shocked and stunned Roman men he smiled lightly and his eyes seemed to burn with hate.
                        "Let the games begin."

                        Brennus watched as the Roman men began to cut eachother down with whatever weapon they had. Some even chose to thrust thereselves on the Celtic sword rather then fight there own. The screams of young daughters and sons and the protest of loving wifes filled Brennuses ears. He smirked with delight as the town center filled with blood and death. The taste of revenge was becoming much sweeter.....
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                          Good stuff but perhaps unecessary to kill all the people of veii.

                          Could they not have enlisted them to fight with them ?

                          Oh well its a story of war so Ill just accept what is written.

                          Looking forward to the sack of Rome!
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                            Sorry you didn't like the end of the last chapter Chrisius. Its just that the whole struggle is based on revenge, so I wanted to emphasize that in the story. Thanks for your opinion though...I appreciate it.

                            Chapter 4: "Too Late"

                            Brennus looked back towards the city of Veii as he marched forward with his clan of soldiers. The town, now a symbol of Brennuses hate for the Romans was fading in the distance. It didn't matter to Brennus though. To him it was just another pit stop on the path of the war machine called the Celts. Brennus sighed and looked forward down the dirt road, shaded by the timber trees hanging over it. Brennus had tooken the back roads of the empire unlike his brother Brannon who had marched down the Appian Way towards his demise. Brennus shook his head as thought of his younger brother passed through his mind. He knew it was time to let the past die and march on to the future......march onto the city of Rome.

                            In his deep train of thought, the Celtian king had failed to notice the Roman scout peeking through the woods at his army. He was scout from Hadrian's force who usually supplied the general with the information he needed. He stealthfully glided through the woods as he followed the Celts step by step. He was good at his trade, but even the best make mistakes. SNAP! The scout preoccupied by the seemingly giant Brennus had landed on a stick snapping it in half and effectivly giving away his position.

                            Brennus looked toward his right where the sound was coming from all most looking eye to eye with the scout himself. The scouts veins began to rush with adreniline and without thinking he ran into the woods.

                            Brennus pointed to two people in the ranks, "You two, follow him and when you find him, kill him on the spot."

                            The men nodded and chased after the prey. The scout could hear the movments of his followers, but dared not to look behind him. He despretly looked around for a place to hide. lucky for him the gods had favored him that day. The scout quickly ducked into a hallow log and layed silent and motionless not even to take a breath. The footsteps of the Celtic men could be heard as they passed the log. The scout prayed to the gods, hoping he wouldn't be found. They had answered his prayers and soon enough the scouts, confused and disapointed, left. The scout finally let in the air his lungs badly needed and carefully slipped out the log. He looked around the vicinity one more time to be sure and left for the Roman camp....

                            The camp itself was located on flat steeps of Mount Apollyona. The Romans with he supieror engniering skills had already built walls and fotifications. On the slopes of the mountain was the Appian Way where Hadrian hoped the Celts would try to climb up the mountain and thrust themselves on the impenitrable fortress.Hadrian himself was of course enjoying himself in his lavish tent. Even during war, he still managed to carry along his luxuries and rich life.

                            "Those barabarians wont even make it past the first slump of the mountain",Hadrian thought to himself as he fiddled with minature "toy" soldiers on the detailed map of the surrounding area. "Take this Brennues!!! Fall to the mighty General Crassius HA! HA! HA!", Hadrian said to himself as he played with the little soldiers like a boy who had gotten a new toy.

                            Unknown toHadrian, Flavius was watching from the entrance of the tent, trying hard not to snicker at his commander.

                            "Umm....General Id hate to take you away from your "strategic planning", but I have news from are scout"

                            Crassius looked up at his advisor and put down the toy soldier of his image in embarresimant. "Umm....yes.......go on....", Hadrian said trying to gain back some dignity.

                            "Well sir it seems the enemy has learned from there last engagment and have not tooking the Appian Way."

                            "What are you saying Flavius?"

                            "Im saying Hadrian.....that the Celts have tooken the back roads to Rome and will be there in no less then a day."

                            "Dear gods....Flavius we must get off this mountain and towards Rome...Its completely defenseless!! Alert the troops that will be marching at double the speed we have been."

                            Flavius nodded and quickly stepped out the tent to alert the soldiers leaving Hadrian to himself. Hadrian looked down at the grand map and oddly enough the figure of Brennus had made its way across the map far away from its orginal position. Hadrian raised his eyebrow and moved the figurine from where it was standing. His eyes widened as he read the name of the city the figure had been standing on, "Rome".

                            Flavius was right.Brennus had managed to slip past Mount Apollyona and was now looking straight ahead at the gates of Rome. Brennus knew that to face the Romans on sucha a steep mountain and with such heavy fortifications would be a death wish. Especially without the proper siege equipment he currently lacked. The mountain was behind him however, and before him lay the vunarble city of Rome. Brennus couldn't believe that very nerve center of the Roman Empire was sitting there, defensless like an open chest of gold with no one gaurding it. Brennus knew he would have to take the prize now....or he may never have a chance like at it again.

                            "People of Gaul.....ever since the first Roman shortsword took its first victim some twenty years ago......we have fought for revenge. And ever since we started this grand journy towards Rome we have dreamed of its demise. Today my Celtian brothers, are dreams will be reality. I stand before you all and before the capital of the "mighty" Roman Empire". And soon enough I will stand with you all as we enter the gates of Rome."

                            Brennus looked behind him towards the peaceful city of Rome like a hawk looks over his prey from the air. He then turned back towards his soldiers and raised his sword in the air.

                            "TO ROME!!!", Brennus yelled out with triumph.

                            "TO ROME!!", his soldiers chanted.

                            Titus was sipping wine and reading the writings of Sabotes. He chuckled to himself as he read Sabotes writings about how the Romans were too arogant and were too blind to see how powerful there enemies could trully be.

                            "Maybe hes on to something", Titus muttered to himself as he read on.

                            He was about to flip to the next page when Demavium, one of the senators rushed over to him. Titus looked up from his seat towards Demavium who had a troubled look on his face.

                            "Whats wrong Demavium? What troubles you?"

                            "Its the barbarians Titus!!! They are at the walls of Rome. We must flee the city!!", Demavium shouted while at the same time trying to catch his breath.

                            Titus dropped the book and it hit the ground with a thud.
                            "This can't be true Demavium. Are you sure?", Titus said in horror.

                            "Yes, yes its true they are here!! We must go now!! I plee to you Titus, let us hurry!!"

                            Titus sat quiet for a moment before he was finally yanked out of his chair by the senator. Demavium dragged his freind out his house and onto the streets of Rome which was in total chaos.
                            Titus looked around as women and children were fleeing for there lives,away from the burning forum of Rome. Titus had gained his own footing and was now running with the crowd. He looked back towards his grand apartment which had caught a blaze.

                            "Where are you Hadrian.....?", Titus thought to himself as he ran.

                            Brennus had already broken through the gates of the city and was flooding in like locust. Only a few watchmen had stood in the way of his army and they had been swated like flies. The city of Rome was his for the taking. The Celtian men set every building and home a fire with there lighted tourches. They grabbed every women they could find and carried them around like trouphies. Every Roman man who tried to save there family and homes were instantly cut down without mercy. Brennus raced down the Roman streets decapitating every Roman he passed. The blood ran off his sword like water and still he wasn't finished.....

                            Brennueses soldiers had managed to circle the fleeing Romans and trapped them in a circle of death. He ordered his archers to open fire at the incircled crowd. The arrows cut through the air and into the flesh of the Roman citzens. The bodies fell the ground and was creating a pool of blood around the few remaining people who screamed in fear and pain. Titus,who was one of the few remaining looked down at the bloody body of Demavium. The tears rolled down his face as realized how real this truly was. Rome was burning to the ground, his freinds and people were being slaughtered, and there was nothing he could do about it.

                            Titus looked upwards as he noticed an archer aiming at him. His eyes locked onto the tip of the arrow and in an instant the arrow was speeding towards his heart. Though it was a split second, to Titus it felt like forever. The arrow periced his chest with immense force sending the Roman backwards. Titus looked upwards to the dark and cloudy sky which was becoming a grey blur. The rain pitter pattered on his face and slowly Titus closed his eyes and waited for death.....

                            Brennus inhailed the smell of burning wood and concrete. Too him it was like the smell of roses. He had completed his misson and had accomplished what most would had seen as immpossible. Roman pride and arrogance had been cushed and the powerfull iron sword of the empire had snapped in two. Victory and revenge was his. He had done his father proud.....

                            Crassius hoped he had made it in time. His force was making double even tripple the speed they usually would of made. He prayed to Jupiter that Rome would still be standing as powerful city it was when he left it. Crassius stopped his troops and looked around for the city of Rome. The rain was becoming heavy and was imparing his vision.

                            "Why did we stop?", Flavius asked.

                            "We should be here by now. Im sure of it."

                            "Maybe we marched so fast that we passed the city", Flavius said with a chuckle, trying to lighten the mood.

                            Hadrian looked at Flavius with seriouse eyes. It was obviouse he was in no mode for jokes.

                            "Umm......Yes well........I guess Rome is farther then we thought?"

                            "No, no!! Ive traveled too many times in and out of Rome to forget where the blasted city is....believe me....we should be here by now"

                            Flavius was about to respond when a husband and his wife appeared out the mist. They looked as if they had just left the center of Hades itself.

                            "You sir, with your family!! How far are we away from Rome?"He said pointing at the man and his family.

                            The man looked up at the general and the army of legions standing behind him. He slowly trudged over to Hadrian and stood infront of him, locking his eyes with Hadrian's.

                            "Well what say you?"

                            "What say I? HA! You and your soldiers are busy happily skipping along the Appian Way as your preciouse capital burns to the ground!!", The man spat in Hadrian's face and stood back. "That is what I say to you........General"

                            Hadrian could only stand there as the mans "spit" slid down his face. Flavius raised his hand to smight the man until Crassius caught his hand.

                            "Don't Flavius."

                            "What to you mean don't!!?"

                            "Exactly what I said...",Hadrian let loose of Flaviuses hand and looked down at the man who was on the ground cowering.
                            "What do you mean the capital is burning? Where is Rome?"

                            "Where is Rome?!!", The man slowly pointed behind him where the mist had cleared revealing the crumbled walls, the few standing pillars, and the miles off ash that seemed to stretch to the horizon. "There it is..." The man got up from the ground and walked past the general, followed by his family.

                            Hadrian dropped his jaw in disbelief.....he slowly stummbled over to the runied city and fell to his knees. He picked up a pile of ash and let each silky grain slip through his fingers. He looked up at Rome......the bustling and powerful city of Rome he had left no less then two months ago was now a symbol of total destruction. The gods had not answered his prayers. They had not gaurded the city from the savage Celts. He was too late......
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                              Very nice quite bloody makes me want to play a bloodthirsty warmongering game of civ haha!!