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    America was ruled by Abraham Lincoln until nuclear war ended the planet earth. Sometimes Abe was popular, and sometimes he was hated. The one thing that was constant was Abe always did what was best for America regardless if it was the most popular decision. The first Age of Abe's rule called The Ancient Age by some he focused on expanding the nation. Something that came in very helpful in the next age. The expansion time was a hard time but an important time for the people. This is the most believable story of it recorded

    The American nomads led by Abraham Lincoln were a peaceful bunch. They were of all different nations seeking for something better in life. They were lost not just because they were trapped in a jungle but they were not sure where to go in life. "We shall run through the jungle that way!" shouted Abe and the 50 American people followed him. As they made it through the jungle they game across endless grassland. "It is time that we settle down," Abe told the American people. They were all tired of walking for years so they agreed. Washington, DC was found.

    Abe sat considering in the new city. More people had come into the city and they started to demand a government. They choose Abe to make up the government system. He wanted the leader to be able to keep order in the city. He also didn't want the person to be too powerful. So he decided there would be a leader chosen by the people, and another group of men elected to watch him. It would be called The People's Government. He quickly got to work in writing out his plan with more details.

    Chris was in a group of men being trained to change the land into a more usable surface. They were out testing how to make the land easier to walk on so you can move faster and farther on it. They tried making the ground low and that was helping but it still needed something. "How about dirt on the ground," Chris said joking.

    "That's brilliant!" The head of the group said. The men cut the grass low and put dirt on it. Man ran on it laughing. They had found a nice surface to walk on. It was perfect. " I will see too it that once we have an established government you will be promoted and rewarded. Chris nodded he expected no less. He felt so smart now and was already thinking of what he can do in the future.
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    not bad, i think you moved too fast though, maybe add a bit more detail. keep up writing, you will only get better ') .


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