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The Death Commandos

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  • The Death Commandos

    Chapter 1: The Outpost That Was To Never Be

    Heinrich cursed. He was so angry at the god d**m brass. 'We need an outpost in the middle of no where.' The brass said the outpost was to prevent American incursions. Like it mattered. The Americans were all ready at war with the Germans.

    The grass was so tall that Heinrich could barly see in front of him. The grass was to be the Germans down fall. Then one of Heinrich troops fell screaming. Heinrich turned his MP-40 to the spot.

    " What the Hell is going on out there. " shouted Heinrich

    " Don't know captain it seems as if a snake bit HIMMMMMMM!!!!!! " The soldier fell screaming to the ground.

    The was a creeking as if the door of the bunker was opening. Heinrich turned and saw a glint of steel. He felt his throat being slit. He could see a tall commando standing over him.

    " The worst is yet to come. " he snarled. And Heinrich knew no more.