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    I haven't written a story in a long time so if it sucks... oh well. I've decided I'm not in the mood for making an entire story right now so I'll just post the little bit I wrote and you guys can add onto if you want. I'll write an entire story later (and maybe even revise it )

    As we came over the hilltops I could see the panick below as women and children fled for thier lives, and men for thier weapons. Of course I knew they stood no chance against us, but orders were orders; raze the city and see to it that no one escapes, especially the... Ex-General and his family.
    He was foolish to think that he could assassinate Comrade Bismarck. Well he still has one last chance, we'll have to fake his death and, unfortunatly, kill his family. We can't have that sort of failure in a rebellion.

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      i like how it is from your point of vue


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        Yay! I no longer hold the record for shortest post
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