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  • For the Glory of Rome....

    Author's note: I don't know that I'll get around to finishing my French story on this board or no....I think that I probably began writing it a little prematurely, before I knew enough about the game....still, I DO have the save file, and may yet get back to it, but in the meantime, I have been breaking up my strategy writings with a game that's turned out to be a heckuva lot of fun, and the first segment of it is presented below....enjoy!


    The Emperor stood on the hilltop, looking down into the valley below. A sluggish river churned silently through the midst of it, and several hundred cattle were spread out, grazing peacefully.

    “Yes….yes I think this will do nicely.”

    “Right then.” His scribe nodded. “I shall inform our vanguard to make haste into the valley and…”

    “Nigel?” The Emperor asked.

    “Yes sire?”

    “Must you speak in that bizarre accent? What is that anyway?”

    “An English accent sir.” Nigel replied crisply.

    “English? We don’t even know if they’re in the game?”

    “Oh, not to worry sir…the author wanted a certain amount of continuity in the story, so he made sure they’d appear. I suspect they’ll be along any time now, being an expansionistic civ and all.”

    The Emperor raised a curious eyebrow and opened his mouth to ask another question, and then apparently thought better of it.

    “Right then….I’m off to tell our followers that we’ve found a place to settle in, and from the look of it, I’d say we picked a spot that’s simply tops, what with all the cows and such.”

    4000 BC Rome Founded on a river, and on land with three cows surrounding it!


    “So….what’s the plan then?” Nigel asked, parchment in hand.

    “Oh...the usual stuff…REX style expansion, lay claim to as much of this continent as we possibly can, find our nearest neighbors and perhaps conquer them, and most importantly, we must spread our tendency for naming towns ending in vowels and the letters “um” far and wide!”

    “Are you quite sure that last bit is worth mentioning, sire?”

    “QUITE.” He said authoritatively, as he allowed his gaze to linger on the herds of cattle near Rome.”

    “Ahhh, and I can see His Majesty has an idea in his head.” Nigel said, preparing to write some more.

    “Yes….well, a vague idea, and some general questions for you, my trusty scribe.”

    “Go ahead sire.”

    “First…I was wondering….see those cows yonder? It seems that our troops would serve us better if they were mounted. Perhaps we could train some of these cows for war….providing sturdy mounts for our armies.”

    “Battle Cows, sire?”

    “Yes. Battle Cows. Has a nice ring to it I think.”


    “Nigel…you’re quiet. What are you thinking?”

    “Well sir…it’s just that…somehow I don’t think that our “Battle Cows” will do much to strike fear in the heart of the enemy, you know? I mean, the concept is sound, but…I think we should probably find a different animal.”

    The Emperor considered for a moment. “Oh all right then….assign some people to study alternatives, but I want fast, mobile troops!”

    “Yes Sire….as you wish.”

    Nigel remained where he was.

    “Well…carry on scribe, carry on! I’m a busy ruler you know!”

    “Uh….right Sire…but you mentioned there was something else?”

    “Oh! Yes…sorry….how is it that you can write!? We haven’t discovered that technology yet!”

    Nigel smiled. “Trade secret, your Majesty. Someone has to recount your glorious story.”

    “Harrumph….well….that just doesn’t seem very realistic to me.”

    “Come now Sire….do you really want to get into the realism debate? If we did, you’d already be dead! Keep in mind that the average lifespan for even the healthiest of males at this point in history is only….”

    The Emperor held up his hands. “All right…all right…no more discussions of realism and no “Battle Cows.” Damn….and I did like that notion, too.”

    Nigel shook his head and scurried off to see that the Emperor’s wishes were carried out.


    2750 BC – Veii Founded!!

    “Boy….you weren’t kidding about founding cities with names ending in vowels, were you? Don’t get me wrong Sire…I like it, but….”

    “You think I went a little overboard?”

    Nigel nodded. “Perhaps just a bit…THREE back-to-back vowels!? That’s got to be a record.”

    “Hmmm….perhaps you’re right….tell you what then….we’ll consider that we have two “credits,” meaning that we can break from our traditional city naming scheme twice now, thanks to the overabundance of vowels in Veii.”

    “Very good Sire.”


    2630 BC – Antium Founded!!

    2110 BC – Cumae Founded!!

    1725 BC – Neapolis Founded!!

    “You know…I rather like this last city we’ve founded Sire.”

    “Goodish name, no?”

    “It is! And they make fantastic ice cream there!”

    “Ice cream?”

    “Yes….a little known….well, never mind all that….I don’t want to get into that whole realism argument again.”

    The Emperor nodded, satisfied.

    “Oh! I nearly forgot!”

    “What’s that, Nigel?”

    “The People love you Sire and they wish to express their gratitude for the magnificent job you have done thus far in growing our Empire.”

    “Magnificent job? It’s been more than two thousand years and all I’ve managed to do is expand our holdings to include five measly cities. We don’t even have a substitute for my “Battle Cow” idea yet….Magnificent? I think not.”

    “Nonetheless, the People wish to honor you.”

    “Honor me how, pray tell?”

    “They wish to give you a lawn and intricate walkway in front of your palace.”

    “Uhhh, Nigel….in case you didn’t notice it before, I live in a cave.”

    “Right…well then, in front of your cave, you shall have the finest lawn and intricate system of walkways in all the Empire! It shall be the envy of the world!”

    “Don’t exaggerate Nigel.”


    “Okay…a lawn it is then. Other news?”

    “Oh! Yes! In all the lawn-excitement, I nearly forgot! We made contact with the English at a narrow land bridge that separates the “Roman Sub-Continent” from the rest of the continent we’re on. Our scouts reported that from the air, it looks something like a chicken neck, and so have taken to calling it simply “The Neck.” They have sealed it off by garrisoning a strong company of Elite Bone-Club wielding warriors there to prevent English expansion onto the Roman-Sub-Continent.”

    “From the air?”

    “Don’t ask.”

    “More of that realism thing?”

    “Something like that, yes.”

    “Very well then….we shall just commend the scouts on a job well done! An excellent move indeed! Who’s idea was it?! Find out and promote that man to General! He shall be the leader of the glorious armies of Rome….as soon as we have glorious armies, that is.”

    “His name, Sire, is Velcivius Flavius Longassus Nameus.”

    “Bizzare, but a goodish name. Send word to him that he shall lead our armies the moment we have them.”

    “Very good sire….and if I may?”

    “What is it Nigel?”

    “I was wondering, Majesty, if perhapsus, we shouldus talkus inus aus moreus Romanesqueus fashionus?”

    “….because this is, after all, a tale of the glory of Rome? I think not, Nigel….we don’t want to get the readers annoyedus atus, which they surely would be in very short order.”

    “Ahhh, good point Sire….that’s why they pay you the big bucks, as they say?”

    The Emperor got a curious look on his face. “Who says that, pray tell?”

    “Sorry sir….forgot myself again….Nevermind.” l Nigel said over his shoulder as he scurried off.

    “Who says all that about the big bucks Nigel? Nigel?!”


    And so it came to be that Velcivius Flavious Longassus Nameus became Lord General of the Armies of Rome in 1725 BC, and he was mightily pleased that his army was one that did NOT contain Battle Cows.

    1650 BC – Pompeii Founded!!!

    1600 BC – Pisae Founded!!!

    “Pisae? Pisae??” The Emperor Roared! “I want whatever numbskull from the City Naming Division who thought that one up to be beheaded! Piss-ay…..great name….By the Gods….getting anyone to even want to live there will be task enough, but to actually make the city thrive….hopeless! Hopeless!”

    The Emperor ranted for many moons about that….


    1450 BC – Iron deposits discovered!! The Roman sub-continent has two of them, and they are both in easily defensible spots! Plans are immediately laid in to create roads to them so we can begin making use of this durable metal!

    Ravenna Founded!!

    1325 BC
    “I’ve been thinking, Nigel.”

    “Oh, Majesty…you know the doctor said that was dangerous for you!”

    The Emperor shot his scribe a withering look. “That’ll be quite enough, Nigel.”

    “Right…sorry sir…you were saying?”

    “I want a summer Palace.”

    “Very good sir! And you’ll be happy to know that we’ve got a new band of settlers about to depart from Rome! I hear that the area they’re bound for is lovely. Perhaps that would be a good place for your new home.”

    “Perhaps….I think I shall accompany them to see if I like it.”

    “Excellent plan Sire!”


    The Emperor was indeed mightily pleased with the surroundings that the settlers were heading for, and duly commissioned that his summer home be built here.

    In a less than inspired moment of city naming, the City Naming Division recommended the name “His Palace.”

    After the department director was beheaded and a new one appointed, the name was changed to a more suitable “Hispalis.” A name that it bears to this day.

    1225 BC – Viroconium Founded!

    1175 BC – Lugdunum Founded!!

    925 BC – Lutetia Founded!!

    875 BC – Byzantium and Brundisium Founded!!

    850 BC – Syracuse Founded!! From the English, we purchase contact information with the Babylonians and the Zulu! Also, in this banner year, a road to one of our iron deposits is finally connected. Several cities begin duly training and preparing our fine Legionaries.

    750 BC – Road to our first luxury, furs! We have all of two luxuries (both furs) on the entire Roman sub-continent.

    690 BC – Caesaraugusta Founded! Our first Legionary hits the field and marches toward “The Neck,” to give the noble and patient General Velcivius Flavius Longassus Nameus something besides a company of bone-wielding warriors to work with. We also gain the technology of writing from Babylon, and duly establish embassies all around!

    “Well…a very good year, I’d say.” The Emperor was beaming.

    “Quite Sire…Quite. And to think of it! It only took us 3400 years to reach this shining moment!”

    The Emperor shot his scribe a withering glance. “Look at it this way…at least two of the inconsistencies have been dealt with….we have indeed met the English, which at least accounts for that ridiculous accent you seem determined to speak in, and we finally know how to write, so you can “officially” chronicle the story of Rome’s greatness.”

    “And that is excellent news, especially now that we actually have the beginnings of an army! When do you think we’ll go a-conquering?”

    “Soon.” Came the reply. “Soon.”


    650 BC – Palmyra Founded!

    610 BC – Jerusalem Founded!!

    510 BC – Caesarea Founded, and our natural expansion has come to an end. The Roman sub-continent has been filled to capacity with Roman towns, and we are poised on the brink of greatness.

    90 BC – Our army is ready for our first modest campaign. Gathered at “The Neck” and under the command of General Velcivius, Roman forces consist of:

    10 Legions
    4 Divisions of Roman Horse

    Our objectives: To demonstrate our military superiority to the English by taking three of their cities. One of these will be given back during peace negotiations (to ensure that we get lots of tech and cash). Essentially, this invasion is simply to establish ourselves on the “English side” of the neck, with the towns captured serving as a springboard for future invasions.

    So….in 90 BC, the armies of Rome invade English territory, and are met by a frantic diplomatic delegation from the English capitol of London.

    According to the scribes there, the following exchange is verbatim, and began Rome’s rise to greatness:

    “Why are your armies moving into English lands, Lord General Velcivius?”

    “We are….on a diplomatic mission to the Land of the Zulu…nothing more.” The General said with confidence, and then he leaned to his aide and whispered, “I saw that in a movie once….we should be fine.”

    The aide looked at the Lord General in a somewhat perplexed fashion, but said nothing.

    “If you’re on a diplomatic mission, then WHERE is the Ambassador?!” Came the reply.

    I got the distinct impression that the English diplomat might have seen the same movie….whatever that is.

    “Again…we demand to know why this symbol of Roman power and authority has violated the sanctity of our borders!”

    To which, our Lord General made this, now famous reply.

    “Quite simply, we wish you English to know one thing in your heart of hearts.”

    The General paused for a long moment and tensions mounted in the room to an almost tangible level.

    When the General spoke next, his voice was a low, menacing growl.

    “All your base, are belong to us….”

    And so, war was declared and Rome’s die was cast….

    (to be continued)

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    The list of published books grows. If you're curious to see what sort of stories I weave out, head to and do an author search for "Christopher Hartpence." Help support Candle'Bre, a game created by gamers FOR gamers. All proceeds from my published works go directly to the project.

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    Absolutely great style!


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      Part Two

      70 BC & The Battle of Norwich
      “He told them what?!” The Emperor asked, perplexed at the phrase.

      “All your base, are belong to us…..that was word for word from the scribe on the scene.” Nigel told him.

      “That Velcivius fellow is an odd bird, isn’t he? Seems like something must have gone wrong in the translation, but…” The Emperor shrugged. “Who knows….maybe the phrase will be famous one day.”

      “It may indeed, Majesty.”

      “So…What news then?”

      “Well….despite not having the best grasp of the language of the English, General Velcivius has proven himself in battle. Norwich proved to be lightly held, and the General’s legions easily overcame the garrison and took the town, installing a new governor in your name.” (1 Warrior defeated, no losses).

      “Excellent news indeed! Give him a raise when he returns. So what’s the next move then?”

      “Well…I am not privy to the General’s battle plan, but the word is that the army is already on the march. It seems our Velcivius would prefer to keep moving to keep the English army off balance.”

      The Emperor nodded. “That seems like a good plan….yes. I like it.”

      “Ahhh, and one additional bit of news, Majesty…you had asked what our total army looked like…not just the attack force we had…and here’s that information:

      10 Workers
      4 Warriors
      17 Spearmen
      3 Catapults
      13 Legionaires
      4 Horsemen


      30 BC – The Battle of Newcastle
      The armies of Rome marched toward the city of Newcastle, and en route, discover a large contingent of English soldiery moving toward Norwich to give us battle (1 Spearmen, 2 Archers, 1 Warrior). Our disciplined ranks of Roman Cavalry route this English “army,” taking no losses.

      10 BC
      One Legion lost defeating the pair of elite spear companies guarding Newcastle, but the city is taken, and two large groups of English Refugees are caught trying to escape, and are pressed into service (2 English Workers captured).

      Also, our cavalry spotters locate English Swordsmen massing for an assault against our newest acquisition, Newcastle. Our legions that did not participate in the city battle move through the thick forests surrounding our newest city to repel them, and all four English divisions are destroyed utterly, but it does cost us one of our legions.

      At this point, General Velcivius makes the decision to divide the army, leaving roughly half in Newcastle to await developments, and sending the other half (amounting to 3 Legions and 2 Cavalry divisions supporting) to march on Coventry, and upon the capture of that town, we shall sue for peace with the English.

      30 AD – The Battle of Coventry
      One legion lost in the effort to take Coventry (the English lose 2 Veteran Spearmen), and we contact the English Lords, offering Coventry back to them in exchange for peace, Code of Laws, Currency, Literature, Polytheism, 312 Gold, and 5g/turn.

      The English accept our offer, and our armies march immediately to Norwich to consolidate and await the arrival of the newest addition to our arsenal…the catapult. Also, additional units of foot and horse troops are pouring through the heart of Rome, en route to “The Neck,” and thence to Norwich.

      We have a longish period of peace with the English, but we wish to be completely prepared for war as soon as our peace with them expires!


      “Well that went rather well I’d say.” The Emperor said as he surveyed the map (having recently researched map making!) of his newly expanded realm. “I think this whole warfare business is quite to my liking. Their forces were no match for our legions. Perhaps there’s something to this whole “militaristic civ” thing after all.”

      “Oh, I’d say it has its advantages, Sire. And, the fact that we’re commercial too, means we can keep conquering for longer than most, and the corruption won’t kill us.”

      The Emperor glared at the mention of the word “corruption.”

      “…er…not that anyone would ever cheat you, Majesty…of course not….your rule is both far too enlightened and just to ever lead the people to do such things ::mumbles under his breath something about killing tens of thousands of laborers, working them literally to death in order to hastily construct all those Temples not long ago::…it’s just…you know…a game mechanic thing.”


      A long, reflective silence.

      “So…what else?” The Emperor asked.

      “Well, work continues non-stop on the training of additional legions, catapults, and divisions of horse troops to further extend your enlightened rule, and….”

      “I STILL say Battle Cows would have been just as good! Almost three thousand years of research and the best alternative they could come up with was the horse? Come on! We could have had Battle Cows from 4000BC! Imagine how far the Empire of Rome would have stretched….”

      “I’m….trying sir….but I just can’t see it.”



      In a bid to further her own greatness, The Zulu Nation, under Shaka meets (exactly how or where this meeting occurred is a thing shrouded in mystery to this day) the Persian Emperor Xerxes. An argument ensues over an obscure point of protocol, whereupon the Zulu Warlord declares himself the rightful ruler of the Persian Empire! The first intercontinental war erupts!


      “Well that’s certainly interesting news.” The Emperor said as he read the headlines in the morning edition of the “Roman Daily News.” What are those Zulu thinking, taking on the Persian Khanate? I mean…now the folk of that other continent are going to think that we’re nothing but a bunch of primitive, backwater savages.”

      “Very true, Majesty, but at least in Shaka’s case, it would be, quite literally the case.”

      The Emperor nodded. “That is so…last time we held diplomacy with them, they attempted to extort techs from us that we’d had for years. Poor, poor Zulu.”

      “Yes, well, if he does make any headway against the Persians on the far continent, it could be bad news for us…such an extension of his power base could radically alter the local balance of power, and not in our favor….already he’s taking to calling himself the ruler of the Persian Empire, though, in classic Zulu fashion, because of differences in their language structure, he misplaced the title, putting it on the wrong side of his name.”

      “So instead of calling himself Khan Shaka….”

      “Right.” Nigel completed for him. “He’s calling himself Shaka Khan.”

      “Hmmm….you know, we may just have to go to war with them on general principle.”


      Fearing Rome’s rising star (presently, Rome is listed in first place overall—by a nose—narrowly followed by the Egyptian, who are in turn, narrowly followed by the Zulu), “Shaka Khan” as he styles himself these days, declares war on a well-prepared and well-positioned Rome.

      As of the declaration, our army consists of:
      10 Workers
      2 English Slaves
      17 Spearmen
      3 Horsemen
      7 Catapults
      25 Legions

      The year is a strange swirl of activity….with the English breaking the peace with us and joining the Zulu on their quest to toss us off of the continent, and the Babylonians following suit shortly thereafter.

      Just to even things out a bit, we contact the other folk on the continent with us (French and Egyptian) and forge an alliance with them, against our common enemies, thus plunging the entire continent into war.

      Gleefully, we prepare to focus most of our energy on the English squatters currently occupying Roman Lands.

      (to be continued)

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      The list of published books grows. If you're curious to see what sort of stories I weave out, head to and do an author search for "Christopher Hartpence." Help support Candle'Bre, a game created by gamers FOR gamers. All proceeds from my published works go directly to the project.


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        Great story, Vel .

        Keep up the good work!

        -- adaMada
        Civ 3 Democracy Game:
        PTW Game: Proud member of the Roleplay Team, and Ambassador to Glory of War
        Intersite PTW Game: Member of Apolyton


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          Shaka Khan, Shaka Khan...

          BTW, where's Rufus?


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            Tuesday Night Poker Game – Palace…er…Cave of the Emperor

            “By the Gods, but I love it when things work out in our favor!” The Emperor said as he thumped the table with a massive fist. “Those insane Zulus declaring a war on us and bringing the English over to their side was just….you can’t get any better than that!”

            “Agreed Sire, though I do worry some….our French allies are too far from the fighting to do much good, and unless the Egyptians are aggressive on their front, we shall be forced to do much of the fighting ourselves.” Nigel said over his cards.

            “No matter.” General Velcivius replied as he took a long drink and studied his hand. “Oh…and I’ll raise you twenty.”

            “The bold general has a plan to deal with our enemies then?” The Emperor asked.

            “Always.” The General said with a smile.

            “Well then…after this hand, and before you take every bit of our money, perhaps you should ride out to lead your army.”

            General Velcivius smiled. “The army, Sire, is well in hand….and as to the poker….you in or no?”


            310 – Second Battle of Coventry
            This represents the first field test of our new war machine, The Catapult, and it is a resounding success. The twin Spear garrison defending the city, having been utterly decimated by massed catapult shot (both down to 1hp) falls like grass before the scythe in the face of our mighty legions. No losses taken, for our part, and the sense in Rome, is that the English are terrified.

            Our spies later confirm this when they intercept dispatches bound for the land of the Zulu begging Shaka-Khan for reinforcements on the Roman front.

            Our defense works on “The Neck” are completed, and a single Legion is left there to defend the gateway to Rome. (Fortification constructed).

            350 – The Battle of Nottingham
            The second largest city of the English (size 7), Nottingham is a mighty fortress, and it represents the largest city our armies have ever attempted to take. Nonetheless, armed with 7 of our new catapults, General Velcivius orders the men to make an assault on the place.

            The struggle is long and brutal, and our forces suffer the loss of one legion in the taking of the city. The upshot is that General Velcivius promotes one Captain Traejen to the rank of General for his valor in causing the destruction of the twin elite spear companies guarding the town, and for his role in the capture of thousands of prisoners (3 English workers captured!).

            370 – Battle of Oxford
            Based on the ease of our victory here, it would seem that the loss of Nottingham broke the spirit and will of the English to fight. We suffer no losses, defeating to companies of spearmen and a group of ragged ill-equipped warriors. Thousands more English are rounded up and pressed into service (4 workers captured). The steady drain on English manpower are beginning to strain that nation. We are seeing fewer and fewer English troops as we continue this campaign, and it seems they have come to rely heavily on promised reinforcements from Shaka-Khan.


            To His Majesty, the Emperor Caesar of Rome:

            I have come to believe that the English are close to total collapse. Their armies in the field are fewer and fewer with each passing day, and based on the earlier discovered dispatches, it would seem that they are relying more and more heavily on promised reinforcements from the land of the Zulu. Thus, my recommendation is as follows:

            Make peace with Shaka in the near-term. Even if we mean to do battle with him later, it will make our conquest of the remaining English cities a much easier prospect. Our armies are strong, but as we take more and more English cities and leave stout garrisons behind, our ability to continue the campaign AND to fight off waves of Shaka’s annoying Impis degrades and our progress will be slowed.

            I anxiously await your response to this recommendation, and until then, will continue to give battle to any enemy that approaches.

            Lord-General Velcivius


            390 – Battle of Canterbury
            To speed the campaign against the English, General Velcivius orders a weakening of the garrisons in some of the English cities further from the front (ie – those taken previously that are closer to Rome than to the current fighting). These garrisons, combined with two new horse units, form up, and march for Canterbury, giving a good account of themselves in battle (1 Horse lost as he stubbornly hung in, trying for the kill against a tenacious spear company). As with Oxford, we find Canterbury guarded by 2 Spear Companies and a group of warriors (our attack force consisted of 4 legions and 2 horse).

            With our armies spread out on a wide front, and Zulu Archers and Impis swarming in from the south, General Velcivius orders a general holding pattern at present.

            Two legions are lost in the various battles that ensue, but we do manage to beat back 4 Impis (weakened, not killed), two Zulu archers, two Zulu swordsmen, 1 band of English warriors, 4 divisions of English archers, and three divisions of English swordsmen (various points along the front). After suffering this devastating defeat (which, no doubt, represented every soldier that the English could put to field), their Queen requested an audience with Caesar, which was brutally declined (the Queen’s man was returned to her in two distinct pieces…head in one box, body in another).

            Mindful that enemy reinforcements are no doubt en route, having beaten the forces currently arrayed against us, General Velcivius stations strong garrisons in the southern-most of our possessions (Oxford and Nottingham), and prepares to march his army north to meet reinforcements and the troops from the Canterbury assault.

            The next target: London.

            A temporary peace is signed with the Zulu, sealing the fate of the English. The plan is not to outright destroy them, but to turn them into a client state of Rome. We shall leave them with enough cities to be useful to us, but not so many that they can cause us grief.

            460 – The Battle of London
            A stunning success for our brutally effective catapults! No losses suffered for our part, and the English lose their capitol (moves to Warwick), along with 2 spearmen and a company of sword.

            Meanwhile, in an attempt to divert us from our drive upon their capitol, the English prepare to mount an assault (2 Sword, 1 Warrior) against Newcastle (1 Legion defending, 2 Horsemen Divisions diverted to Newcastle to assist).

            470 – Assault on Newcastle
            The assault, while daring, was a dismal failure for the English. True, our horsemen were badly bruised in the battles that followed, but we suffered no losses, and the English lost their entire attack force. Yet another victory for the armies of Rome!

            480 – The Capture of Liverpool
            A smallish, but strategically important suburb of London, Liverpool is the Iron Community of the English. Without it, there will be no more English swordsmen to bother us as we advance. (no losses for us, 2 Spearmen lost for the English).

            490 – The Battle of York
            A savage battle that sees a number of our legions battered, but none outright destroyed. The English lose 3 Spearmen and 2 Sword as they mass to try once more to stall our advance. Another band of English citizens pressed into service (1 Worker captured).

            510 – Peace with England
            We grant the English peace and their miserable lives in exchange for the city of Hastings (which our armies would have taken next turn anyway), and “The Republic.” This leaves the English with four cities…two north of us, and two south. Plans will eventually be laid to strip the two cities in the south from the English, but for the moment, we do not wish to further weaken them, and we must work on consolidating our gains.

            A small vanguard of Roman forces are sent to Hastings to watch our northern border (4 Divisions of Horse and 2 Legions), while the balance of the Army of Rome marches to Oxford to keep a close eye on our Zulu neighbors to the south.


            “Once again, congratulations Majesty!” Nigel said cheerfully as he raised a tankard in the direction of the Emperor.

            “Yes! A good war indeed! Astute timing on the peace agreement with the Zulu, we’ve not quite, but nearly doubled the size of our holdings and are poised for even greater things!”

            “Not bad for a backwards Civ that isn’t even close to discovering gunpowder yet, eh?”

            “Gun…powder? Nigel…have you been spending too much time with that Hooka General Velcivious brought you last time he was here? Some of the odd things you go on about….”

            Nigel only smiled. “You’ll see, Sire.”


            Temples rushed in all our new holdings, and General Traejen whips the population of Oxford into a frenzy. They work day and night to complete the Emperor’s Forbidden Palace there. Alas, the General had a heart-condition unbeknownst to us all, and as the last stone was placed in the final archway of the Palace, the bold General fell over, stone dead. His loss was a blow to Rome, but his greatest contribution, the Forbidden Palace of Oxford, will endure forever. He will be remembered.

            In other news, Roman citizens rise up in revolt against our 4500 years of Despotism, demanding a new form of government. Chants of “Come see the violence inherent in the system!” can be heard throughout the land, and a period of anarchy follows.

            With the dawning of the Roman Republic, The People decided that it’s high time our Emperor’s cave got a dramatic face-lift, and they construct a proper keep for him. This, I must admit, looks much better with the lawn than his cave.

            As Rome builds, upgrades her armies (spear to pike, horse to knight), and continues to expand her armies, the other nations on the continent (England, Zulu, Babylon, and France) all team up to tangle with Egypt, the #2 power on the continent. Rome sits back, and bides her time….

            Quite pleased with the growth of The Republic of Rome, our people add a second story onto the Emperor’s growing castle!

            Sun Tzu’s Art of War completed in Rome!

            The Capitol of the Empire is officially moved to Byzantium.

            Military Modernization is complete. The Army of Rome now stands at:
            10 Workers
            19 Pikemen
            10 Knights
            7 Catapults
            23 Legions

            And Rome stands poised and ready to expand again…..

            (to be continued)

            The list of published books grows. If you're curious to see what sort of stories I weave out, head to and do an author search for "Christopher Hartpence." Help support Candle'Bre, a game created by gamers FOR gamers. All proceeds from my published works go directly to the project.


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              Some Misc. Screen Shots (3 so far) detailing the world of 790AD. On the global map:

              Dark Blue = Babylon
              Dark Grey = Zulu
              Yellow = Egypt
              Pink = France
              (not enough of England left to even mention)

              For the Glory of Rome


              PS: Also note that there is a large inland sea that separates the Babylonians from the Zulu....our own private "Med" perhaps?
              The list of published books grows. If you're curious to see what sort of stories I weave out, head to and do an author search for "Christopher Hartpence." Help support Candle'Bre, a game created by gamers FOR gamers. All proceeds from my published works go directly to the project.


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                Great Story!!
                Thanks for the screenshots as well
                Can you tell us what type of world you are playing on?
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                  Got you covered over in the comments thread for this story....

                  The list of published books grows. If you're curious to see what sort of stories I weave out, head to and do an author search for "Christopher Hartpence." Help support Candle'Bre, a game created by gamers FOR gamers. All proceeds from my published works go directly to the project.


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                    Well Done


                    This is very funny. Thank you.

                    I noticed that your a big SMAC fan. Given your sence of humour, I thought you may like what my wife and I have done to SMAC. I know this is probably the wrong place for a SMAC thing.
                    Would you be interested, and if so is there a way I can contact you without exchanging e-mails on a public forum (I'm a bit leery of doing that).

                    I'm sorry if I'm off topic, and apologise to the other readers of this thread. It's just that my wife and I have had this thing sitting on our hard drives for ages. Having read your very funny posts, I think it might be time for it to get a wider hearing.

                    I am not after anything (money, wine, sexual favours, etc, although if you have discovered Gunpowder we could ... oops, not playing Civ3 now), other that letting some like minded people see it.

                    If you're not interested, I understand and will not bug you further.

                    Keep up the writing, it's great.



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                      just let you a PM with my e-mail

                      The list of published books grows. If you're curious to see what sort of stories I weave out, head to and do an author search for "Christopher Hartpence." Help support Candle'Bre, a game created by gamers FOR gamers. All proceeds from my published works go directly to the project.


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                        Imperium en imperio!
                        Roma Victor!
                        Asinius Estis!

                        See what you missed when you didn't take Latin?

                        BTW Vel, didn't Rome fell when it moved its capital to Byzantium?... oh wait, I forgot, the realism thing... mybad!
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                          Funny, funny, funny!

                          Gotta love english humor, vel.



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                            i cant wait for the next part... when is it coming?
                            PLZ REPLYU ZOON



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                              Re: For the Glory of Rome....

                              4000 BC Rome Founded on a river, and on land with three cows surrounding it!
                              pretty literature.
                              Traigo sueños, tristezas, alegrías, mansedumbres, democracias quebradas como cántaros,
                              religiones mohosas hasta el alma...