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World at War...The Iroquios threat

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  • World at War...The Iroquios threat

    The Alliance

    Many of the world leaders gathered in the great Council Hall at Thebes. A time had come to once and for all put a stop to unchecked Iroquois aggression. Cleopatra, Ruler of the largest free nation on the planet had called Lincoln, Elizabeth, Xerses, Caesar and Ghandi to her capital for a summit.

    “Ladies and gentlemen, I thank you. Your being here tells me that I am not the only one who lives in fear. Grundel has his war machine running at full power. His nation is the largest in the world, and his military the most advanced. He has time and time again demonstrated that the Iroquois have no respect for their neighbor’s borders, as evident of their annihilation of Germany when they had a Right of Passage agreement. I fear, my friends, that if we don’t act now, then we all will live as slaves to the Iroquois empire.

    “I agree, my lady,” said Lincoln, with his usual somber face. “We share a border with them, and recently Grundel has been massing large concentrations of troops there. No longer do their warriors ride horses, but rather metal beasts with cannons fixed upon turrets. Our rifles are no match for their ‘machine guns’. And the skies…Huge flying machines are seen every day buzzing over our heads. We will be the next Germany! How can I stop him with rifles and cannons? “

    Xerxes was the next to express himself “Grundels aggression is not only directed toward you! These tanks have been massing at my border with the Iroquois as well! We are not as strong as the Americans are! We will be destroyed in a matter of a few years. He is going to attack! He is Evil...evil I say…”

    “Relax.” Ghandi spoke with a quiet voice that at the same time demanded attention and respect. “I have gotten to know Grundel and the Iroquois people. Lets not forget how they came to India’s aid when the Chinese attacked us.”

    “Come on, Ghandi. They only helped so they could secure more land for their empire.” Caesar retorted. “Now they have a base of operations on YOUR continent. They could strike out on an offensive at anytime. Do you think, sir, that you are immune to Grundel’s hungry eyes? He looks north, Ghandi, and he sea’s India as his next meal.”

    “All we talk about here is how the Iroquois plan on conquering the world.” Ghandi responded. “Everyone lives in fear of Grundel’s tanks and battleships. His Bombers and aircraft carries cause us to worry about our own security. Perhaps they are not the evil, warmongering people that we think”.

    “Russia. Zululand. The Aztec empire. France. Babylon. Germany. China. All of these glorious civilizations have fell victim to the Iroquois blood lust. And you say that they are not evil.” questioned Elizabeth.

    “Yes”. Ghandi replied. “France was destroyed by You, Xerxes, if my history is correct”

    Xerxes nodded

    “And China destroyed by the Japanese. “

    “Yes, but only after being weakened by Grundel.” Elizabeth responded.

    “Let’s review history. Take the Russians. History tells us that in ancient times, they shared a border with the Iroquois, and were often threatening the Iroquois people with war unless they turned over gold and knowledge. So when the Iroquois rose to defend themselves, we call them evil? They did not go out of their way to destroy Russia. They conquered the cities that bordered their empire, and let the rest of the Russian people be. It wasn’t until ages later that the Germans destroyed Russia.”

    “And the Zulu? History clearly tells us that Shaka and his ‘Impis’ warriors invaded The Iroquois homeland, unprovoked. They had little choice but to defend themselves. “

    “The Iroquois went to war with France after France claimed one of their ‘colonies’. Remember that the Native land of Grundel and his people was very resource poor. When France refused to give back the colony and the people, the Iroquois took it by force. They even enlisted the help of Persia, if I recall. And, if I remember correctly, they finished off the French. “

    Xerxes looked ashamed, but said nothing.

    “After the French war was over, It was Hammurabi that attacked the Iroquois homeland, unprovoked! They launched many forces toward the Iroquois. That same year, What was left of Russia had convinced the Aztec to attack as well. If I were the leader of the Iroquois, I would have the thought that the entire world was against us. Lets also remember that culturally the Aztecs and Iroquois were very similar. Documents of the time revealed that Grundel’s people had much admiration for the Aztecs, and often gave them gifts of gold, wine, and technology. They were devastated when their northern neighbors betrayed them from the desert. One cannot blame them for exacting complete revenge against Montezuma. That was one of the bloodiest wars in history. Little mercy was shown toward them, and I can almost understand why.”

    “Babylon was spared, however. The Iroquois armies stopped just outside the gates of Babylon, and the people were spared. In fact, Grundel turned over all of the captured cities to you, Lincoln! Most of your mighty empire that exists today is the result of the kindness of the Grundel’s people!”

    Lincoln made no expression at all. Ghandi continued.

    “Yes, they invaded Germany. But had Germany not betrayed you, Elizabeth, earlier? The Germans massed many troops along the border they shared with Grundel and his people. Since almost every alliance they had formed had lead to betrayal, they had little reason to believe that Germany meant them no harm.”

    “When China attacked our southern borders, Grundel was quick to respond with many defensive troops to occupy Mao’s fallen cities. If they intended to invade, why have we not seen anything but infantry?”

    “Yes, yes, Ghandi. This is all fine and dandy, but whatever the motivations we cannot deny that the Iroquois armies pose a threat to all of us. I feel that we all must band together for protection. If Grundel attacks, we must be prepared to respond quickly.”

    “What about Tokugawa?” Lincoln asked?

    “He is in Grundel’s back pocket, I am afraid. The Japanese are not weak. I am afraid they are probably the only friends that he has left. However, this is of no consequence. We must protect ourselves.” Xerses responded.

    Everyone in attendance agreed. Even Ghandi, who had understanding of what may motivate the Iroquois violent tendencies. The Thebes initiative was declared, and signed by all in attendance.

    The War Begins

    Back in Persopolis, Xerxes and his diplomatic council awaited the Iroquois emissary. Tensions along the border had increased along with the number of the armored war machines that the Iroquois cities had been producing at an alarming rate. When King Xerxes had heard that the Iroquois wanted a meeting with them, he knew that it could mean only one thing. War was imminent. He expected nothing from Chief Cornstalker but ridiculous demands to avoid conflict.

    Cornstalker entered the room, walking strongly with purpose. Xerxes offered him a seat, but he refused. Cornstalker and his aids stood at the other end of the table, stern faces fixed with frowns. Cornstalker spoke.

    “We, the glorious nation of the Iroquois stand here before you with our tomahawks to be buried with the Persians. The city of Sidon stands within our sacred holy ground, as decreed by our Earth mother, and control of this city must be relinquished to the All father Grundel and his war chiefs.”

    It appears that Xerxes fears were correct. However, with every amount of courage he could muster he managed to keep a stern face.

    “Give you Sidon? And pray tell do you offer us for handing you over one of our larger cities”. Xerxes tried to sound amused. Cornstalker continued.

    “Further more, in reparations for occupying our sacred ground, we demand a tribute of gold to be paid to us every year for the next 20 years. Do this, and we shall spare Persia from the wrath of our armies.”

    Sacred ground? Sidon had stood in Persia for ages. Xerxes knew that this was nothing but pure contempt. “I believe you know our answer, Chief. Sidon is Persia, Cornstalker, and will remain there. We do not fear you and your technology.”

    Without any change in his expression, Cornstalker replied. “Then we shall bring the tomahawk to bare with blood. “ The chief and his aids left. A few moments later, Xerxes summoned his generals. Within hours, Persian riflemen and cavalry units were being deployed along the border. The mighty immortals of Xerxes armies will be tested once again, against an opponent that not only outnumbers them, but also holds an impressive technological advantage.

    Back is Salmanca, Techumsa, war chief of the land armies met with the All Father, Grundel. “As expected, they refuse.” Techumsa informed his leader.

    “As expected. “ Grundel seemed not to be concerned. “I give the order. All armored divisions along the Persian border shall advance upon Pasadagrae and Sidon. Instruct our air force to be on alert, they shall begin their bombing runs as soon as we gather more intelligence on the location of the Persian defenses.”


    “Order our fleet to patrol the sea between our coast and Egypt. They are to interdict any warships that approach our coastline. Deploy our sub fleet outside American and Egyptian ports. “

    “And our carriers and battleships, father?”

    “Send one of our carriers to china. I fear that the Indians may seize this opportunity to attack our possessions there. Also commit 2 battleships…the Bear and the Raven with them.”

    “Should we land our amphibious forces in china as well?”

    “No, china is well defended with large divisions of infantry. If they are attacked, they should hold their own for many seasons. However, deploy some fighter squadrons there just in case. Contact Tokugawa and place him on alert. If India invades, we will let him deal with them.”

    “Excellent. Preparations shall be made. You realize that when we attack Persia, The Americans will join in?”

    “Yes, of course. I am counting on that.” A smile crossed his lips. “After one season, our armor divisions will attack the Americans. Have our mechanized infantry ready to be inserted into the towns that we secure from our enemies.”

    “It is being prepared, my lord.”

    “Blood shall be spilled this day, Techumsa. The Earth Mother has protected us from the evil of the world . She has gifted us with fertile soil and abundant resources. She gave the Iroquois more wisdom than any other. The land of Persia and America shall come within our fold. The Earth Mother and her children shall be reunited as one people. “

    A few days later, Iroquois tanks were rolling across the dusty plains of Persia. As the first shots were fired upon besieged Sidon, America and India declared war upon the Iroquois. Shortly later, the small nations of Rome and England also entered into the fray. India and her legions of Cavalry charged across the China desert toward the cites of Beijing and Shanhai, which were held by Grundel and his men. Tokugawa declared his allegiance with what the world considered the devil, and committed his troops to battle the Indians. The world was ablaze with war.
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    MY GOD! you cant stop there!!! WRITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    "Nuke em all, let god sort it out!"


    • #3 work...I'm working on it is a rather long story. Conquering the world cannot be completed in mere paragraphs!!
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        Testing screen print....

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          The screen doesn't show...
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            WOW great storytelling!!!!!


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              The href for your screen print link reads:


              That's not close to a valid link.

              First, you need an http on the beginning.

              Second, if aol gives you a different port number to use, put that after the :, for example If there is no special port, you should get rid of the colon.

              Finally, I assume that overton70 is your aol user name? In that case, you are probably correct to use it as a directory name, but you need the actual filename of the image. For example overton70/iroquois1.gif.


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                Thank you! I will try that when i get home tonight

                The next part should be posted in an hour or two. Thanks for the feedback (Maybe with screen prints if i can get it to work )
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                  Part II

                  The Deserts of China.

                  It was hot. The dry wind blew gently from the east, as it always tended to do so. The China desert was bordered along the north and south by towering mountain ranges, and stretched from the great Egyptian ocean to the west to the deep blue ocean waters of the Esteria sea. The wind was always funneled through the desert from the east.

                  The great war chief, Sitting Bull, looked out from the balcony of his new office. The city of Beijing was quite stunning. Sitting Bull had never seen architecture quite like this, sloping roofs, hanging lanterns decorated with elaborate designs… Dancing dragons, beautiful characters, and captivating music. The Chinese culture still lived within the city. Having been decades since the war, the Iroquois and Chinese learned to live well together. The Earth Mother taught that although man was among one family, it also welcomed diversity and new ideas. The Chinese were brothers now, and their culture is no less beautiful than the Iroquois. The Earth Mother opened her bosom to all.

                  During the New Year celebrations, Sitting Bull especially enjoyed the Lion dances, which were held in the streets. The beating drum and banging gongs…as well as the acrobatic dances of those portraying the ‘Lion’ captivated him. The music was not all that different than the Iroquois rain celebration, or the Harvest dance. The Chinese were also beginning to accept these celebrations as well, and even began to participate with their Iroquois brothers. Surely this was what was meant to be.

                  “Chief!” Sitting bull heard a voice from behind him. It was Wavedancer, his aid. “Chief! There is a communication from Salamanca!” He already knew what it was. “It has begun, hasn’t it Wavedancer?”

                  “Yes, Chief. War has begun back home. India has declared their allegiance to the Persians. “

                  “You know what this means, Wavedancer?”

                  “Yes, I do. They will attacking soon, won’t they”

                  “Yes, I believe they will”

                  Sitting Bull did not even look at the communiqué. He grabbed his tomahawk and secured it to his belt. It was a military tradition among the Iroquois officers. Once they received their commission, they were issued their ‘hawk’. Although no longer a viable weapon to be used in toady’s battles, it symbolized the warrior spirit that exists within each Iroquois. He wore his with honor. Now preparations would have to be made.


                  The garrison at Sidon prepared for the assault. Riflemen were positioned in trenches along the north of the city. Engineers began to dig ‘traps’ for the metal war machines that where approaching. They were hoping that by trapping these machines, they would be able to move in and make close quarter kills. This was about the only hope they had, however. Their bullets where no match for the armor of the Iroquois tanks. Other methods would have to be devised.

                  In the pits that were dug, they filled the bottom with kegs of gunpowder and chunks of metal. When the beasts fell, they hoped to detonate these bombs to disable or destroy these machines. Hopefully, this will force the tanks through certain choke points where cavalry could ride in and engage these machines at point blank, where the turret cannons where useless.

                  Sargon, general of the armies of Persia, finally received a runner from the border.

                  “Commander! We have word of our first meetings with the infidels!” The runner exclaimed.

                  “And?” Sargon waited anxiously

                  “Our forces fell quickly. The 23rd and 25th Riflemen divisions were routed with the Iroquois taking minimal losses. “

                  “That matters not. We are prepared here. Besides, our allies shall overwhelm these demons.”

                  “Yes sir!”

                  “Report to Persopolis. Inform our great lord Xerxes that Sidon shall not fall”

                  The Roman Fleet

                  Arktarius, Grand Admiral of the seas, made final preparations before boarding his flagship, the Saturn.

                  “I have inspected the fleet. We shall sail for Iroquois on the morrow” Arktarius advised his aide.

                  “Sir, I fear any preparations we make will be for naught! Our frigates are no match for the Iroquois warships!”

                  “Yes, I know. But, we will not be engaging the fleet directly.” Arktarius flashed a thin but confident smile. His aide notably relaxed a little. A few hours later, the roman fleet comprising mostly of frigates and a few antiquated caravels set sail for enemy waters.

                  Devil at the doorstep .

                  The armored divisions of the Iroquois rolled into Persia. Many skirmishes were fought at the border, leaving many dead Persians and only a small number of slightly damaged Iroquois tanks. When the city of Sidon appeared on the Horizon quiet enveloped both sides. Each commander knew that the enemy stood across the field and waited, not unlike the days of antiquity, where each side would eye their opponent before the inevitable charge.

                  The Iroquois wasted little time. The tanks were thrust into gear and approached the open stretches before the great city. The Persian riflemen gripped their weapons. Cannons were loaded and they prepared to spring the traps that were carefully laid for the advancing conquerors. The battle had begun.

                  To the surprise of the Iroquois, the first traps worked. Tanks fell into the concealed pits, which alone rendered them useless. The explosives were detonated and some tanks were damaged or destroyed. However, to the Persians surprised, these machines were very hearty, and could sometimes maneuver out of the traps due to their treads, and continued to advance. The bombs did little damage to the thick armor.

                  As the armor spearheaded toward Sidon, Cavalry units that were kept hidden in reserve flanked the advance. Bravely these mounted men rode into the advance. Their bravery also insured that they died with honor, for the entire Cavalry charge was decimated by the machine guns mounted on the tanks in a matter of minutes. Persian soldiers in the trenches, when they saw the massacre, began to flee.

                  Meanwhile, in America, they braced for their own war. Lincoln vowed, however, that his would not be a defensive one. He had used the time since the alliance was formed to begin to position his Ironclads near the front, where he hoped they would aid the cavalry and knight advances he had planned. His army had only recently began upgrading from Muskets and swords to the lever action .306 rifles. The process was slow, however, and much of the American army was out of date. In any rate, Lincoln had little choice but to use all of his men. The Iroquois were formidable.

                  He had planned on launching a massive cavalry and knight charge across the border. He was not disillusioned to realize that he stood no chance of capturing many Iroquois cities, but realized that he could cripple the delicate railroad infrastructure of the Iroquois. He still planned a diversion to be directed toward Chicago. Hopefully, enough damage could be caused to allow Egypt to land a sizeable force to counter attack Grundel’s army. With the majority of Iroquois forces committed to the front lines in Persia, he suspected…he hoped…that enough divisions could get through to the unchecked interior.

                  Steel on steel.

                  Things worked out better than Lincoln could ever had hoped. Grundel, in his supreme overconfidence, had left some of the border cities lightly defended…hoping that superior technology would win over superior numbers. Although technology was superior and weighed heavily in the Grundel’s favor, The fighting spirit of the Americans would prove to balance this advantage out.

                  Hordes of American horsemen, cavalry, and knights spilled into the Iroquois nation. The City of Chicago, which once belonged to America but revolted to the Iroquois many centuries ago, was the first target. Entrenched in defensive positions around the city perimeter, the marine and infantry divisions opened fire. Fighters from the airfield scrambled to lend ground support.

                  Undaunted by the strafing runs, the horsemen rode into the mouth of the beast. Cut down in droves, they rode on. The outer defenses fell, forcing the Iroquois soldiers into the heart of the city. This effectively eliminated the air support from the battle, as Iroquois fighters could not drop their ordnance on their own civilians. Over the next few days, bloody house to house fighting took place, rendering the mighty city into a visage of death and destruction. For every fallen Iroquois warrior lay 20 Americans.

                  Chicago fell a week later. Undaunted by the heavy losses that they were taking, the valiant American Knights and Cavalry pressed on, and the remaining garrison surrendered. The mighty had fallen.

                  Word began to spread across the world. The here to for invincible Iroquois army had suffered a major defeat. The veil of invincibility had been lifted, and the spirits of all that opposed the evil Iroquois Empire had soared.

                  America continued its campaign into the heart of Grundel’s territory. Many Iroquois workers were captured by this expeditionary force and sent back to America to live out the rest of the war in containment camps. Mines were destroyed along with the valuable railways the Iroquois used to almost instantly ship troops to the front.

                  While surfaced and recharging its batteries, an American iron clad sank an Iroquois submarine. The Persian city of Pasadagrae had held off several advances of Iroquois armor with conscript riflemen. Grundel, however, remained calm.

                  “The war does not go well, All Father.” Tecumseh advised. “American knights maintain a guerilla force within our borders. Our people have been captured and sent away. Chicago has held for another season against our attacks, and Pasadagrae has yet to fall.”

                  “The Earth Mother shall be whole. They can resist, it matters not. I shall council with the Great Chiefs of the land” Grundel replied. “For every warrior spirit released to the Earth Mother, we have 2 ready to take their place.”

                  “Yes, the troops live to have their tomahawks taste the blood of our enemies.” Tecumseh replied.

                  “Our new mechanized divisions, are they ready?”

                  “The new APC’s are being deployed as we speak.”

                  “Very good, my warrior friend. The spirit of the wolf and the bear are alive. We shall overcome”
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                    Truly a fantastic story and really looking forward to the next instalment. Should easily win the next story contest. My favourite forum category is the stories because when I play civ I picture the history that I have recreated and good story tellers put words to these pictures. Awesome!!!!


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                      Bravo!! Extremely well written and very compelling.
                      I can't wait to hear the rest.

                      This must have been a very interesting game. (Though it probably took a while to play with all the fighting )
                      To each his own...

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                        Quite a stirring story ... puts me in the mood for Civiii

                        Next installment please
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                          I just swapped computers Hopefully this game will run alot better on my 850 tbird than my p2 400

                          I have finished this game, and I must say that I was surprised by some of the late game events

                          I am not sure if they make a good 'story', but I will post the last installment Probably monday. I hope it doesn't let anyone down
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                            +++End Game+++

                            The thundering hooves of the Indian cavalry units shook the ground itself. It is ironic that the very horses these Hindu warriors rode were bread in the fertile lands of the Iroquois. But that was irrelevant. The riders came with one thought only, to destroy the Iroquois garrisons in china.

                            Sitting Bull looked through is binoculars at the rampaging horde. With a mild expression he spoke “They come” This will be bloody.

                            “Great war chief Tecumseh advised that he dispatched 2 transports of reinforcements.” The aide explained.

                            “They will not arrive before those riders get here, will they.” Sitting Bull retorted.

                            “I see your point”.

                            The Iroquois opened fire first. The rattling machine gun fire dropped many riders in the first wave. Similar to previous engagements between the Iroquois and the rest of the world, the advancing armies were loosing twice as many men as the defending Iroquois. And also like the previous battles, they kept coming.

                            The dusty desert sand proved to slow the advance adequately, however. That, combined with a large defensive garrison and artillery support, The Indians were never able to gain much ground. For 2 weeks, they probed the Iroquois defenses and were driven off each time. Ammunition was running low, however.

                            They did not run out of ammunition soon enough, to the chagrin of the Indian commanders. 16 days after the assault of Beijing began, it ended with more thundering hooves. This time, the brothers of the army of the Rising Sun were advancing on the Indian positions. Sitting Bull watched the battle from a distance. Within the chaos, he saw more Indians fall than Japanese.

                            While watching, his aide interrupted him once again. “Chief!”

                            “Yes, wavedancer?”

                            “General Masimoto would like to see you”

                            “Very well”. Sitting Bull followed his aid out of his office to the courtyard, where general Masimoto sat on his horse, donned with golden armor beholding with all the magnificence of a Japanese shogun.

                            “Ahhh…Sitting Bullsan” The general exclaimed.

                            “Your honor,” Sitting Bull replied, bowing .

                            “We have arrived! Your garrison is spared!”

                            “Thank you, your honor. However, I believe that we were not in that much danger.” Sitting Bull replied, with a crooked smile.

                            The general let out a deep belly laugh. “That is what I would expect a warrior of your honor to say!” HE dismounted his horse and placed his right fist on his chest, as customary of the Iroquois salute. “Our 62nd and 65th Infantry divisions had taken fortified positions along the ridge to the north and west of the city, to prevent any counter attacks. We have 5 full divisions pushing north into India. Indian will be of no threat to us any longer.”

                            “To the victor go the spoils” Sitting Bull replied.

                            A few hors passed as the echoes of the battle outside of Beijing began to fade. The Japanese were pressing into India itself, and knocking on the door of Bombay. Later that week, the first bombers arrived in China, and modernized mechanized infantry began to secure Beijing, Nanking, and St Regis. A few days later the firewalkers, Sitting Bulls infantry army, began its own advance into India. To the victor goes the spoils…

                            +++ The mighty has fallen +++

                            The Persians put up a valiant fight, but exactly 2 years after the first tanks rolled across the plains of Persia, all of this once mighty empire belonged squarely to Grundel.

                            “The war does not go well, you once said” Grundel said, smiling to his Great War Chief, Tecumseh.

                            “I was never worried.” He replied back, almost laughing.

                            Sidon repelled wave after wave of assaults. However, the numeric advantages once held by the Alliance over the Iroquois soon proved to be nonexistent, as the industrial might of Grundel was as powerful as his military. Tanks rolled off the assembly line and to the front almost as quickly as they were damaged or destroyed. The American/Persian border merged into one contiguous line, and anyone not flying the purple flag of the Iroquois was the enemy.

                            America was falling as well, slowly and steady. Grundel managed to land several marine divisions well behind the front, which helped to cut the Americans in half. With their back broke, Lincoln signed the ‘Treaty of Moscow’ which relinquished all control of the Americas to the Iroquois. The entire continent belonged to Grundel.

                            +++ Blood is Thicker Than Water+++

                            The Roman fleet set out with hopes of harassing Iroquois shipping and naval bombardment of lightly defended coast lines. Through the first two years of the conflict, they succeeded. Coastal factories, fisheries, commercial ports and harbors were damaged by the hit and run raids of the Roman frigates. Several harbors were blockaded and almost all oversea trade routes were halted. With the bulk of the surface fleet in Indian waters, and the sub surface fleet patrolling the Egyptian straights, they were often unchallenged. However, Grundel’s army had managed to secure almost every resource that they needed to continue the battle, and economically they barely felt the effect.

                            Any effect that the Iroquois may have felt soon ended, however, with the christening of 4 surface destroyers. This mini fleet engaged the Romans off the Northern shores. The power of wind and cannon was no match for diesel engines, aluminum plating, and surface to surface missiles. In an engagement that lasted little over an hour, 50 frigates were reduced to splinters with no casualties being inflicted on the Iroquois. With the bulk of the Roman fleet destroyed, the way was open for the Invasion of Rome and England.

                            +++ The final days +++

                            Cleopatra, ruler of the only country that could compete against the Iroquois, sent its invasion fleet across the Egyptian Straights. Committing most of her land forces in the invasion, she hoped that she could cause enough trouble for Grundel to enable her and her English and Roman allies enough time to raise an army to fend off the imminent invasion. What she did not count for were the subs patrolling the waters. The invasion fleet never stood on dry land again.

                            Rome and England fell to the invading armies of Grundel. With defeat imminent, Cleopatra signed a treaty declaring her nation under the sovereign control of the Iroquois. India was conquered and divided among the Iroquois and Japanese. The war had ended

                            All of the children of the Earth Mother have been united.
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                              Good story, in a tragic sort of way. I was rooting for the coalition to get together and overthrow the big ol' bully, but the Iroquois victory doesn't make it any less of a story. Write again soon!
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