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Caesar's Palace - the Story of an Empire

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  • Caesar's Palace - the Story of an Empire

    ----- General Information about the Game -----

    Level: Warlord.
    Map: 5 billion years, Warm, Wet, Continents, Small.
    Civilization: Rome.
    5 Random Rivals.

    This is a game where all kinds of victory types will be tried. I still don't have a plan for a Cultural, Domination, Spaceship or Diplomatic victory (less likely the last)...

    Game Version: PTW 1.27f

    Cultural Conversions are ON
    Accelerated Production is OFF
    Respawning AI is OFF

    (More information might be added in the future)

    ----- Prologue --------

    There was a light shining in the room. A candle, with some stones around it, represented the sacred religious symbols of the roman tribe. Fourteen members sitted in the small room, and started discussing something unusual. Indeed, they were discussing what for most of the ignorant plebs would call "politics". And yet, those discussions were filled with religious content. Because politics and religion were strictly connected in these distant times, and every priest that could get popular support (by manipulating people) would be crowned despot of the roman tribe. These habits descended from the remote ancestors of the romans, now lost.

    But this was going to change.

    "Dearius is dead!" - shouted a young girl.

    Tulius Dearius, despot of Rome and king of everything-you-can-see-around, was brutally murdered when eating his dinner. He was young, but he was cruel. The "cruel" adjective, however, wasn't enough to condemn a despot to death, however. It was his state of vendetta with Aurelius Gracus, a local warlord, that killed him. He was such a fool...

    And now, the tribal council met to discuss politics and other all-important-things and choose the new leader between series of candidates. According to the Maxima Lex, everyone could nominate himself candidate for despot, and would be chosen by a council of (corrupt) elders. But between several fools, only a minority really had a chance of winning. That elite was always composed of local warlords, and one of them was Caesar.

    Caesar had a promissing beginning. Born in a rich man's house, he had special privileges since the day he came to thw world. Not counting the permission to throw stones freely at children from the plebs, he also received at the age of 15 a special visa card to the Gracianus' daughter room. These nights were clearly agitated, but this is not the main point of the game.

    Caesar was a bad child, but this changed when he was at the age of 18. His father was dead... "Natural causes", it was said. "Someone murdered him", whispered a man. Until now, evidences about Caesar's father are scarce. All we know is that he was his father. Now Caesar was alone in the world, but he was ambitious. He wanted to travel further and further into roman politics. And that is more dangerous than pointing a gun into your head.

    He was helped by a great philosopher. Charles-Louis de Secondat, a great lawyer and civ addict, misteourisly was teleported to the Civ dimension while playing Civ3 at 5.00 AM. Although complaining about the lack of computers, he showed Caesar his book, The Spirit of the Laws . This book inspired Caesar to act in a fair way and to be fair (what else a book like that would do?) while in power. And so, when Charles-Louis de Secondat was beginning to like Ancient Rome, he was teleported back to our dimension and owned a beer for his service. Nobody knows who really hired him to do that .

    And so, according to the too-much-complex-rules of the roman council of elders, someone had to be elected between fifty candidates. The first step was easy: everyone that did not bribe the elders enough was killed after a brief accusation of "sabotage". Then, there were only ten candidates: between them, there was Caesar.

    So, the next step was to make major speeches to impress the elders. Caesar's speech was by far, the worst. But Caesar's money had a great advantage over the others, and so, by a "fair" way, he was elected despot of Rome. According the old habit of new despots, he sent to exile every rival he had in this election.

    In the year of 4000BC, the story of Rome begins.
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    Are you going to be doing a turn by turn type story? That would be good, I'm liking what you have so far!
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      I'll admit that a turn by turn story would be quite different from the majority of stories around here- save the succession game and AfterActionReport ones.

      It's good to see some new stylistics be experimented with.

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        Huh, finaaaaaly back. I'm gonna start an update very soon and perhaps post it tomorrow. Enjoy it!


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          looking forward to it
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            Originally posted by Montesquieu
            Huh, finaaaaaly back. I'm gonna start an update very soon and perhaps post it tomorrow. Enjoy it!

            ah yes

            like from the Beatles Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away, now it looks as though they are here to stay, oh I yesterday

            so tommorrow well if tommorrow never comes, will it still be a possibility since indeed it has not yet arrived?

            I look forward and understand as do we all how life sends you on a series of detours

            Post when you can

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              Montesquieu are you still out there mate? hope you are still writing
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