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    The battle was won, the enemy was in full retreat and the American swordsmen were in hard pursuit. King Abraham IV watched from the lighthouse of New York, a near aerial view of the fight was given to him, a perspective rarely given to a king or general. “We have been victorious this day, our armies have routed our foes and The Divine has given Your Majesty triumph against Carthage,” stated Pope Winthrop, head of the American Church, “No doubt the inspiring words of the clergy led our men to victory.” Abraham grunted in response, solemnly viewing the fight. “Perhaps it could well have been our fleet destroying their transport ships rather than the words of those who sit in the rear that made the scum start running,” muttered one of the king’s generals to a cascade of snickers, turning the holy man red.

    “Divinity is not to be scoffed at,” said the king, “after all am I not chosen by The Divine to lead this nation?” This brought a sullen look from Winthrop and quiet laughter from the surrounding military men. All present knew damn well that if not for the king’s policy of talking quietly and holding a large sword, the Church would never crowned him after his father’s death from choking on a rather large knife down his throat while eating dinner. Muttering an excuse of checking on the local cardinal of New York, the Pope quickly left the continuing scorn of the soldiers.

    Turning to the nearby general, Abraham asked, “So General Beuary, I presume that you have left Chicago and joined me here for a reason other than pandering with our most beloved, holiest, head of the Church or sunbathing on the beautiful snow-covered beaches of this fine city?” “Indeed sire, I have come to report that our border patrols on the Hittite border have stopped returning,” the general said, “reports from Hattusas state that our northern friends have been massing and could well be marching on Chicago, Philadelphia, or even New York at this moment.” “That is indeed news, however, our forces in Philadelphia have been well prepared for a campaign against the Hittites and will march on Ugarit as soon as they defeat whatever motley force the barbarian scum send against us, if they are so foolish to assault us. For now, we must continue the fight against Carthage, our Dutch allies have abandoned us and our southern flank is no longer protected. The war is to the west.”

    “It seems the battle is won, Your Majesty, the people need to see their lord and victor, shall we descend to greet the masses?” the king’s man-at-arms inquired. Nodding his ascent, King Abraham began the walk down the stairway into the active and peaceful figure of the city.


    I hope you enjoyed this prelude to the story, of the finest war i've yet fought in a civ3 game, of allies, enemies, victories, and defeats. Below is a map, naming the places that will be important. As a note, New York and cities north of that are all in tundra, very cold places.

    Here is a map of the American and Hittite kingdoms:
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    Sweet story, I want to read more!
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      Originally posted by Metaliturtle
      Sweet story, I want to read more!
      More please...
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