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Napoleanic News Chapter One

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  • Napoleanic News Chapter One

    The winters are harsh and cold in Mother Russia. The people can be most unforgiving. World trends and rumors of social freedoms will give a most unpleasant bitterness to a ruler trying to hold his people together. I know for Alexander the Great Czar has been removed and the people have chosen me to lead them away from fear and into supreme position as leader not only in Europe but abroad also.

    I have set in motion a courier and he will deliver my plans to the council that has chosen me. I require hard choices and will lead Russia away from the ditch and onto the pathway to Glory!

    I need to gather loyal Generals to help defend our border. I am tired of peasants coming and going. I shall require a communal effort not individualistic dreams and aspirations but a hard-line policy of a greater good with a single purpose and a single direction.

    First we must have many labor groups assigned to support a most large size military. We must secure our borders then as a Bear in the deep woods at winter sleeps and turns over we too shall turn over and take more border from half breed countries of whores sons and daughters. Russians are destined to lead and I will not waver upon this stance.

    I am alerted to the courier returning with simple message of three words: Lead, guide and conquer. This is all I was waiting for.

    My governing body will meet me in our new head of Russian affairs known as Moscow. From here we can observe and lead our people. I shall call our new Palace The Kremlin and it shall be near Red Square.

    My newest Generals shall lead in specific areas. In my next correspondence we shall get to know them all.

    For now I shall take the ruling title of Grand Czar Trollnika IV
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    Napoleanic News Chapter Two

    This appointment of military leadership has not gone without some “un reasonable disputes” and I had hope but knew in my heart what was to come and what would be needed to resolve bickering and attitude’s subversive to the common good of Russia and her future. I knew this and have allowed these individuals to dictate their futures as well as their families.

    “Comrades, please allow me to bring to a head these ugly and most unfortunate arguments. I have decided and stand by my appointments. Furthermore, if you will look upon these carts in the courtyard, you will see possessions of those of you whom have gone against my wishes. Please to take note of your family members, shivering in the cold. They are headed to worker camps and that is where they will stay until I decide most appropriate location for them.” As I stared icily and coldly at the very hearts of the rebels who could not bear my position of total authority over the new found Russian Federation.

    I continued as loyal Red Guard members entered our meeting. “I shall not offer you cordial proper addressing as Comrades for you are enemies of the new State of Russia. You will be sent and not allowed to say goodbye to your loved ones. I have beaten your wives and told them to not look upon your faces as you pass by or the children shall yet suffer for your indignation and uncontainable treason. Now be gone!’

    As the last of these subversive traitors was marched solemnly before the military leadership I addressed the gathering, “Any individuals not one hundred and ten percent behind Russian way of life shall have the most unfortunate penalty of joining these individuals. They will be sent to labor camps as a last chance to show loyalty. They have not but one other choice.”

    “Now that we have cleared these miscreants from our midst, let us now speak of what shall be necessary plans for our border buildup.” I looked at the cast of our future military leadership and motioned to speak Gregor Tupolov, he will head up our Border Security Sector.

    Gregor addressed the necessity of unifying a web of Cossack Armies, under the leadership of Boris Chernenko, the General of the Mounts working with Ivan Bolvoka who is General Field Marshall over all Armies.

    The plan will be implemented over the coming weeks, this is March of 1800 and the weather is improving so we can have our Labor Secretary Anatoli Simolov increase roadway and railroad projects.

    This will be most pleasing as we prepare a staunch resistance for our future defenses!

    Pictured below is one of our first meetings
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      Napoleanic News Chapter Three

      We in Russia have heard rumors of a new dictator that has risen to power from the peoples of France. His name has been shared as Napoleon Bonaparte, a small man in stature but possessing grandiose aspirations.

      I have sent a special courier forth to gather intelligence as to what Russia may gain or quite possibly lose by dealing with this person.

      Apparently dealings in a very volatile political and economical environment such as we have spreading across Europe has caused many countries to seek military alliances. Rumors of our northwestern neighbor, Prussia aligning with our southern neighbor the Ottomans against the Spaniards.

      Then to the north across the sea Sweden has agreed with the Ottoman Empire to wage war against Spain as well.

      Our western neighbors, Austria have in turn signed with Spain to defeat the Swiss, which now brings a fragile border zone that must be defended staunchly and without reservation.

      The might British, a powerful Empire ruling the sea has lined up with Prussia against Spain as well.

      I have been sent a correspondence from Ferdinand of Spain, seeking a mutual protection act as well as a Right of Passage.

      I can see this would cause serious implications that we are not prepared to face as of this time. I decline and send them on their way. This would certainly not be in our best interests, short term or long term.

      Napoleon and his French countrymen have requested map trade, so as to explore territorial boundaries and not, as he put it, infringe upon our sovereign territory.

      I agree and this will perhaps buy some time to assess what it is that he is after.

      The British Empire has demanded a territory map as well as a tribute of 100 gold. I agree so as to stall a showdown and even lure them into a false sense of superiority.

      A mount approaches our encampment along the southern border, where we are assessing a proper defense. The rider stops, dismounts and approaches with a sealed message. I read it and am infuriated that Friedrich Wilhelm II has sent an individual to try and spy in our capital. Furthermore Prussia has been attempting to settle within our territory. I ask of the whereabouts of this scoundrel and he has been detained, in stock and chains, awaiting treason execution.

      I order him held, 100 lashes on a bare back in the Red Square and left on display. This must be known what will happen to spies.

      As we head our teams back northward word arrives of the completion of our Forbidden Palace in Bryansk. This is good for the overall welfare of our people.

      I meet with my highest-ranking General, Field Marshall Ivan Bolvoka and order him to close the Prussian border. He in turn alerts General of the mounts to send double quick three armies in preparation.

      This is where it will start, with Prussia. One would think they would have not tested a new ruler in such an underhanded way. They will now feel the full resolve of a measured response.

      September 1800 has come to pass and another winter will be setting in. Our two edge sword will most certainly help us, that being the bitter cold winters, hard on our people and even harsher on enemies not prepared to face the Siberian cold winds that swoop down and envelop our lands.

      Below is a local artist renditionof the culprits awaiting sentencing

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        Napoleanic News Chapter Four

        As my high council of military leaders joins me, I offer some wisdom from my great grandfather Czar Trollstoy.

        “As we rule Russia, so goes our success. My great grandfather taught me to be in the ship’s wheelhouse during a storm, guiding past dangerous rocks and coastal debris, ever mindful closing ones eyes only protects one from the impending danger of sight loss, not deliverance from the event. We must be focused for surely many a twist and perilous plot is afoot in Europe. We must not be taken in by the beauty of the harlot, the smell of perfume always covers the stench of a whore and the whore is France I say unto you this date. Her pimp is Napoleon and he is jumping from bed to bed as a whore in a seaport does for the sailor with the gold.”

        I hear of the latest alliances that are reported to me, France and Spain have sided against the Ottoman Empire.

        Then we have Austria and France against the British Empire, and I tell you this France is laying a trap on the Prize of Russia, Austria has not the capacity to resist the full weight of Britain. France will feign over extension and allow the Hounds of Hell to be released upon the Austrians, and then we will deal with them Brits.

        I have agreed upon an embargo against the Swedish people along side the Austrians.

        Again Napoleon has asked the Austrians to take part in a Battle against the Ottomans at the very moment they are in war with the British, what mad man is this Napoleon? I tell you, he is playing people and our wits as well as our might surely must be with us.

        Prussia has demanded we remove troops from their now expanded border. I shall agree for now and son we will have several brigades in that very area to settle down.

        Austria is either blinded or has been forced somehow into a mutual protection pact with Napoleon.

        “Here it is January in the year 1801 and snow has set in and the Siberian cold freezes everything it touches, except the hearts and souls of the leadership we have. In the spring we will be moving many more forces forward to be ready for the Prussians. I say we close them off and if need be we shall move on them by summer.” As I pause I finish with “Send a message to Prussia, kill the Spy and the wench he was in bed with, cut their heads off and send them both tied to a mule back across the border, for they will know we shall in like style cut the heads off any oppressors to the sanctity and future of Russia.
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          Napoleanic News Chapter Five

          The cold winter has brought forth a renewed commitment by my General Staff. We assess what new alliances have been inked and Prussia has sided with the Ottoman Empire against France. This will keep Napoleon’s attention for a fortnight deciding which direction to throw his forces at. Then Austria, our neighbor we shall try to keep as a friend rather than foe has joined Spain in a war with Prussia. This could not have been better timing for we are readying our forces to also attack Prussia.

          We establish three new settlements, which have given us sovereign right to this unclaimed land between Austria and Prussia. In the valleys we stage 11 Army Corp, ready to strike on Mounted Cossacks, sweeping around the hills at Prussia in a swift surprise attack. This of course would be suicide against a defensive settlement without our Grand Batteries of Artillery we have set high upon the hills in the tree line.

          This preparation has been calculated to cause minimal involvement in the many alliances near our borders. Swedfen once again approaches us and asks for an economic sanction against France, to which we deny. We will soon I reason, tangle with France but first we must secure lands to travel on and set up troop staging areas.

          Not a surprise at all, the Swedish Government signs with the Ottoman Empire a mutual protection pact. The British also sign with the Ottoman Empire the same. The Ottomans may be setting up for a push against Austria or even our southern Flanks. We have ample troops guarding and should be able to fend off any wheel-end maneuver that comes our way.

          November 1801 we attack with full force and seize Prussia’s port city of Konigsberg. It was a tough fight and cost us dearly but having taken command we now are within two days march of also seizing Danzig. In addition, we seized 455,000 pounds of gold and found 6 unattended to Grand Batteries. This will give a most precious toehold on the coastal waters for support and a potential show down with the Swedish people should they so chose any acts of aggression.

          I have ordered all cities to double quickly send their available troops and to draft citizens to help defend our border settlements. These conscripts will work hand in hand with veteran and seasoned Jaeger’s, Guards and Musketeers. A mighty Force is being assembled for Mother Russia and the pride is replacing the fear and anxiety our people once knew.

          Below a scene from our most recent conquest of the Prussian Port City of Konigsberg
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            Napoleanic News Chapter Six

            Our costal defense are not up to acceptable standards so we have enlisted Russian kite fliers to play during the fall and spring along the shores where the winds are bristling and frolicking families draw little attention to the color of the kites that are changing. We have kites of different sizes and shapes and colors to alert the number of ships and direction they are headed. In the winter the children play with snowmen to not alert anyone of suspicious activity but to blend into the countryside. Outposts manned will see when children play in one sector or another, which means a particular signal. It is January 1802 and the children alerted quickly a ship approaching with a few skilled saboteurs. As they landed and crept ever so silently along the frozen beaches our men above manning Grand Batteries were able to get the drop on them and we stopped them cold.

            These were wise Prussian veteran troops that picked an area set as a trap by our coastal defensive General of the Battalions Peter Asimov. He deliberately set a trap for a soft target of opportunity and the Prussians fell for it, this time.

            They would have been successful in setting up an embarkation point, an observation spot to alert of our troop movement as well as sabotaging many Grand Batteries behind the line. Instead they died a horrific death for no return. They missed life and celebrations with their troops for thwarting efforts by Russian madmen. What they missed in addition was a massive column line staggered headed for a showdown at Danzig.

            During the blinding, driving snow and ice storm of the last week in December 1801 Prussian troops huddled inside their walls near burning fires as crack Russia loyalists helped move troops and supplies through valleys to the southeast sector of Danzig and before this movement was detected, Grand Batteries opened up a section of sparsely defended city wall. This wall you see, to be properly defended, would have put the troops faced in this unbearable storm path and the wrath of its relentless wind.

            Eight of Russia’s most seasoned Armies swept through the howling wind while continual bombardment softened the outer defenses. Prussia has now yielded two strategic ports on the northern sea. What is the thinking with Prussia as we again seize a huge cache of gold.

            Russia will now build up a force to sweep down upon Stettin to the south. Prussia will properly defend I am sure but I have ordered 50 Grand Batteries and 50 Jaegers and Guard units along with an additional 2 Armies to accompany as many Cossack’s as I can muster up.

            I am so very proud of the people’s spirits that have labored in the cold and done their part to bring forth supplies such as ammunition and food for not only the men but also the animals and beasts. Logistically speaking we are at the current forefront of our advance before overextending ourselves. This would cause a breach in our spearhead. This would be then beginning of the end for our thrust into the hearts and wills of those that would oppress our way of life. This I will not allow to happen.

            Pictured below is the siege of Danzig by Russian Artist Yuri Damlopiv
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              wow well done mate
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                Grandpa Troll, I'm really liking this story, short sweet segments and pictures... ROCK ON!
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                  Will be seeing any more of this one mate?
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                    Originally posted by Paddy the Scot
                    Will be seeing any more of this one mate?
                    I do believe this one was burned down after a surprise and devastating attack

                    sad, very sad indeed
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                      ahh well that be a real shame

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