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  • The Last Hurrah...

    I have always enjoyed the stories written by others here and have been inspired to try my hand at one. I hope you all enjoy it. The following is Part I of the story, if you all like it I will post more. If not, then don't be afraid to tell me! Thanks.

    --General Order No. 482-4: Main Assault forces, as well as support forces, will be placed within striking distance of the coast of England. In the event of war breaking out between England and Persia these forces will immediately commence hostilities by attacking strategic resources, luxuries, and any cities the individual unit commanders believe weak enough to be taken with an acceptable loss of life. Engagements with enemy field units are to be avoided at all costs, unless the individual unit commander believes that the odds of success far outweigh the odds of failure.--

    When the order was given, war between mother Persia and England was expected any day. It was a good plan. When the hostilities began Persian Galleons would begin to land their troops, musketeers, cannons, and the core of the assault force, legions of crack cavalry. The war failed to materialize, but the order stayed on the books, just in case. As the years passed, the ships maintained their vigils. Years turned into decades, and technologies changed. Galleons were replaced with transports, musketeers with riflemen, and eventually infantry. In the heart of the Persian empire, the crack legions of cavalrymen were replaced by new rumbling machines called “tanks”. In fact, the only cavalry left in front line service were three companies on board one of the transports off the southeastern coast of England.

    Colonel Alexander Jacobs stared at the war map laid out in front of him and wondered why bad things happened to good people. “General, with all do respect, you have got to be joking!?!” He asked with a hint of alarm creeping into his voice.

    “No Alex, I’m not…” responded General Arash. He was a good man, swarthy and of medium height. He was also an excellent General. At this moment, the Generals fine record and prestige mattered very little to Alexander as the urge to murder was beginning to creep into his veins. “General Order 482-4 calls for your units to be deployed along the English coast. We feel the best location will be here along this ridgeline. It runs from the coast to deep inside the English interior. Your units can move along this ridge and utilize its defensive advantages.”

    Alexander’s shoulders slumped as he responded “But General, that order is over 150 years old! My “units” are nothing but three companies of antiquated Cavalry! We can’t be expected to make any real contribution here. At best, we can expect to run into enemy riflemen, much less the infantry they have. There are rumors that they have these new damnable tanks. We will be slaughtered on the beaches and you know it, General.”

    The General let out a heavy sigh, “Alex, this is not my decision. The orders for you all to go in come from the high command. They do not want you to engage in field actions. Instead, they want you to get behind the lines, pillage their resources, and tear up their roads. Your troopers are fast; use your speed to your advantage. You will be dropped well away from the main landings…look it’s the best I can do…”

    Alexander knew there was no point in arguing further, “Well, do we at least have an exit strategy, sir?”
    The General hung his head in silence…

    Alexander knew what the silence meant and his heels clicked with his salute, “Very well sir, the men will do their best.”

    “Good hunting, Colonel Jacobs…” and as Alexander walked out the General added softly “…and God’s speed.”

    End of Part I
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    Should be interesting to see what the outdated units can manage if they're called into action. Has a war now been declared?
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      All that comes out in the next section. I should have some more to post by the end of the business day.
      Texas is the greatest country in the world!

      Historical Rants and Philosophical Dilemmas


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        Thats a great starter youve written, as Jeremy says this should be an interesting story from an interesting perspective

        You have my attention so keep it coming
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          Bring it on
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