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America in a New World: Chapter One

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  • America in a New World: Chapter One

    I awoke and found myself looking at some very dense, cold fog, shrouding many objects in the distance. I then noticed a small body of water and when I looked to the area the sun was rising from and saw a huge massive expanse of water.

    Well, we are not going to rule the ages by looking at the landscape, wit, please forgive my poor manners, I am Uncle Sammy Jones, leader and soon founder of what I will call America.

    “Bob, please help me set this set of branches so we may have some shelter tonight” I called to Bob Jones a very hard worker, whom had ended up here with several others and me. We started on our first settlement and called it Washington, mostly because the water from the larger body of water would come over the dunes and wash of the stones and give us a place to wash our clothes and also to cook our food, which, by the way, we needed to find. Washington or Washingstone, either way we were officially here, wherever this was.

    I left Bob in charge and left to scout out what the area had to yield for our survival.

    I pondered what direction to go and then just put one foot in front of the other.

    Bob Jones watched Uncle Sammy leave then commenced to clean a pathway so he could walk and not stumble. He cleared some underbrush and then noticed a stream, which he saw some fish in. He knew he could catch the fish easier by diverting a small catch basin for the water and then maybe the fish would just come to him.

    He heard someone walking over the dunes and it was Garland Jones. He was glad Garland had also made it. Together they both worked hard and before long had successfully diverted some small fish to eat for dinner.

    They both noticed some hills not to far away and decided to acquire some rocks, which took some time to dislodge, but they would make an excellent hearth pit.

    Washington was starting to take shape. Soon yet another worker joined them, this was Trevor Jones. He was very innovative and quickly went to clearing the trees and soon there was an abundance of wood, enough that soon another settlement could be started.

    Uncle Sammy was so busy scurrying about and almost didn’t see a small chest beneath a tree. He opened the lid and inside was some pieces of dried bark, what he determined to be hieroglyphics of some earlier tribe and he determined they were learning ceremonial burial, to honor a great chief or leader perhaps. This was important to remember ones heritage and roots so Uncle Sammy took the small chest and carried it back toward Washington.

    A wise hunter known as Uncle Artimus soon joined the busy workers at Washington where he was impressed to see how this band of workers had built up the settlement so quickly. He knew how to scout so he went off along to dunes in the opposite direction of where Uncle Sammy had gone.

    Uncle Artimus went back over the dunes and as he reached the top he met up with a rugged individual that stood six foot 5 inches, known as Deacon Jones. They shook hands and Deacon went to Washington where all agreed he should be the watch over the camp from wild animals and any visitors we may encounter.

    Uncle Artimus found a dead log and inside there was some bark, with direction on how to make some primitive weapons, and he pondered how this group of workers could become warriors but he trusted this would help bond a code for them to defend by.

    As the days passed and both scouts returned each evening, cheers went up before dusk at the end of a fortnight, set in as a second settlement, known as New York in humor to Bob and this one stone he was drawn to. York was a place Bob had dreamed of and spoke of and since he headed up the building it only seemed appropriate he be involved in the naming. It ended up having some yellow hard substance, which quickly was identified as gold.
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    America In A New World: Chapter Two

    “Bob, I think we have enough wood cut here to maybe build another settlement, what cha think?” hollered Garland.

    Bob was listening but watching a few more people approaching. He pointed off to the dunes are and saw several approaching. Garland waved to get Bob’s attention but Bob smiled and answered gently “Garland, take the new men and start that settlement, strike out south please and watch your steps, I just split my toe on some of them jagged rocks!”

    Garland approached the group and introduced himself and led one of the new men Ken Wertz to the south. They hit it off and after an hour or so they found a nice hill to start clearing. They felt it appropriate and called in Boston for a combination between Bob Jones and the stones he had twice injured his toes on.

    Working hard they noticed very limited ground to farm on so they knew this would need a granary for stocking food necessities in. Garland headed back toward Washington and found that workers would be needed to clear the pathway to Boston in order to hurry the settlement to completion from the elements.

    In the meantime Bob took several of the new workers and founded another settlement known as Philadelphia, Phileo for Brotherly a Greek word and more fitting could it not be!

    He saw a large stature of a man in the group and asked him to head up security for this coastal settlement. The man, Bull McMasters readily agreed.

    This new land known as America was really growing and soon Cletus Hazzard came from the settlement of New York and joined in Boston’s path clearing efforts. All this wood was really helping and soon several more settlements would take shape. Over the next 5 weeks supplies were gathered and a group of workers found a herd of tusked warthogs and slaughtered several and penned up the rest. The tusk horns we were to find out soon could be used to communicate between settlements, a brilliant idea!

    Almost four months later Tuskegee, Jonestown and Back Bay were formed. Two cooks by trade, Mort Saltz and Pepper Smith stayed close to Jonestown and helped work out some meals with the game we could find. Hollis Younger felt he had a good eye and strong back so he took control over Back Bay and kept watch. He was eager and well, felt he could do a tough job watching over all that water we were vulnerable to should someone slip in.

    In nearly a years time we then founded Pike Peak and Valley Hill. Hank North was working hard on the clearing of the hillside between Valley Hill and Pikes Peak, rugged terrain it was. Timothy Thyme showed up and joined the cooking crew so we could feed all these hungry workers.

    Bob walked about and noted the high spirits of the brethren and new we would have to prepare to depart this Island as we were growing such that soon land would be inhabited and to be strong, one must survive and thrive and only by expanding could this take place. He wandered toward Tuskegee and saw a man from a distance working the hills. He hadn’t met this one; over 6’5” was he. The man heard him approach and struck his hand out quickly, “Names T Bone Williams, what’s yours?” Bob introduced himself and they set to talking about making what T Bone called a mine, which could go into the hills and surely find valuable resources. Bob knew he had a crew to rule the world but who was else here?
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      America In A New World: Chapter Three

      Workers were now arriving frequently enough that our America was really growing and spreading far and wide. Soon our land would be full on settlements and could support wherever we explore next.

      We have some very clever workers here that recently joined, including Charles R. Iver over in Boston. He seems good with the irrigation details; maybe he can somehow help with a river or stream to spread water throughout the settlements.

      Then we have Nevil Ogelsby and Bo Jenkins, two complete opposites working side by side on the path-clearing task between Back Bay and Houston.

      Granaries have been completed in half dozen settlements and perhaps we can save enough food in case harsher weather overtakes us.

      Our home settlement and also our cultural center, Washington, we have found it good to build a Temple. This will give our workers a place to pay homage to our Lord and creator.

      As we grow stronger we all put together ideas on how to survive. I have asked several of the defender Corps to come up with some simple defensive training and we will train in a barracks that each settlement will construct so that any workers or sojourners may be prepared at a moments notice to keep what we have constructed.

      Two of the spearmen we have trained are Scotty O’Halloran and Trunk Oakhurst; his size gives away why we call him Trunk. They have agreed to go and assist in training new defender Corp members. They take Arthur Yost under their wing first as he will defend the peninsula on the western coast at Valley Hill. Deron Rochester has the south at Port Royal and he will assist should any invader come calling.

      I hear a shout from near Port Royal as some workers have found in a tree they were clearing away, scrolls of bark detailing how to navigate the waters off Port Royal and Valley Hill. It is good we have discovered this map-making secret.

      I have summonsed several older and wiser workers and have asked we set up a chain of command. Indeed several men to over see various areas of responsibility.

      We will meet tonight after supper to discuss how the rule should be set forth. This should or couldn’t take long one would think. Time will tell.
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        America In A New World: Chapter Four

        This new land known as America has so flourished that growth means stability but separation of authority from a voice of common vote to that of a branch leadership.

        The city growth nearly complete, design of 2 floating craft has been undertaken. These craft are not very strong no sturdy enough to sustain a very long or arduous trip in the rough sea waters, but they can however make small trips in coastal calmer waters.

        The very first commissioning was that from Back Bay, aptly named Back Bay Liner. She set sail with Uncle Sammy Jones and Defender Corp trainer Hollis Younger out looking for what possibilities we could encounter.

        Several opportunities arose for excellent city placement, easily defended and rich in resources to sustain themselves. But this was not going to help us grow any stronger so all efforts in New York were made to finish the Temple to worship in so laborers could also concentrate efforts on a sea vessel. This was done and the second transport was commissioned the Freedom Float 1. This was manned first by Uncle Artimus Jones and Earl Arbuckle, Sgt of the new Defender Corp of Maine.

        America’s first offshore settlement came with the establishment of Isle of Hope and this was a great lookout point between the America mainland and the new un-chartered territory, which soon would be called Maine.

        Laborers from mainland America were ferried across a narrow channel, which was found very easy to navigate with the frail craft. In no time several new cities were up and running.

        So fast was the growth that soon two of our founding fathers were promoted to run Maine, with Uncle Artimus Jones assuming the lead as Governor and Uncle Sammy Jones as his Lt. Governor.

        The governor and his Lt. Felt necessary was a militia to defend the new territory in case any hostiles arrived. Word was sent back to mainland America and soon Maynard Yankee was nominated and accepted the position of Maine Corp Colonel. The first order of business he decided to do was request 3 companies of archers, a new militia unit being trained that used bows and arrows and could strike any threats before they arrived near.

        Many settlements worked hard either creating archery weaponry or helping train new recruits where possible. Workers cleared pathways and helped mine hills and mountains for metals to use on the arrow tips. The branches of trees cut down could be used as arrows shafts and animal’s tusks were great bows.

        Maine was certainly taking shape. Reports were that some animals that could be ridden, Horse as they were called, roamed this new land.

        Supplies were being sent along with workers to help stimulate Maine’s growth.

        After nearly a year 5 new settlements had taken shape along the east-facing coast.

        Now mainland America would need to set up a council to oversee support and also govern its own self. Since mainland America was indeed senior to our new land of Maine, many new in their hearts that it should only have one to lead America.

        This will happen soon and with that winter was set in and America was going to come out of a harsh season with new hope, hope of a strong nation built on strong values.
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          America in a New World: Chapter Five

          America the beautiful, America the brave! America the organized as President elect Bob Jones took office and was joined by the peoples council select choice for Vic President Ken Shamrock.

          President Jones now has to make some very deliberate choices and the first comes from his Maine Governor Artimus Jones who tells of a group known a the Spaniards. They are a very proud people and not liken to nosy neighbors.

          I set a time and place and with all concerned we hash out a short term and long term plan. Lt Governor Sammy Jones has met up with a local outcast by the name of Spanglesh Bob and he is a very brave warrior who pledges to help our new America get set up and shows the Lt Governor around.

          We decide after looking at a crude map of the area, to build a ring between Maine and Spain, plainly an area that we need to defend heavily. Word is sent to me that some workers have built a device on wooden cart wheels that could hurl stones a very long distance, and I asked the leader designer what he called this, he paused, scratched his chin and smiled, “Well, ya put the rocks in this basket and ya roll it upon a mound for better height and then you knock this wedge out, I think Rock & Roll 1 since it is out first”

          We agreed to send it to the front line, Fort Kent near Spain’s border.

          Then we smoked some tobacco and I announced what some local natives taught us. It involved special training of horses and great warriors, which we came up with as Calvary, well actual mounted Calvary. In honor of these natives we called this training place the Statue of Zeus, and although we bow down to no graven image, we do try to respect our new friends.

          In the coming months we send forth Sage Brush, Clod Stomper, Thunder Hoof and Maine’s mount all of which head to be assigned to Fort Kent.

          We now have made contact with the Aztecs and have decided a gesture of trade in accepting Polytheism for our advancement of currency by which we gauge our goods trade value.

          This seems to delight their leader Montezuma and maybe we can get better acquainted with them as well.

          Spain however I sense we need to prepare for an inevitable war. I commit my homeland archer's to be reassigned to Maine and double quick be sent forth to be prepared for an assault should one be provoked.

          The Incans we meet with are not afraid of us, which is good and walk amongst our front line smiling. I may ask Maynard Yankee to decide what would be the best cours eto stop this short of an act of war.

          I bid Maine’s delegation goodbye and assure them we will send support as often as possible. Even as we speak more settlements are being established and support workers sent.

          Peace now seems a distant memory, our security is being threatened and we cannot have that, even a small veiled threat shall not be ignored nor taken lightly.
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            America In A New World: Chapter Six

            In Maine where the new settlements have taken root, our new neighbors seem clear on keeping to themselves with the exception of Spain. This has caused quite a stir and also prompted Maine’s Corp Defenders to arise as well as an elite group of horsemen to subsidize the S O Z Division being trained in mainland America. This new group will be known as Raider’s Riders, and is the brainchild of Maynard Yankee.

            Mainland America has trained and outfitted over 50 archers whom have gathered at the foot of Fort Kent on the Spanish front. Maine Governor Artimus Jones, with President Bob Jones approval and blessing, undertook final preparation for the assault.

            In the meantime, on mainland America, through reading of some ancient writings, a second council chambers known to Spanglesh Bob only as the Forbidden Palace, was constructed. This would allow us a place to be holding meetings alternate to our normal council chamber, to keep anyone from following our moves.

            The hard workers whom built Rock & Roll 1 have completed a device known as a trebuchet and we will try to send in to Maine to assist in its security.

            Spain has noticed our buildup and now demands gold tribute plus our removal from its territory.

            The message is sent and with no wavering in our resolve, and with a few brave companies of archers we have taken over and occupied Zaragoza. Losses were numbered at 400 and this is a sad but expected price to pay.

            The Spanish were not prepared to be over run and while that attack was underway, a second, third and fourth wave were approaching Toledo.

            This battle cost our archers 4 platoons and wounded 3 others before our Calvary waded into their midst and occupied Toledo.

            Spain was now on its heels and our Raider’s Riders along side SOZ attack Calvary desolated and burned to the ground Valladolid Spain.

            Our troops are advancing double quick to reinforce the new settlements we now possess.

            A Volcano has also erupted near Toledo and this has some of our men concerned. I send some advisors to calm them.

            I will set forth further expansion plans now that Spain is busy defending its borders.

            America will not be intimidated and will be a strong military leader.
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              America In A New World: Chapter Seven

              Reports come in from Fort Kent and even occupied Spanish settlements now under our control of desperation and confusion caused by Maine’s attack en masse over a wide swath. Spain is not prepared and thus now finds itself massing disorganized bands or sporadic attacks, none effective enough to disturb America’s assimilation efforts.

              Governor Jones now has a larger force than America can support and has requested President Jones cease training troops and concentrate on the re-supply of existing troops.

              A source of iron has been located which will help us immensely. Our government form has taken that of Feudal warlords and so far we seem to be faring well. We are sending supplies also to northward positions as a forward positioned archer at a pass directly between Maine’s unchartered northern frontier and the southern Aztec region sees some Aztec troops.

              Our first efforts will be to position a strong garrisoned force to give pause to Spain’s counter offensive.

              Spain has assembled a decent force by now on the hills outside Toledo and casualties are slightly more than minimal before we can get them under control and take them out.

              Mainland America has worked hard and is now shipping two more Trebuchets, one name Screaming Eagle for the pain from above it will send and the second Trebuchet is named Flatiron as whatever load it launches will crush its target like that of a cooking flatiron.

              In addition, our knowledge of machinery has grown such through cooperative efforts and the resourcefulness of Spanglesh Bob, we have undertaken a large workshop project, and have named it after a great leader known to have traveled in a kingdom far away, Leonardo The Magnificent. This workshop should be completed in less than a years time and will increase our effectiveness at producing weapons and such.

              Word has arrived of a Spanish delegate demanding peace and the delivery of our President Bob Jones. Lt. Governor Sammy Jones has been delegated the point of any diplomatic talks and of course refuses but does agree to a straight up peace treaty. The Spanish lead delegate agrees and we stand down on the border but continue to send support troops in case of a sly Spanish ploy.

              Maynard Yankee diverts two thirds of all remaining troops to the northern area as increased Aztec interest has shown some concerns for our settlements.

              One of our Archers is approached by an Aztec and sends a message that if we do not deliver up rations of food and some gold nuggets of substantial worth, they will reign down upon us.

              Lt. Governor Sammy Jones send a message that we deal not with demands and thus any détente is without a question, impossible at this time.

              This is meant with a resounding thud as our warrior falls dead in his tracks from a silent killer arrow from an unknown location and assailant. The arrow however had war feathers from the Aztec headdress.

              It is a good thing we are geared up for this military awareness state.

              Maine is a great area to have chosen to develop but a lot of volcanic activity of which we must be ever on guard against its destructive path.

              The SOZ has been such help, without it, we could not have been as successful in our Spanish Campaign.
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                America In ANew World: Chapter Eight

                Spain is a bit indignant but nonetheless we have been able to maintain a shaky peace treaty, for now. Spain however shall find out that we do not appreciate them moving in settlements and cutting our expansion efforts off.

                The acquired Spanish settlement efforts remain well defended but our efforts for a strong Maine have had to shift to the Mars Hill area where indeed Spain has offered or at least not steered the Aztec troop movement from flooding in. We have had many attacks over the spring season, with The First Battle of Mars Hill quite a well-organized onslaught. Three Medieval Infantry companies attacked the western settlement proper while five regiments of archers climbed the hills and a platoon of Jaguar Warriors hit and hit hard. Mars Hill lost several archer companies and some supplies.

                The second Battle of Mars Hill saw three Medieval Infantry companies and four Archer regiments fought like rabid dogs but our troops defended well.

                The third Battle of Mars Hill nearly cost our settlement with six Medieval Infantry Companies kept up the heat along with a few platoons of Jaguar Warrior’s, leaving us with only two Long Bowman platoons defending.

                Maynard Yankee has gotten a message through to the Spanish front and 8 Divisions of Mounted Calvary came double quick and was prepared to stop this insanity at first light.

                The Fourth Battle of Mars Hill, and these battle have taken place over a short 3-month period, was a turning point for Maine and the American people. The first Calvary Division known as Maine’s Mount took heavy nearly critical losses against several Medieval Infantry companies. Then came Prancer’s Division and while injured took out a swath of Medieval Infantry.

                Bucks Edge and Azz Kikkah division also had similar results but Main now has gotten the upper edge. Spain’s Pain Division was promoted to veteran status after surprising several sneaky Medieval Infantry companies. Three remaining Calvary Division, Yankee Pride, Warhorse and Thunder Hoof all supported and kept Mars Hill’s honor in tact.

                An Incan entourage has brought knowledge and we agreed to exchange.

                Governor of Maine Artimus Jones tried unsuccessfully to negotiate a trade with Spain. Once we get situated we may need to acquire more territory.
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                  America in a New World: Chapter Nine

                  America proper along with its explored colony project of Maine, which is fighting for its existence, has soon to indulge in a crash course of policy unto foreign whores. It would appear the Aztec and Spanish people live unto a different code then we do. I wish we could get along; the battles we enter often give little hope of a peaceful future let alone present times.

                  The Bloody Battle of Mars Hill has spread forth unto the Fields of Alemaria. Alemaria was settled in a common ground between Spain and our Western territories. The Aztec’s are taking the battle to us and we, having peace with Spain, are fighting at the farmlands of Spain with not as much as a hello or may I offer help.

                  Through the winter of 54 and following to the spring of ’55, an alarming number of Maine’s bravest archers faced formidable and somewhat unstoppable forces from the Aztec people group.

                  Then news from America proper that our Jonestown has finished a project known as Leo’s Workshop, where quicker weapons and support staff could be produced at a mere fraction of the cost. This will help outfit our troops and with some good fortune, survive a fragile existence.

                  A plan is now underway and hopefully, soon, peace and prosperity shall inhabit Maine and America proper.

                  The winters seem colder with the nights longer. The autumns are seemingly shorter and summers hotter, is there no relief in sight for our people?

                  Time will tell, if we will continue to survive.
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                    thanks Gramps

                    more please
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                      America In A New World: Chater Ten

                      War has been costly on many fronts for our country. The morale and anxiety level’s of the people of Maine’s Aroostook Frontier having risen to such that a delegation was formed and a charter drawn up to present to the Aztecs.

                      This charter would attempt to stop the bloody battles which have cost our nations too many lives and have been detrimental and non productive for all parties involved.

                      The Aztecs have agreed in principle and an order to stand down on the border was given, the troops now have Spain and The Aztecan people group at the very least, slowed down.

                      This was also a time that we sought and claimed new yet unsettled land to put base camps and outposts in. 10 builders groups escorted by a small defensive contingency struck out in different directions. We had been preparing for this for some time as workers cut a pathway through the mountain ranges to go to a new body of unknown water.

                      The Maine people rejoiced as new brethren came to help with their future survival.

                      In 1690 the Aztec Peace accord was formalized. Our troops were given orders to be cautious but not over reactive to wanderings of the Aztec or Spanish people. This was left to local militia to determine with their commanders if any defensive measures need be implemented.

                      Meanwhile, back in America Proper, developers working hard have completed a mighty training facility. Young, brave warriors whom graduate shall be known through out the land as Crusaders.

                      Crusaders have been assigned to go forth as Spain does not seem likely to honor any long-term peace treaty.

                      Our Knight, Calvary and Crusaders will head to a newly named territory, Aroostook County, by which all will know, as this will be the staging area to cut Spain off at the knees when the time is right.
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                        America In A New World: Chapter Eleven

                        There is nothing to be ashamed of and a lot to be grateful for in our quest to establish our commitment for survival in this harsh and unforgiving land. The peace process with Spain, fragile but being held together with faith, feudal warriors at the ready and a constant reminder in the graveyards that hold the skeletal remains of our fallen heroes, is standing the test of both time and temperance. Perhaps Spain will be unprepared for what our long-term peace process really offers.

                        A secret meeting was held and President Bob Jones from America proper outlined what we need to achieve to make this work. The sea is boxing us in to the South and East. Then we have our neighbors whom would sooner have our heads mounted on stakes then watch us maneuver into their homelands.

                        “I am glad we could be together, let us dispense with the pleasantries, I have a couriers rendition of what was told to us by a drunkard Spanish attaché’ while on an economic summit, he has told us that Spain is working on a seafaring armada to first choke us then to bleed us dry” proclaimed a very stern sounding President Jones.

                        “The question has not ever been if but when we go back to war with Spain.” Pausing he takes a deep solemn breathe. Before continuing, “That time is rapidly approaching brethren. I have asked Maynard Yankee to brief us on a contingency plan. He has met with Maine’s provincial Governor Artimus Jones and Lt Governor Sammy Jones and this is what he has come up with and I would ask after the briefing to hear any suggestions of loopholes we may have missed.”

                        President Jones sat down, leaned forward in his seat, motioning Maynard Yankee, our Corp Defender to speak.

                        “Thank you Mr. President” started Maynard,” We have sent 15 Calvary Divisions North Eastward to the Incan border. We have identified an area we will settle in and continually reinforce with our able bodied Pikeman defenders. In addition, our newest weapon for war, our Crusaders, is now in the hills southwest of Mars Hill and we have 7 Corp being built up. This in addition to the troops already in place now. A few units are sparsely defending the Northeast as we feel the Mayan people mean no ill will. Mr. President, I will allow you the diplomatic overview. In closing, we have citizens helping our logging and land clearing divisions so that our pathways are readily able to resupply forward posts.”

                        President Jones spoke once again, “I have agreed with the Mayan delegates for the knowledge of Theology, we will in turn send our innovative technology and 12 gold per month for the next 20 months. This will allow us to slowly reinforce that area while having some sort of open relationships. The Aztec’s however wanted to hold us hostage for 960 gold, 3 trunks worth mind you”, pausing slamming his fist on the table in an uncharacteristic display of passionate outburst” to which I most assuredly declined, for some knowledge they possess of education.”

                        “Gentlemen, I leave you with this decree, Spain shall regret the plans for our demise as sure as I stand here, our resources will be depleted before I stop the Gauntlet toward Spain” and with that President Jones ask a blessing upon his people.

                        America and its favorite Son, Maine will now prepare for a Crusade against Spain. This shall test the mettle of our people’s resolve.
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                          America In A New World: Chapter Twelve

                          Maynard Yankee met with all his Calvary Division Commanders. He met with his Archer Battalions. He met with his Medieval Infantry leaders and then the dreaded Crusaders, the Pride of Maynard Yankee’s assault forces. He showed a map outlay and outlined the gauntlet, which appeared to be a fist shape assault, a fist with fingers spread open and fully extended. This way we could trap Spain by splitting its Kingdom and dividing supply routes. Furthermore, some valuable national Spanish Treasure was up for the offing.

                          All this was coming to a boiling point, but first we would need settling with the Aztec People Group. Governor Artimus Jones decided to avoid a conflict with Aztecan Lord Montezuma by adding a border guard and basically shutting the travel habits down for the time being.

                          A demand came from Montezuma for a treasure chest of 100 gold medallions. This was an easy choice for we would surely lose much more in a conflict.

                          The Iroquois were contented with our borders so now left us the Incans, which were too far away for any immediate threats.

                          Maynard Yankee set forth and made his camp at Mars Hill. He sent the courier with the flag to the highest point on the Hills surrounding this settlement.

                          The signal came; first strikes were carried out on workers in the fields and then a demand for Spain to offer up a large coffer of gold, which was of course denied.

                          Thirty-one Archer Battalions came swooping out of the mountains catching off guard the Barcelonan defensive Brigades. Barcelona fell and then the Calvary and Knights division chased a multitude of Spanish Conquistadors, mounted with attack dogs, a very lethal combination. The Crusaders followed and next our American Forces overran and captured the Jewel of Spain’s crown. This would be of course Madrid. The home of the Spanish National Treasure, this settlement housed two breathtaking labors of the Spanish People group. First was an elegant botanical compound known by this people’s group as the Hanging Gardens, a place herbal cures were cultivated for medicinal purposes. The second was a magnificent tall place of worship. These Spaniards called this worship place Las Sistine Chapel. We now held both and it was our hope we could persuade some of the Spaniards to willingly join us freely as workers, not as prisoners or indentured servants.

                          The Gauntlet now had opened a thumb and one finger. The next three fingers extended open with Santiago falling first. Alicante was next followed by Almeria. This continued to live up to its reputation. It was an extremely bloody field when we once battle the Aztec armies and still it took a multitude of American troops.

                          The Gauntlet now fully extended we now will focus on shutting down Spain’s smaller settlements. It is the hope of our nation that we can thwart Spain’s planned devious attack of our country. Time will tell but for sure losing two of their largest settlements has to adversely impact any plans Spain had.
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                            And so it came to pass, America was established and led the young world.

                            Many celebrations and many ceremonial offerings came and went.

                            Memories faded, as all Glory is fleeting, all Glory is Fading.

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                              Thank you Gramps

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