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Czar Troll IV: A New Beginning Chapter One

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  • Czar Troll IV: A New Beginning Chapter One

    I am blessed and I am cursed, all in one moment of time.

    I have been tasked, to not only lead but also guide the birth of our country.

    Where should I go?

    What should I do?

    I believe we should and will therefore take a path of expansion and economics. Russia will indeed have production and yes indeed have its secret society of policing its own, but for now, we will use our neighbors and then later the crème de la crème, victory over our neighbors.

    We are established along a body of water and Moscow takes shape. Workers set forth from our meager beginnings and soon mines, farms and roadways dot our countryside.

    Soon several more cities take root on the straits to the south of the Ottoman Empire, such as it is. This decision was made to thwart carpetbaggers whence we become established. While this path won’t stop them it should slow them somewhat.

    We also find neighbors of Korea and Germany. All three want and we decide to exchange some technology.

    Our workers venture out to work on connecting our cities and hamlets when out of the blue a worker and his family are mauled and beaten to death by an angry Bulgarian Raiding party. I sent a small force of spearmen and dispatched this barbaric nomadic scourge to another eternal station to tend to, death.

    Our land is somewhat decent and now we focus on building up and establishing some sort of border.

    I do hope and will insist on a mutual boundary.

    Is Russia bound to its varied past or can indeed we start a fresh path of existence?

    I hope so.

    Time is the teller of this tale.

    Until next we view the happenings and chronological Cossack happenings.

    I am shown early to be a leader but that would not last
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    Chapter Two

    Time has a way of reminding you not one among us has the power to slow, sway or delay it.

    The neighbors once seemed distant and docile now are knocking upon my doorstep.

    I had eyes on fertile plains, then backing with a multitude of settlements. This too has changed.

    Germany and the Ottoman Empire are increasingly encroaching upon my people and me.

    Our roadwork will expedite the settlers moving onward. Gold mines and shield sources are eyed as well as the resources that make up the future fabric of our lives; they will be eyed and sought after.

    My kingdom grows such that I fear safety without a force to deal with gutsy and belligerent trespassing forces, we could be over run.

    I see how the Germans are seemingly more obligated to the spread of the cities than my folks are. I know that a stirring and swelling within my soul tells me I should not lead but drive my people to prominence.

    I shall find the necessary balance between power yielded and power perceived through power achieved from a few harsh examples for all to see.

    I know and yet am haunted by the demons from the ages. This is clear, as nothing in my life has ever been. I will be firmer. Firmer, well, yes that would be putting it mildly.

    I must convey the passion and dark desire that must consume the Russian drive.

    War is so simple to establish through action, deed or misconception. Misguided actions, actions understood and even innocent acts of aggression fire up the furnace of the unquenchable fury.

    I will move toward building a military and my people will see what I do in my heart.

    The option of second-guessing will be uttered along the begging of an instantaneous burial request.

    My people will know the grave penalty of second-guessing, questioning the motives and needs of Mother Russia.

    To think I had for a moment not known the path as a Russian Leader. This was a mere cloud covering that has passed.

    Today is a time for acceptance.

    Tomorrow is a time of implementation.
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      Chapter Three

      Under new determination and demeanor, my goals will be soon seen by all as clearer.

      We will have to build up and cover all land within our continental area we occupy.

      I know of the locations of three of the other civilizations and think a possibility exists to claim other landmasses offshore of mainland Russia.

      The Ottoman Empire has a few scouts looking our border territory and IU just know they are question our abilities to keep and our abilities to defend these locations.

      I have determined that of immediate concerns would be completing the roadways. These will not only increase our commerce but also cut down on response time for assistance.

      Newer hamlets would need assistance and the larger well-developed cities could do that easier and allow newer locations to work on infrastructure.

      I am intrigued of the thoughts of allying my country for a few seasons with whatever mules will join my team.

      The Germans seem to be a possibility although deep down they regret our land location.

      The Koreans are not of our lineage and may see us as far inferior. The Russians are hard to look at, soul searching that is. We are not shallow nor do we wear our thoughts for all to see.

      The Ottomans would be a very nice acquisition in the future; they would complete a horseshoe defensive stance. The time for peace shall be now.

      I must continue to spread ever so carefully outward and avoid any aggressive actions, for now.

      I will be the consummate Russian leader. I shall not be quick to anger or too quick to be an aggressor. I will be a wolf. Yes, a wolf hunts with cunning, very dangerous when cornered and mostly attacks in packs. A Wolf also has a very deadly den in which only a fool would enter. This will be the message I shall spell out for all to see.
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        Chapter Four

        Russia now makes headway, many new improvements are in place, and settlements surround our landscape.

        The Ottomans do not seem as aggressive as once we thought they might be.

        The Koreans however have approached us on several occasions, the last for a technological advance exchange…they also appeared to want to hold us at with economic knife to our jugular. They demanded 270000 gold whereas we offered a straight exchange and bid them a good day once it was turned down.

        We now possess a few key seaports and hope that we can move toward some sort of seafaring advancements so as to expand in other directions. This will be however a dream if soon we don’t find this to be in our head and heart. The Germans are contented for the time being but for all the opportunities abound, the Ottomans seems to have the most strategic land should we mount a military intervention.

        The reason I would make such a move is because we would possess a great horshoe peninsula. Any other plan would leave our flanks open. Our backs are currently to the sea but our flanks are open.
        I am insisting the Russian labor movement move toward production so that we may mass-produce forces to over rub. My plan is a swift southward movement undetected to the Ottomans and then as we rise rapidly to the north we have reinforcements in our peninsula area as the Ottomans seek cover from our onslaught they will be crushed.

        This is a plan, now to see if it is possible.

        I will gather unto me resources and technology so that when we go, we go all the way.
        Hi, I'm RAH and I'm a Benaholic.-rah


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          more please
          Gurka 17, People of the Valley
          I am of the Horde.


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            well..since ya asked..with a smile!

            Hi, I'm RAH and I'm a Benaholic.-rah


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              Good to see you write another

              Some typos and wrong grammar in there which would benefit from some editing time.

              I think your style which is very much the diary of a leader, needs some pics to show the reader of what you speak

              Hope to see more of this soon
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                Originally posted by ChrisiusMaximus
                Good to see you write another

                Some typos and wrong grammar in there which would benefit from some editing time.

                I think your style which is very much the diary of a leader, needs some pics to show the reader of what you speak

                Hope to see more of this soon
                Ya know what..I got took to task about pic's in my story writings

                but will have a go at it with a few

                I was going along with 40 games when no turns or limited turns coming but past week and a 30+ a day


                as for grammatical content and typo's this is my biggest downfall..I use word but need to, through practice
                back to story soon

                Ill go ask Vanna White..

                Q-May I buy 2 Vowels Vanna?

                A-Y yes Grandpa..what would you like?

                Q-May eye have an I.O.U?

                A-mmm...sure and thanks
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                Hi, I'm RAH and I'm a Benaholic.-rah


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                  Chapter Five

                  I have sent a message to have my cities start building improvements for gold making capabilities.

                  Apparently the Ottomans will not be attending our neighborhood get to know and respect one another barbecue. Our work forces continue to connect as a nice basis of roadways and mines spring forth. The land we once cherished as never-ending now is clouded with encroaching neighbors.

                  I have commissioned three cities to build defensive battalions to deploy forward for protection, as we most certainly will encounter resistance sooner than later.

                  The Koreans and Ottomans seem willing to do a walk about and bring messages to their military commanders and strategic politically ambitious tyrants.

                  Strategic politically ambitious tyrants are exactly what I meant.

                  These noisemakers will try to run roughshod over us.

                  Then it happens, we had a lookout forward in the previously unsettled land to our northeast, the Ottomans settle and use this as an opportunity to strike a pose of muscular superiority.

                  Our people are not yet set up for a major military conflict so we decide to agree to move.

                  The Koreans are probing nd we must secure a flanking force to stop them. I am considering a military action against them if they don’t stop.

                  My people will give of themselves but not to the point of suicide.

                  A naval force is also in the near future. But for now, we shall simply go back to the drawing board.

                  The Ottomans and Koreans, two neighbors that indeed will have a soon unforgettable catered barbecue, not in our neighborhood but their own individual back yards.

                  I know peace has a passionate place in most people’s heart.

                  I however feel if we wipe out a civilization and take their cities we will prove to the world we are not to be taken lightly

                  Now, which will it be the Ottoman Empire or Republic of Korea?

                  That shall have to be answered.
                  Hi, I'm RAH and I'm a Benaholic.-rah


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                    The Ottoman threat which is the beginning of the end for them
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                    Hi, I'm RAH and I'm a Benaholic.-rah


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                      Originally posted by Grandpa Troll
                      well..since ya asked..with a smile!

                      Gurka 17, People of the Valley
                      I am of the Horde.