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How the backwards Aztecs came to rule the world

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  • How the backwards Aztecs came to rule the world

    In 1492, when Colombus was first discovering north America, the natives were two eras behind every one in Europe.
    Jon's one city empire of the Aztecs was no exception.

    But Jon had a secret plan to make the Capital the envy of all, including the Europeans.

    First, two cities were built leading north, to produce Aztec Warriors. This freed the capital to build in succession two of the native wonders.

    Jon would peroidically call up the Euorpeans and other native americans, and find that they often had workers for sale. Jon would buy them and send them immedately to the Temple in the capital to enhance the culture there.

    Occansionly, the Portogese or Spainish would call up demanding gold. Jon would slyly respond "Yes, Mastuh."

    The Mayans lost their minds and declared war on Jon, and Jon responded by annexing half their land.

    This also boosted science and soon the second era was entered.

    Later, the Mayas lost their minds again, and Jon reduced them to a one city state surrounded by the Incans.

    Soon, Jon entered the 3rd era, reaching those techs the Europeans had in 1492 AD. Shortly thereafter, the Europeans all admired the culture in the capital and all demanded that Jon take charge of their empires and build mini-replicas of these wonders in London, Paris, and Madrid.
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    ...sort of like aesops fables... in a strange way... just add a morality line and it'll fit.
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      party on Mighty Jon

      party on
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        I think DC here has summed it up well. It's weird. But it's good.
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          Originally posted by vovan
          I think DC here has summed it up well. It's weird. But it's good.

          Freudian perhaps
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