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    (Anoymous Roman Court History Writter)

    In 350 BC, Jon became the head council of Rome. The first thing he noticed was that the Carthegians were sharing two of the same landmasses and wasn't sharing the local spiece. That could not be tolerated, so he vowed to stay at war with Carthege until one of them was dead. Meanwhile, he heard that Macedoia & Persia had similary declared a strong vendetta.

    Jon immedately explored North and West, met the Celts, established an embassy, and convenced them that Carthage was such a grave threat that the Celts turned over Marsellis and some gold for the privlegege of allying with him.

    Soon, the miliary campaigners captured both cities in Silicy, while another force captured Corscia and Sardina. The combined forces then sailed for Carthage, sacking it to the ground.

    Our military personal then discovered how to sharpen the swords of our legions further, and all legions were upgraded to Legionary II, and sent out towards Spain.

    Meanwhile, the African expedition force split into two parts, sacking cities in each direction.

    When our forces reached southern Spain, the west african expition force was called to join in the attack of Neo Carthage.

    A group of writers in a town in Italy were so inspired by the first victory of Augustus army that they write a heroic epic about it.

    Our Scientists then discovered a further way to sharpen our swords and we upgraded our Legions to Legionary IIIs. We cleared the Carthagians out of Spain and sent them over to North Africa to start the final annalation of the Carthigans. Meanwhile, our eastern African force reached the eastern most Carthagian city.

    Then we found a great person able to build a Forbiden Palace in a single turn, and did so in Neo Carthage.

    Our Scientists then told us about this new form of government called Imperalism. Our citizens then went into anarchy over this, but in only a few decades they calmed down and accepted the Imperalism, which boosted our commerce to levels not since since 100 years after the first attack on Carthage with a Legionary I, elimated unit support costs, and greatly reduced corruption throughout the empire.

    Evenually all armies rounded up the last Carthagians units including their few War Elephants. We then coasted for a while sending forth lots and lots of citizens to found new cities in the empty lands while our miliary units redeployed towards the borders of Macedonia and Egypt. Meanwhile we reserached each and every remainig tech to enter the far future era.

    Once our armies reached Macedonia, Persia offered us a large sum of money to attack the Macedonias, and we were only too happy to do so. A macedonian counter attack was aborted quickly by judicious spending of gold throughout the Balkins to hurry up the training of Legionarys, Heavy Calvary, and Garsions.

    Meanwhile Egypt landed a Spearmen in Silicy and declared war when asked to remove him. That gave us an excuse to destroy the interloping city the Egyptains had built between the luxary and the rest of our empire and for good measure the Egyptain city west of Alexandria. They then came to their senses and ceded a city in the Delta to us for peace.

    In Greece, our miliary campaigners quickly overran the country, and left the Macedonias with only three cities in 15 BC. (Two in the Balkins, the 3rd in Turkey.)

    At that point, the other nations came to their senses, and recongized that we dominated the world with 20% of the known land area and 53% of the known world's population, our empire strencthing from Libya to Morocco in Northern Africa, Iberia to Bryzantine in Europe.

    We also owned all the Wonders. (Macedonia built the Great Libary and Great Light House for us in Greece, we built the rest in Italy.)

    Truely, Jon is the greatest Roman Emperor ever known.
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    well done mate

    interesting cross relation to another forum
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