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    Chapter Four: The other side of the unknown

    I was slowly becoming more accustomed to my duties as a wagon master and realize that this actually works as an excellent vehicle to meet people, the decision makers and labor implementers. I have 2 horses, I am not by nature, an expert on animals but these two and I are getting along just fine. I have struck up the start of a possible basis of a relationship or maybe more like an “understanding” with several of the worker supervisors. I have met Klaus who helps offload my wood and then Franz who stacks sacks of wheat on the return trip. They both tell of a group of families that seek escape from the servitude currently they exist under control of. I ask Franz if he would mind riding with me to which he eagerly hops aboard.

    “Franz” I ask,” what is past the Bavarian Beast, beside the unknown?”

    “Wagon master, beyond the Bavarian Beast, is hope. Hope and tales of strange civilizations.” He answers, as if applying a stroke to a masterpiece painting pauses to digest what now is before him.

    I prod him gently,” Has anyone ever tried settling past the volcano?”

    “I don’t think so, maybe we could gather resources and have a go of it.” Answers a hopeful Franz.

    I suggest a bold decision to Franz as we approach the wooded lot, “I get compensated to move wood and grain, what if we had families, pool our resources and start out to the land not yet seen?”

    “I know we can do it and we have other wagon masters, 4 to be exact that will join us. We have two families and they eagerly await the opportunity to have a fresh start” Answers a very enthused Franz.

    It is settled and we start the preparing and find more than a dozen faithful workers, from loggers to farmers and even two metal workers.

    We must have prepared for three weeks but finally we strike out. It takes several days but we pass between a large body of water and the Bavarian Beast. The earth has been under an almost constant rumble and more common billows of smoke climb to the heavens.

    Our group numbers nearly 30 and after a weeks worth of travel we find fertile ground. We find two settlements and as supplies are given to the areas we hear an almost deafening rumble and are almost knocked to our feet. The Bavarian Beast has spoken a and erupts, spewing ash and lava. Luminous orange lights the skyline and Franz speaks to the gathering of settlers.

    “People, we are alive and on the new frontier, so let us not concentrate on what could have been but make our own destiny.” He states encouragingly.

    The murmurings are slowed and hugs and tears flow as all head to appointed duties.

    The year is 850 BC and Germany now has a toehold on the new Frontier. I have heard news that Germany has new contacts. Russia and The Netherlands have been located and a race to establish boundaries is underway. I am struck by how eager the people are to build up a new settlement, so far away.

    I now haul wood and grain but between a much closer area. The people are actually full of life and hope. Perhaps this hope will transpire into motivation. Motivation will turn into strength. Time will tell. I make notes and see a bright future. The Bavarian Best has not taken away but actually encouraged this growth of Germany. This happened because the hopes of dreams and aspirations of brave new settlers. Germany has a future. Yes, and if it will, maybe not on the very dark distance which blots out any bright spots.

    Time will tell. Time will tell. Time will tell. That last word seems to ring like a resounding gong. Time seems to be moving by at an alarming rate. I am summonsed by Klaus.

    “Wagon master, would you join us to get more families from beyond the volcano?” he asks.

    “I agree to help Germany Klaus, spread it territory as far as is deemed necessary” I answer him.

    With that we go toward the Bavarian Beast and beyond. This will be great to bring more families. I wonder how the others areas of Germany are faring? I shall soon see as days of travel bring us nearer to Frankfurt.
    Hi, I'm RAH and I'm a Benaholic.-rah


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      Chapter Five: Return to Reality

      I actually feel strange, being a reporter but being actively participating in such an honorable event as bring hope or should I say bring to hope people and families, even families yet to be born!

      As “Wagon Master” I am kind of a land-locked ships Captain. My wagon and my rules pretty much sums up my world. But in researching how Germany came to be I am oddly drawn to the cause and in a small way, the success of these people.

      Our wagons make it back after a couple weeks and a noticeable sign of growth takes place. A farm, small but in its initial growth has been planted. The families come running to greet new arrivals. We hear of meeting of the French people as well as an English traveler. Concern that these civilizations may be near causes Franz and Klaus to seek volunteers to be defenders of this frontier. It is agreed and several men, including 3 from the new arrivals take up arms and bear the responsibilities of defending this new frontier.

      As the new frontier unfolds and growth spurts become ever more apparent, I am again compelled to note how each and every action will be either detrimental or a cog in the wheel for forward momentum to help drive the German melting pot. I say melting pot because I see families from across the land drawn side by side to strangers who then become fellow sojourners and a bond is formed. Germany is growing a pace that far exceeds what one would think possible with the limited technology. Limited, more like none existent. It is above primitive but well below efficient.

      I hear excitement as a courier come from what now our people call the Fatherland. “Our people” I should say the group of settlers east of the Bavarian Beast, a now semi-dormant volcano formerly a gatekeeper now a fixture in the minds and even hearts of the brave whom would not let it control them. I am just overcome with the hopes of a simple people.

      The courier arrives within the camp entrance and offers news of a great facility known as Pyramids which will offer storage of food for all cities to draw from at will and need. The winters are harsh and this will help ease the burdens on those less fortunate in food gathering opportunities. This could even be a definite plus whereas the workers can concentrate on other gathering of resources.

      The courier even talks about trading information and goods with Russia. I think about what a seemingly innocent act can result in treachery at a later time. That will come sooner than expected and most probably undetected until it passes and kicks Germany in the butt.

      I take off for a trip to carry the courier back with a supply of incense. The plan is I will bring back more family members. I engage in small talk with the courier as we approach the Bavarian Beast. Suddenly and without notice, the ground shakes uncontrollably. My team of horses rears up and before I can react the wagon lifts hard to the left and I feel myself going airborne. I see but am unable to react as a huge tree and I meet head on. I crumple to the ground or at least I was headed to the ground when I lost consciousness. My chest hurts and I am unable to breathe. I struggle but soon a blanket of darkness covers me.

      My Boss stands against a wall in my new office as I lift my head from the desk.

      “Are you ok Grover?” he asks.

      “Mm, I feel, rough, what happened?” I ask waiting for my eyes to clear.

      “You have been gone a good while, I see from what you have here some very interesting events have occurred” informs my Boss.

      “Such as?” I quiz him.

      “Seems the Germans are not bound by the Alpengeist Range. Seems they were encouraged to dwell beyond it. Very good work Grover! The Rhine River also has a new pathway and thus exposed some additional resources, beyond its natural abilities to be harnessed for hydroelectric power.”

      “I need you to rest Grover, we have some transcription ahead and then chronological necessities for the archives.” My Boss informs me.

      I wonder how my friends will do and then take a seat, jotting down notes to share. My experiences are simply stunning to ones soul. Grover Townsend’s excellent adventure has been nothing short of exhilarating. I hope the neighboring civilizations and Germany find a way to get along and coexist. Time will tell. I now wonder where I will fit in on my next trip, assuming I do make a new trip.
      Hi, I'm RAH and I'm a Benaholic.-rah


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        ahh excellent

        some good reading for the evening train

        thank you
        Gurka 17, People of the Valley
        I am of the Horde.


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          Chapter Six: On The Road Again

          I have often thought of sharing what me and the Boss have going on but when I have the thought, time seems to fly by and next you know the elapsed time erases any desire to share these very unbelievable moments I have been a part of in the history of Germany.

          I do remember my Boss saying to be ready to transcribe and then set some sort of Chronological order to events I have been witness to. I try to focus when I am jolted by the very sensation that I have been thrust from a warm sleep to a cold shower. I realize that I have just completed my so-called transcribing. My Boss motions me to come closer.

          “Close the door Grover” he advises me.

          “I have been listening to you and checking history written but you are very detailed in events that didn’t take place but now most certainly would explain a chain of events which would lead to Russia’s success as well as the certainly unexplainable missing backbone of the French in later years!” he laughs uncontrollably.

          “Boss, what are you talking about?” I pose this question as I try to sort through why he would refer to the French as having no backbone.

          “It seems as though after years and years of fighting, the French in the later 21st Century have lost a certain formerly possessed will to engage in combat, with their own countrymen’s blood that is.” He muses.

          “I want you to return and have allowed you to rest for a time but when a story is hot, strike first and when the iron is hot strike..Umm..Never mind. I want to know what else is happening and you’re my Johnny-On-The-Spot, my Ace Reporter, it all Grover, you’re the perfect fit!” as he slams his fist on the ground.

          “Boss, why is the timing of my return so important, I wonder why I cant just stay longer? I could find so much more, but as soon as I have a lead, I return. Please allow me to find more details. I am sure I can Sir!” I implore him to allow me an extended stay.

          “Grover, I will consider, but it’s really up to you. You see Grover; I pull you back when an event transpires that threatens “Your” history or existence. The volcano for instance, took your life or rather almost did.” He informs me.

          I remember that event. I also yearn for the trip and to see where Germany is for now. The phone rings and the Boss answers. That ringing is so loud. Almost piercing. Wow, it is making me dizzy no more like bed spins as a college student, I need to get my bearings to..but then its starting, the darkness and downward spiraling. I am headed back to where Germany grows but what will I find?
          Hi, I'm RAH and I'm a Benaholic.-rah


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            cheeky bugger

            an update after I printed it, and before I got to leave

            thanks old man
            Gurka 17, People of the Valley
            I am of the Horde.


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              Chapter Seven: The Road less traveled

              Here it is, that old familiar feeling. This time however I seem more quicker to react to my surroundings. My head clears and I see a warm sun coming over the mountain ranges.

              What year is it? What situation am I being placed into? I stand, slightly wobbly but attempting to adjust my somewhat fuzzy state of logic when I see a passerby, middle age woman with two teenage children. I stop her and ask what direction is the city of Frankfurt. She motions toward the east. I thank her and brush my clothes off and walk toward a small building, apparently a tavern of sorts.

              “You there, Heir Strassenbau, where are you headed?” asks an older gentleman on horseback.

              “I am headed to meet” pausing my memory clicks in and I now remember what I am supposed to be doing and continue my response” some of my worker party so we may head to the Eastern Front”

              “Be quick, we need your workers now” he answers.

              Now I know how I write this set of events, as a leader of a road construction crew. This will be very interesting and..wait, this must be my crew. I see a couple of horse drawn wagons approaching and 8 healthy, rugged workers.

              “Guten Morgen” greets me from one of the younger men as he offers me a good morning welcome.

              “Let us move toward the east men, great work is needed to be completed. Lets hustle up” I encourage them.

              I find one of my foremen and ask for an update from previous weeks work, and offer as a reason so that we may judge our efficiency against productivity expectations. His named is Helmutt and after review I order his crew toward the workstation. The crew unloads axes, some shovels and picks and starts in. Huge rope cables are wrapped around tree limbs and used to reinforce roadbeds to prevent from washing away. Axes flail away and huge trees are fell and a timber crew hauls away what we do not need.

              As a roadway slowly take shape and forms its way through the natural contour of the land, I head off to see where we have come from. I meet up with the older man and he and I go over what we have recently accomplished. He tells me of the reasoning behind the sudden urgency and necessity for the roadways.

              “We have been extorted for gold which we have not a lot of from Russia. Russia is our northern neighbor and she demands more. We gave a token offering in hopes of buying time. The French on the other hand crowd us on the east with the English shutting off expansion to the southeast. Then the Dutch and Russians opt for control to the north and northeast. This remains the sea as our only avenue of expansion. The roadways you build Heir Strassenbau, will provide support routes for troops we now send to the Eastern Front with supplies. Perhaps you know of the Great Pyramids we have built. We have a lot of food and need to move it forward.” He diligently explains.

              I prod further; excited to hear of how Germany has yet expanded and altered the world’s geography and socio-economic outlay. Europe is definitely starting out in a far different direction this go around. “My friend, how are our relationships with the Dutch?”

              “The Dutch have some knowledge that they want to teach us, however the Dutch feel in order to instruct us in some literature abilities, it will cost their teachers some 120gold pieces. 120! The Dutch have too long controlled some important advancement’s but we felt they could settle for 85 gold pieces and we would offer the travel for their team. The Dutch refused and told us they would instead sell to the English.” I am advised.

              I allow this man to finish and bid him a good day and strike out to the west to see what roadways have been constructed so I can also observe the growth of the Fatherland.
              Hi, I'm RAH and I'm a Benaholic.-rah


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                Chapter Eight: The long and winding French Imagino line

                I must admit, as I travel along the Germanic pathways weaving in and throughout the wooded regions separating the settlements, foreign travelers are also seeking the best settlement areas. This is not good for the overall success of Germany to be the leader of Europe.

                I am amazed at the comings and goings and lack of border control! Just observing, but Germany has to secure the outer fringes, and more support from within.

                I continue my observations and after almost a full days ridings, meet up with what ended up being a fellow road engineer, and my boss.

                I ask what we need to most concentrate on. He answers as he points toward the sea “We must reinforce our current settlements and then, our only choice is to go to sea. I need you to work hard for the remainder of the week then bring your crew to our core area to reinforce our growth efforts.”

                I ask him what our neighbors are doing traveling through our land and his response is that I need to tend to roadway building and leave government affairs to the leaders. There it is, separation of worker and state, it starts early in Germany and not a totally bad point of direction to have, but I see Germany allowing too many fleas on its dog. The more moths to the flame the more you have to clear away. Back to work now!

                I head back toward my crew and stop for a quick bite to eat. I meet up with a French traveler and learn that the French and German are trying to be friends and look for a mutual ground to grow on. I can’t believe it but again, I am simply reporting and not judging. I am not the leadership, chancellor or governor. This is a new Europe forming and already many different traits are emerging.

                I ask the traveler about his country “How big is your country? Is it similar or differing than Germanic ground?” He answers that similar but more crowded and less coastal are.

                Then an elderly French traveler joins us and is very excited. After announcing in French to his friends, he says that Germany has agreed to share Code of Laws for French Literature. He is excited, as the French want to have restraint and a regimented order in their society.

                This makes sense and then he tells of the Great Colossus being built by the French. I smile to myself wondering why they would build that when they have a limited coast line but its ok, that’s the French for you!

                I bid them adieu and after a nights rest join up with my crew early the next day. I look at the progress and am impressed at early German ingenuity and road building abilities. No wonder they would build the autobahn and that’s a standard for which all superhighways are patterned after.

                We are slowly approaching a large contingent of infestation of neighboring citizens. I see occasional troops from Germany reinforcing the front lines in the East.

                Will this be enough? What if war breaks out? Time will tell, time will tell.
                Hi, I'm RAH and I'm a Benaholic.-rah


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                  Chapter Nine: Return from Volks March

                  Germany is taking a lead in a very hurried race headlong into acquiring real estate before it runs out. I am sure war will break out as territorial boundaries are questioned for authenticity and towns are tested for valor. Many German troops now dot the countryside, which previously were unseen.

                  “You there” motions a man dressed in riding chaps with a long crop at his service, “Come here”

                  I listen as he address orders and then a sharp zinging come to overwhelm me. I feel dizzy and then blackness shrouds my very vision as I strain to maintain consciousness.

                  “Grover, Grover wake up Grover.” I hear my voice as Susan Blakely; a semi attractive assistant manager for our paper awakens me.

                  She asks, staring at me as though I had recited the Gettysburg address in pig Latin,” You were mumbling about border skirmishes that would take place soon. Surely you must have been dreaming?”

                  “I was just thinking about some article I was reading Susan” I pass off to her as she offers a cup of water.

                  “Thanks” I mumble as I sip and she rubs my shoulder.

                  “I do hope you will be ok, you were flailing your arms and stamping your feet when I awoke you” concern in her eyes was sincere; she was one of the nicest people I knew here. She did not fake sincerity and I respected and admired her for that.

                  I enquire to the whereabouts of the Boss “Have you seen him today?”

                  A deep voice bellows out “I’m right here Grover” his voice startling me.

                  “Good, because Boss we need to talk” I offer as I find myself slumped forward in a chair, I straighten myself out.

                  Susan excuses herself and quietly closes the door.

                  “Grover, what of the Germanic situation, how do they fare now?” he questions me.

                  “Boss, they have spread wide and are stringing communities toward the Dutchland and are doing well also in the development of farming. I was amazed to see how they have built so much infrastructure with such limited mechanical advancements. They use horses, men and some wagons. The most important ingredient in success appears to be that of willpower and ingenuity.” I inform the Boss.

                  “Grover, we need to do some more chronological renderings so we may do an overlay of what you have shared and what we know from previous historical accounts!” he beams.

                  “We have the opportunity to perhaps influence some events. Maybe even prevent things from happening!” he jumps from his seat and points to a map upon the wall.

                  “I have a feeling that you know more than I how well this storyline will cast off other news accounts and even bring us a Nobel Prize. Imagine, our paper..” pausing to rest his withered hand on my shoulder as he continues, ”your very hardship and brave work has done much to bring the true story back to our readers.

                  “Boss, should we really get involved in the affairs of the Germanic peoples?” I ask.

                  “Why Grover Townsend, we not only want to get involved, we want to help and apply socio economic successful practices. Germany has strived for superior positioning amongst the world, we want to make sure they have the timely injections of our modern wisdom to help them accomplish these dreams!”

                  I ponder if what we have learned is actually worthy enough to help or would in hinder Germany?

                  I finish the cup of water Susan had provided me with. I just stared at the wall map and noticed as I did how Europe was melting from what we previously had known to the new Germany favored territory of the Eurasian countryside.

                  Amazing I thought to myself, utterly amazing how Germany started and now leads. I do hope they stay peaceable. Of course this will not be strictly their decision. Many neighbors and many tribes and factions are splitting.

                  I soon will return and perhaps Germany will remain steady and true to its root values of hard work and perseverance for peace.
                  Hi, I'm RAH and I'm a Benaholic.-rah


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                    Chapter Ten: Who is the biggest Bear in the Bavarian Forest?

                    What was seemingly instantly and without hesitance, The Boss whisked me into our what now was referred as “Our Office”.

                    “Grover Townsend, with all that seems to be coming to a forefront and at a minimum pinnacle of power played out..well the powers that be must be at a tension by now. Go back and bring us an update, this time, you are a crier, you know, a town reporter of sorts” he motivationally prods my journalistic integrity.

                    I then go through my transition and awaken near Berlin, actually across the way from town hall. After a short time I am able to focus and see a lot of hustle and bustle of horsemen and statesmen scurrying back and forth.

                    I open the door and step into the streets and wander unnoticed to an alleyway beside town hall. I slip into a side door that brought me to a root cellar and ever so cautiously find myself in a familiar place, under a floorboard that I could overhear very private conversations.

                    “I tell you, the Russians, English and Dutch are forcing us into action!” screams a male voice yet identified.

                    Another responds, “we must take action. Summons our Military Commanders now! We must prepare for..” as he is interrupted by a third.

                    “We must not have three enemies. We should try to exercise wisdom and do battle as a last resort” implores the third voice.

                    It is agreed to meet with the emissaries waiting in the stable. First the English deliver the stop trespassing of a warrior unit that was actually a militia from a border town and not a member of the Germanic Military Forces. It is agreed and England is contented with the response.

                    The next emissary is from Dutch Netherlands and demands with just the slightest coyness the removal of troops from their meadowland borders. This is agreed upon and with that the Russian emissary come’s in.

                    “Germanic leadership, Motherland Russia sees the Fatherland of Germanic Nation as one possessing knowledge we desire. We agree to forgo military action in exchange for iron working. Please to share along with workers to show this trade in action and I shall deliver positive talks and avoid military actions and sanction.” States the arrogance of the burly man.

                    I listen ever so closely as the terms are agreed upon.

                    Once the Russian Emissary leaves I over hear that Germany will move forward in preparation for military action.

                    I slip out undetected and head toward the west and notice Russia has indeed violated the alleged treaty by overtaking a mine and moving two settlements in.

                    Germanic forces move over he well developed infrastructure of roadways and crushes two settlements one at Bransyk and the other at Khabarovsk. This infuriates Russia whom sends raiding parties into Germanic held territory along the northeast and kills off over 150 citizens working in the fields.

                    I catch a ride on a wagon filled with supplies by bribing with some food the wagon master.

                    I enquire as to what is happening to which he replies” We are amassing troops to overtake a Russian Border city by the name of Orenburg. This is the closest Russian city and they will pay for trespassing after making an agreement of peace.”

                    Over the next three days and nights Germanic Troop movement builds and then on the morning of the fourth day, horsemen and spearmen put Orenburg to siege. Russia fights a hard battle but does fall. This city however is not razed but captured.

                    I listen intently as word reaches the wagon master to bring forth food and clothing as Germany intends to go forward with occupying Russia’s Western Front. I see now that Germany and its quick strike have perhaps dealt Russia a deafening blow.

                    I ride back southward with the wagon master. We have known each other almost a week and a half and have struck up a friendship of sorts.

                    When we get to the livery stable, work has to be done on his wagon. I listen intently as talk of the thwarted attempt at England to establish colonies on Germanys southeastern border. Word has it though that the Dutch Netherlanders are more aggressive than Russia. Word is they move and establish within Germanic borders as though it was there own territory.

                    I think that this is where many countries struggle with prudence and don’t temper action with wisdom.

                    Will Germany grow strong? Will Germany be crushed before it has a chance to grow? Time will tell. Time will tell.
                    Hi, I'm RAH and I'm a Benaholic.-rah


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                      thank you

                      looking forward to more

                      of course
                      Gurka 17, People of the Valley
                      I am of the Horde.


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                        CHAPTER ELEVEN: An Entreprenauer brokered temporary peace treaty

                        Germanic Tradition aside, Brawn has been added above the head as Brains take over when faced with an all out war.

                        This or Mother Russia felt too deep a cut from the Fatherland’s attacks for a diplomatic meeting was held or rather forced near the north coastal settlement of New Bremen.

                        I was told that an attack would be encourage to draw attention from the battleground to the east by a subversive sea attack from the new western front. Truly ingenious but from all the talk abound just a momentary pause in time.

                        By the time our wagon neared, it was all but over. We settled our wagon in to be unloaded and heard the townspeople talking about the Russian Naval Vessel that unloaded troops near New Bremen. The local governor in charge along with Der Kommissar or Police Chief offered gold in a sack to the Russian Sailors.

                        I enquired to the wagon master how this deal could be brokered.

                        He laughed and shared that the Russian Naval Vessel was not looking for war but merely be entrepreneurs. The German authority needs approval from Berlin but new Bremen being a relatively newer community wants to show its panache so by brokering a deal and thus avoiding being sacked they come out smelling like roses. The Russian Sailors can go back and say they seized peace while having their foot at the Germans throat.

                        I see how this works, one is scared and the other glad of it! Brilliant as both save face and lives for neither would live to see the end of the week should a combative encounter taken place.

                        Now the Russian soldiers were boarding their vessel when Germanic port authority patrols asked if they would care to “lessen” the load they were carrying, in exchange of course for certain royalties.

                        The Captain sold documents concerning Russian Currency distribution to which they shared the price of their last port stay with some French handmaidens.

                        An agreed upon sum of 3500 gold was exchanged and Russian Sailors cheered and Germanic diplomats boasted and tensions eased.

                        I took notes and was caught up as the wagon master called me aside.

                        “You understand this is above board for but a season. Even as we speak reinforcements are being armed and we deliver much needed supplies to Orangeburg as an offensive is nearly ready to push with Russia’s borders, splitting a swath between our neighbors so that we may our in and offer a Gauntlet for uncooperative foes!”

                        I climb the wagon and head out, watching and noting the infrastructure and traffic headed to destiny and a new History being written.
                        Hi, I'm RAH and I'm a Benaholic.-rah