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    I have been around for many years and many battles, more within my so-called wise consul. Roman Empires have always had a multitude of divisions and varied opinions of which way is best for Rome. Rome. I know what is best and have proven it on many fronts, many foreign lands with many lands being subjected to my ways. There people but tributes to my Kingdom. How can I possibly do justice to what has taken so many twists and turns and has even been reported by those whom would edify themselves. The gods of Roman History have indeed played a major part. But have you ever been up close and personal with the actual “doers” of Roman Empire workings? After reading history as recorded by I, Trollius Augustus Crassius, Emperor Supremus of all that is and will ever be in Roman Times, you will have indeed a clearer and more concise picture of how we rule the world.

    I have to introduce a few important contributors to our success, the rest, well, you will grow to love them and in some cases hate them. I love these whom I have to mention now. For without them, Rom and yours truly could not be. Take Marcus Giannopolis our Grand Overlord Consul who is our Overseer of Government External Affairs. He will tell all Rome what is and is not good for it. I entrust his wisdom. He is of Greek decent which makes him all wise and all knowing. Some say once he was a god but was delivered to be on earth as he often troubled those whom would not bow. As far as I know that was the last time anyone ever came up against him and was not banished to points unknown. He is most loyal and has proven to be most engaging and has Rome’s best interest at heart.

    Next we cannot forget Octavian Quickius II, a Magistrate whom is final word as Overseer of legal matters. Trust me when he speaks all subjects loyal or not listen or they are silenced.

    Ok a few more before we get to the recanting of the History, storied and colorful as it is, we must take time as civilized leaders to recognize our most loyal and dedicated servants of all that is Rome! Tactius Skilordius an Elder and most Wise Consul to Emperor. I know he will be both an ear and a voice that I will hear among many murmurings. Most trusted as is Dar Cloudius Ovidius a Literist and Propaganda Chief Consul. When things are perhaps not going the way all should see it, he puts such a spin that all go away wondering why they came to question anything in the first place. Very entertaining and very effective as quelling any concerns as to path we are or should be taking. Last to be introduced is Nucleus Masterius Aurelius an Imperium who is the Chief Political intercessor for Foreign Affairs. He allows us to be aware of how our neighbors do things politically so we may deal with them accordingly.

    I have so many with such a limited time to share. When we get into our History you will say also that indeed a key role many a multitude played. For now, I must be bathed and anoint my feet with sweet aloe and tender touches of my loyal bath crowd. I have many, but one sticks out as worthy of mention. When my bunions swell and toenails need clipping, when the calluses need a deep massaging and they are dirty with an almost unbearable stench and odd stickiness and only a loyal subject that is used to handling such menial tasks, I can but call upon one, which is GIANCARLIUS The GREEK STABLEBOY! I believe he is as talented handling me because he had previously been assigned to the Royal Roman Stables but had to be dismissed, well, that is not a matter for here, just he was “encouraged” to deviate from his duties late one evening and well, enough of that mess. I believe all Empires have sordid tales of unbelievable exploits!
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    I know he will be both an ear and a voice that I will hear among many murmurings
    Interesting description... either verry deep... or nonsense,,,, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, and I have to admit that its brilliant.

    It looks promising, by the way, I'm very hopeful here.
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      go hard old chap

      yes it does look interesting
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        That roman dude sounds like some kinduv wonky pharisee or something who's had a few too many grape drinks. Or maybe his bunions are due for a clipping, making him chirpy. Keep the goods coming Grumps.
        Here is an interesting scenario to check out. The Vietnam war is cool.


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          These meetings, oh how they are enlightening and also trifling to ones spirit. I know, I know that our rulers mean well, but sometimes legalistic and pompous attitudes cloud the issues at hand. The issues at hand are celebrations of Rome’s growth!

          I rise and after a comforting bath and morning meal of juicy pomegranates and wheat toasted bread. This is indeed a treat, ovens cast heat on some wheat that is in a loaf form. We have a spread, yes, a spread of a substance similar to aloe but thinner and somewhat salty. I would liken it to the soft flow of the Parquet River, but its not Parquet River, it is something different. Oh I will just simply enjoy it for what it isn’t, and that is being forced the garbage we feed our slaves whom stand up against us. As I enjoy a small treat also prepared by my food bearers, this is a meat substance. I enjoy it in the morning. I shall call it Spam. I am most amused as my close Senator whom is Head of all official gatherings, the one and only Pontifex Maximus Mingus, detests and somewhat becomes sickened by the sight and even the thought of Spam. He does sometimes, I admit, make a trifle too much out of things that I would find of the utmost amusement. But he does feel the urging and bidding sometimes to send subjects that dare cross his decrees to a place we have all come to silently smile at. This place is located in the Hills, not far from here it is somewhat effective, we call it Mingus Apollus. I am sure he enjoys ruling over it, I have found it much easier to “wave my scepter” and promote these would be rulers. Then send them off and away from me. He may have to be soon promoted, smiling smuggly as this is what I will do and call it a glorious promotion befitting one such as, well, I'll fill the rest in later. Oh they are effective but at times, I simply want to enjoy Rome for what it is, my Empire.

          I finish my food and after a short time reflecting upon how happy I am, I gather my scribes and motion my personal Praterion Guard Antonioius Davidius Floydium that I am ready to leave. He is skilled in the latest warfare techniques and may be needed to head off any threats to my decisions. One must never be too careful. I am not as blessed to have close confidants as that young Julius Caesar, he may one day be a ruler for me, now he has a few too many people whom claim to be his friends. Well, I shall say that one stands out, a wise and suave politician by the name of Marcus Junius Brutus. He is of Magistrate Octavian Quickius II house. That is who is the Overseer of legal matters for Rome proper. Well, off to meet with consul and get a report of what is taking place.

          Arriving after a 5-minute stroll along a shaded pathway I enter the Shrine of Minerva. Normally craftsman guilds meet here but I felt today we having so much being constructed would honor our skilled workers and also see first hand what is taking place.

          We discuss the various Wonders meant to appease the gods and yes give us places to offer the people to admire. We have 5 current Wonders of Art and Craftsmanship underway. I also find my General of Ground Forces Local General Michael The Great. I trust him, implacably with Rome’s defenses. Entrusted with defending Rome’s Honor locally, he will have his work cut out for him and Rome when word gets out to any other civilizations.

          “Tell me General, what have you in plans now and the future to protect our great Empire?” I enquire.

          “Emperor Trollius Augustus Crassius, we are constructing a mighty Academy, we call it The Statue of Zeus to honor the almighty god that will protect our future. When completed, we will produce a mighty Calvary mount, which will quickly respond to uprisings and subversives. Our Chariots Master Apolytonius Horsius Australius is in Charge of all mobilized units. Additionally, as soon as a few governors graduate training and depart to new locations, we have Neapolis, Pisae Hispalis and Ravenna all training a very strong and determined warrior to defend Rome and her Empire. We call them Legions. You will be most impressed Emperor!”

          “Yes, I am impressed and hope this happens soon. This Chariots Master Apolytonius Horsius Australius, I have watched him from afar. I believe you have a made a wise choice. He wisely picks and chooses his battles. He often, in the past has pitted one group against another. Smart and cunning, he is noted for attacking and moving before anyone knows from which directions the attack took place. Bravo! You spoke of the training of new Governors. Where is my Procurators Prefector?” I enquire.

          Then stands a stately man, Pompous Lucius Locutus. “Emperor, we have been administering many laws and ceremonial rituals and soon, we send them off with Legions to administer Roman law. We will have soon 5 governors ready to depart with your seal.”

          “I wish to walk for awhile and then later, we will hear more. You may depart to perform your duties now and do so with Rome as your motivation!” with that I depart for the afternoon sun and a cool breeze.
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            The sun is so bright and warm. I enjoy taking in, basking and tanning all over and..And..Oh there it is, through my earmuffs I had thought would keep out the sounds of pests. But No, I am once again summonsed to a very important gathering of Roman Hierarchy. Hierarchy? I think I am that and no I don’t need a meeting with myself!

            “Ok, what is it Gramphos Gaius Dios? I know you lead the Comitia Tributa. Yes Assembly of the 35 Tribes has powerful input to the Senate and yes you are first cousin to our Great Senator Pontifex Maximus Mingus who is the Head of all official gatherings.” I enquire.

            “Emperor, we must meet as we have concerns and wish that Rome move forward with protection for our outlying territories. We implore you presence and ask for scribes, in case something as odd as a scorpion bite take you out, then we have proof of what we know certainly will be your golden guarantee of committed troops and utmost Roman Authority in matters which we will certainly come under fire from encroaching neighbors” he answers, droning on with legalistic mumble jumble and well, I will grant him my seating over this matter.

            “Very well, go and I will join you in a moment Oh diligent one!” I smile as he leaves me to get ready.

            Thinking of other affairs I must tend to, I will “unexpectedly be delayed” and will instead send Nucleus Masterius Aurelius who holds the rank of Imperium, which is the Political intercessor for Foreign Affairs. Surely he can handle this head of the Comitia Tributa, and perhaps offer what he needs and seeks, military intervention and help in dealing with nosy neighbors. Brilliant, I can let this issue be and move on to the other areas, the growth and happiness, which is in question now.

            I send a scribe with my seal and signed scroll with directions for Nucleus Masterius Aurelius. He is a good dedicated servant and will serve well in his current capacity. I hope he plays the soothing swans harp in the ear of this Gramphos Gaius Dios, who can at times be most troublesome. Not bad people mind you, but tripe worrisome!

            I head off to be with Hadrian Quinnius our Entertainment Leader. He has been brought in from a far away land, seemed to be very successful at keep people happy that arrived from Activisionia. That is not a small feat for a non-godlike mortal figure. Why even the goddess of codius and programmius St Swithinonia could not do a better job were she able to get off her mighty high horse she rides! Oh the pain she brings can be but a mere trait she bears of the constant reminder of betrayal by the lesser gods from Activisionia!

            “Emperor, glad to see you and hope your day has been pleasant and I hope you” he stops that ridiculous smile and stares as I wave him off.

            “Lets us talk, Hadrian Quinnius, we are having rioters and needs to suppress them. Have you entertainment ideas?” I enquire.

            “Emperor, I have on good authority we will soon have the Oracle which will bring Temple Powers from on high to the cities we have on our land!” He exclaims ecstatically.

            “Really Hadrian, I do hope for both our sakes it is completed quickly. Looters run round and throw garbage at our sentries. I cannot expect them to remain passive and understanding but for so long. Keep on top of this please and let me know if you need anything to get this completed.

            I continue on and enter the oval garden am greet Tactius Skilordius. “Tell me Tactius Skilordius of whom is Rome under more pressure to meet approval of, the gods of Mount Apolytonius, Civilonius Trios Storius Mountain gods or Offorifice Topicus which has but a god in a snake pit of heathens and flaming girlius manius?”

            Tactius Skilordius walks with me and offer his most valued input. “Emperor, you must understand that which has evaded many wise and intelligent leaders from times gone before us. Offorifice Topicus is a hole, which will suck the life out of most mortals. But herein is the key point. We must offer trolls to them. Not just any trolls mind you, but flame-starters, yes, that keeps the gods from Offorifice Topicus very content to flame these fires and in turn hug each other when they pout them out. As a wise ruler as yourself can see, nothing worth anything comes from there, except of course those which grace our cabinet! As for the gods of Mount Apolytonius, they are very wise and we should appease them whenever possible. But, and herein lies the masterful plan which will win you votes in the spread of Rome’s Empire, you must at all cost appear before Civilonius Trios Storius Mountain gods and be fearful and subservient. This, although the mountain gods seem dormant, will spew forth ruination on Rome and all its territories.”

            I shake my close emissary and head toward the Senate and governing consul meeting, to hear of what our Empire is up to, besides leading the world.
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              A tripe wandering I be in the reading, but sayeth not should the prose be the fancy of your contenance.

              Troll dude, I read about Roman feeding practices recently found it interesting that while the common man eats no meat and relies almost entirely on wheat, the emperor's feasts boast meats encompassing the majority of the animal kingdom. They sure know how to dine them roman elites.
              Here is an interesting scenario to check out. The Vietnam war is cool.


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                Of Empires is the business of those whom wish power to yield. It is however, of peace and prosperity: survival and success for those whom rule as the head of an Empire!

                I see it in the faces of those whom think they know the steps I take. It is sad, as many want so badly what they cannot see. They see a throne, power perceived and untold fortunes. What they do not grasp, nor understand is the hand an Emperor is dealt feeds the dreams of many. Not all hands favor the Empire and its ruler. No, some are most unpleasant. It is however, up to the Emperor to help ease the people through the eye of the needle and go from the eye of the storm to the peaceful shores of the aftermath of reality.

                I listen patiently as many seek input as to what does an Empire consist of. Those are the ones I have not a worrisome time to consider as a threat. It is however the likes of the wannabees whom seems to grasp from afar a convoluted schism of fragmented thoughts merging into a mishmash of perverted dreams. Yes, we have some here now that decorates consul meetings, even lead in various military positions. You also see it in these young senatorial leaders and governors with little more than a fortnight of overseeing settlements. They feel with minimal time they could easily run our Empire.

                Lets look at two characters that fit the mold mentioned. First there is Aeuralius Imranonius Siddiqui Republic Laws Aficionado. Sure, he knows Republican Laws and how to extort their uses. But a Republic, Roman Empires are not meant as a Republic! Laws all meant to disrupt peaceful times upon the citizens and aliens of sojourners in our land. So we are Rome, doth that mean we cannot thrive with aliens? Of course not! The most perverted of all the supporters of a Republic is none other than Mathemus Magicianirus Caligulaus who is known as The Republican Loyalist Supporter! I have him in check and will show him how a real Emperor handle thoughts, talks and murmurings of a Republic!

                I join outside our meeting temple several senators whom pry me for inside information and bid me to help in their causes. I listen intently and biddest this happen here and approve troops, minimal, loyal detachments go to quell disturbances there. I summons my military genius General Michael The Great. “Great General, prepare legions to support our northern settlements as I have received word England is not happy that we have spread north toward their borders. I have Apolytonius Horsius Australius sending what he has to support as well.” I look as he simply bows to my supreme greatness. He thumps his chest with his fist, smiling, saluting “Rome, Rome, Rome!”

                I think to myself, that he has a grasp of what it takes, not I nor he nor them But Rome! Yes serve Rome and she will serve you!

                I enter the rounded temple and am greeted by varying stages of applause, to which I allow for a time then dismiss and require seating take place. I start in, walking in a semi-circle addressing both novice and pompous hierarchy” Roman Leaders, Scholars and Statesmen alike, I come as Emperor and have most glorious news to share. We have built many Wonders for our citizenry to be proud of. Our troops even now fortify, not as aggressors but as supporters and defenders of Rome’s way. None other than graduates of Pompous Lucius Locutus’ Academy of Governorship governs our settlements. Our ground forces defend as Legions with a desire to die rather than surrender. Resolve my good people, is what all Rome must have” I let it hang in the air and then, as if on cue, came my usual Jackals comments.

                Solverus Caesar stands and looks over the consul gathered remarking as the leader of the one whom is in charge of Proposing Laws and Vetoing older ones “It is wonderful our Great Emperor Trollius Augustus Crassius sits atop his throne, leering over his subjects as with many gods from on high, perhaps ever so slightly out of touch with his own peoples needs and realities. I would like to see our rioting lessen and cities being fortified within local Roman Empire Proper then look at the near country” He gazes my way, bowing just enough to convey a subservient attitude.

                I stand” Ok, please oh great wise and wonderful Solverus Caesar, would though have Rome as a prison or as a walled city? Would though control its citizenry or allow some free thought and speech?”

                “It is as you say Emperor, free speech and thoughts are not without a price to pay. We should send a few legions and arrest those villains.” He continues.

                Oh yes they know not why I desire they and not I bring this up. I stand, let out a grievous sigh, speaking slowly “Ok I agree, not on error and unlawful ruling, but rather of necessity will I agree to send troops. Let us go now, eat and drink wine. We can discuss future matters after dinner.
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                  Returning to our temple known as Delubrum Decibalius we all get seated as a report is read by a young scribe over the sanitation issues and collection of waste from our city passageways. I approvingly thank him for the report and then turn to a fidgeting and overly anxious Albertius Speerium Chuckaroo who is Slaves Master-Task master over local Rome Proper. He stands and awaits my approval before setting forth his submittal of why we are having riots within our cities “Great and noble Roman Leaders, Emperor Trollius Augustus Crassius and honored Military leaders, we have many uprisings and many slaves who do not adhere to punishment for fear of a few disturbed gods. Slaves with minds on gods are why we must pay attention to these all-knowing and very wise entities from beyond. How can we as mere mortals survive if not for the intervention of such as the likes as Offorifice Topicus with whom all great thinkers pool their thoughts and derive wisdom beyond any we can obtain within our hallowed Temples?”

                  He continues briefly pausing, watching responses from an intuitive captive audience “When the awesome Pontifex Maximus Mingus ascends to meet the gods, he himself brings forth an offering. Yet we have loyal subjects to Civilonius Trios Storius Mountain whom have yet offered up as much as a pinch of barley or a cubit of wheat that has been stored for this very reason!”

                  In the splitting a mere second, jumping to their feet and thrusting a short sword toward Albertius Speerium Chuckaroo, both Rah Ish Magoo Tribune of The Plebes who Has veto power over all except the Emperor and his sidekick Gramphos Gaius Dios who is the Comitia Tributa which is the Assembly of the 35 Tribes overseer bellow out, “Watch your tongue Slave-Dog, for it was not many lashes ago nor not far from my whip this very moment, when you address this consul you shall do so with respect or we will show your darkened appearance the business end of such mannerful speaking etiquette.”

                  Silence falls heavy and with no recourse, and himself a former bondman lowers his head and bows like a loyal subject should “I have forgotten myself and will do with according to your pleasures, as my Master”

                  I stand, approach him, placing my hand on his head, allowing him to stand, I wrap my arm around his shoulder, stating “Members, this is one of the good ones, and we all know he speaks the truth, so let us not darken this day with clouded issues, but move forward!”

                  “Let us make an offering, and a happier time will be had by all Rome, to the gods of Mount Apolytonius. The gods there know our hearts and will look favorable upon us. This I know. As for the gods and goddess of Offorifice Topicus, I ask that we approach her most opinionated goddess of codius and programmius St Swithinonia. Now she will know what will appease the gods there, for certainly I feel with relative certainty they themselves know not what is good for them!” I laugh in a low key manner, standing, looking over the valley of Activisionia.

                  “My good and decent consul, I would in front of thee this date, charge Dar Cloudius Ovidius our Literist whom knows the art of easing troubling times and sharing the known and unknown good news as Propaganda Chief Consul, to train some accountable and loyal subjects to spread forth news we approve for circulation. He will report to me and we will help put down some of these rumoring. In the meantime, Legions will garrison within the cities needed and Apolytonius Horsius Australius will start roving mounted patrols. Soon this will be brought under control I know. “I end and seat myself before dismissal.

                  “And, what if this doesn’t quell these vagabonds, Oh Great and all knowing Emperor Trollius Augustus Crassius?” states a rather irritable Aeuralius Imranonius Siddiqui.

                  I stand, look him in the eye, gaze over at his lackey and demoted leader of military might, Skanonious Bastardius Ahmadinkus “I will reappoint him as chief of riot control and temperament adherence. If he won’t do it, I will require an ear of his and his tongue and his feet, all boiled so as his failures will not cling to Rome’s future!”

                  No one moved so I stood, prior to dismissing, stated “But we will all work to see that is not a necessity!”
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                    Nice, your most knowing and wise Troll. You don't perchance intend to feed that youthful troll on your cuff to the fiery bowels of Offorifice Topicus, do you?
                    I'm consitently stupid- Japher
                    I think that opinion in the United States is decidedly different from the rest of the world because we have a free press -- by free, I mean a virgorously presented right wing point of view on the air and available to all.- Ned


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                      Originally posted by Theben
                      Nice, your most knowing and wise Troll. You don't perchance intend to feed that youthful troll on your cuff to the fiery bowels of Offorifice Topicus, do you?
                      Well Im a gonna teach him to visit it but never feed them!

                      U are also coming up as "AN UNWILLINGLY PARTICIPANT" In History

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                        Roman Empire grows at a superb rate! I am particularly impressed with the roadway building as we are an advanced civilization and need to be able to move with speed and efficiency! Riots are slowly ceasing but never the less flaring up. I must find a way to help curtail this. I know people will be disgruntled and also know once we start on a path of punishment of offenders, then the real trouble will start. Governors will have their hands full as individual rioters form mobs and demand this and demand that. I will consult with wise council and see what is possible to make them more peaceable.

                        I am sure as can be that I as Emperor need to put off heavily laden Military intervention against those who are making Rome what she is, the economic, social and scholar leader of the civilized world. I will appeal to their needs for now. Ahh, here is whom I have been waiting on!

                        “Octavian Quickius II, my most trusted Magistrate! As overseer of legal matters, would thou see a problem, should we have a decree honoring those whom have given so much to Rome? I was thinking along the lines of a National Roman Day of Laborious Freedom! But have it for a weekend, but not just a weekend, but also a three-day weekend. We can have games, celebrations and prizes such as bathhouse privileges. Of course this won’t go well with some stiff-necked old time leaderships, but I will handle them. I want to know what you think?” I enquire of him.

                        “Emperor Trollius Augustus Crassius, we have a few details to decide, will this be a Roman proper celebration? If so, then we need but have Pontifex Maximus Mingus our Head of all official gatherings as Senator he can call this and it will only be challenged by one, but you can over rule on this issue.” He offers.

                        “Yes I am well aware of this pig Rah Ish Magoo. I must find some place for him to govern. I know he is head of the Tribune of The Plebes and has veto power over all except the Emperor, me!” I stop, pausing, rubbing my chin.

                        I have it I think to myself. “Tell me Octavian Quickius II, what would happen if say Nucleus Masterius Aurelius as Political intercessor for Foreign Affairs and a true Imperium requested him, Rah Ish Magoo to help with these Americans. It would break up the power that he and Gramphos Gaius Dios have. We could announce this and also promote him. Yes, a promotion to Foreign Envoy!”

                        “Emperor, as long as we get Tactius Skilordius to go along then we most certainly can pull this off!” Octavian Quickius II replies with a smile.

                        I stop, turn to Octavian Quickius II, asking “This Marcus Giannopolis you know best of all. Will he smell anything or will he join in? He is my Grand Overlord Consul and does have power as Overseer of Government External Affairs. Do you think he would also request this new appointment of Rah Ish Magoo?” I await a response.

                        “Emperor, an honorable man is this Marcus Giannopolis. He will do as needed. Now should not we make this happen now, before anyone becomes suspicious of you not having a stronger hand in dealing with these rioters?” ask Octavian Quickius II.

                        “Yes, let us call a special ordered meeting. I want to also make sure to additionally appoint Skanonious Bastardius Ahmadinkus as special adviser to Urbanius PiosRangeronous who is entrusted with defending Romes Honor Outside of local territory. He holds the rank of General of Expeditionary Ground Forces. I would suggest we send him far off with his special adviser. This will break up the Republican Trinity. If any of those three balks as much as a bit, I will seize them and have them brought up on charges. They would not be as stupid as to challenge the ideals of me, Emperor of Rome during a celebratory convening council. Especially one that honors great leadership! We are sending an Envoy off to establish peaceful relationships and even possible that trade could be initiated. It is brilliant!” I thank Octavian Quickius II for assisting and he departs.

                        I summons a scribe to take charge of assembling a long list of leaders, dignitaries and governors. I cannot wait to see the look on the face of Mathemus Magicianirus Caligulaus as well as Aeuralius Imranonius Siddiqui. They will be floored and I will be there to comfort them. Yes, I too have plans for them as well!
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                          Originally posted by Grandpa Troll
                          U are also coming up as "AN UNWILLINGLY PARTICIPANT" In History
                          I'm consitently stupid- Japher
                          I think that opinion in the United States is decidedly different from the rest of the world because we have a free press -- by free, I mean a virgorously presented right wing point of view on the air and available to all.- Ned


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                            Will my genius never cease?

                            Am I not Emperor for naught?

                            I will show these Senators and Republican worriers why Emperor Trollius Augustus Crassius is their leader. Power is not to be wielded like a broadsword or that of a sharpened Axe. It is not to be worm upon ones breastplate like that of a contentious General! No that will not work with all that hangs in the balance of bring Rome its full circle to Glory and Fame!

                            Meetings, meetings and more meetings crowd my plate daily. I will simply clutter the events with appearances by my wise and wonderful governing body of Political Jackals! Yes, send them here, require a reports there, assumer training over a governor here, resolve a “Pressing Issue” there. Yes they will help the Emperor, but where and when and how I shall deem necessary!

                            Because I am a fair and impartial ruler of many, I head toward a meeting as to the status of riot control within Rome Proper. I enter the Delubrum Decibalius and dip my hands into purified water fount at entrance. I ask he assembled leaders how is it going within the land known as Rome proper?

                            “Emperor, you plan is coming to fruition and great success. For the people glorify you and exalt your name on high! They see you as one worth sacrificing their bodies for! Their time is now referred to a “Roman Time”. Simply a brilliant plan Emperor!” offers a seemingly gleeful but ever deceptive jackal in the rank known as Benjaroot Kenobus Wiseariua who is seated to represent voting and reporting to the Comitia Tributa for two years. After that he may become a Procurators Prefector such as Pompous Lucius Locutus does now, Training and assigning new governors. He may indeed be assigned as Comitia Tributa Suprema Nocta should a promotion befall the wise and cunning Thebes Bendius Overuseless. He is rumored to be inline for a promotion and quite possibly I may invoke special electoral privileges and take him under my wing personally! I will monitor how he handles controversy, and then make my decision.

                            “Tell me wise council, of the matter of pleasing our gods which you all reported troubled by my decision “inadequate and improper” procedure concerning the rioting, how do the gods feel about this issue now?” I enquiry.

                            “Emperor, the gods favor you, they favor the happiness the people are having and they share what is theirs not ours. They offer treasures, luxuries and trinkets to trade with. Glorious day indeed!” reports Pontifex Maximus Mingus. He continues,” Emperor, if I may, the Wonders have aroused the gods with such fervor that they have provided us with most useful knowledge and research!”

                            “It is good, then we may now hear of also important affairs, such as how our Empire is spreading. Tell me Pompous Lucius Locutus, are the governors we sending out, Rome Ready? Do we need to have longer training or is this adequate?” I enquire.

                            “They are ready, willingly and able! Some lack one skill but surpass in abundant knowledge in another area, we have requested and have received Legion support and patrol support from our Military leadership!” he explains to the applause of many, but not all in attendance.

                            “Good tell me then one and all, are we ready to meet our new found neighbors? I have heard rumors of Germania and England, as well as we are finding yet another unknown group to the far Eastern regions.” I pause, awaiting a response.

                            “Emperor, we are ready to meet and parlay so as to avoid unfortunate and unneeded controversy” speaks Nucleus Masterius Aurelius our Imperium, that is Political intercessor for Foreign Affairs.

                            I think, yes unneeded now but soon perhaps while we stand firm they may not see the necessity of parlaying and peaceful times.

                            “Great Leaders, we are doing well and let us keep our Rome as an ideal to be protected. Let us not look upon “I”;, or “US”; or “WE”, but rather “Her” Empire, Rome will lead the World.
                            Hi, I'm RAH and I'm a Benaholic.-rah


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                              Rome is a leader ok and yes my plan to keep the troublemakers at bay is successful at long last, minimal resistance and those we will pacify also! I am pleased and have enquired as to status of the Wonders we are preparing for the god. I am most distressed that the French has built one Wonder. The French whom I was led to believe were not that interested in giving tribute to those whom rule from above and beyond. All evidence to the contrary. This is ok we will be ok and will celebrate French and their efforts for worldwide peace on earth. I know how people think. Worry mongers will start in and then, ah so many strings and corrective measures, I will need more input and contribution I fear from my military forces.

                              I summons my scribes and send them with a message, 8 messages all, to be delivered to certain governors, each containing a single line. The line reads, “Go now to whom you trust as your leader, signed Mathemus Magicianirus Caligulaus. Come to the way unknown to any but those imparted the wisdom to see”

                              Only those having been trained as governors, elder statesmen and a few select leaders know what this means. It is of course the Delubrum Decibalius. But if a particular governor stays and they will be watched, I know their loyalty lay with me. For my decree and standing order is a seal is given by me and other than that, not leave their charge of duty station. If they leave they have disgraced Rome and her Empire. If they stay then they will be rewarded. If they go then they will be allowed to enter then seized at the very gates they seek higher rewards. I have even sent an impostor, dressed as Mathemus Magicianirus Caligulaus, from behind would seem this person.

                              I receive the news that indeed three governors show and I send them all to await their fate. How many more are lured to the Republic fantasy of a better life? I will seek out the remaining; yes a public hanging and stretching of the limbs will be appropriate. I may have to employ an assassin, for this may be necessary to dispatch these republican fatalists to their appointed hour with gods from the Nederland.

                              In the meantime, I require our military leadership continue a buildup and soon we will rid the countrywide of unwanted aliens. It is now time to flex Romes Strength, Romes resolve, and inevitably, Rome’s destiny.
                              Hi, I'm RAH and I'm a Benaholic.-rah