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    Not a Civ related story but I didn't see an non civ story forum so here it is. Feel free to move to a more appropriate forum.

    This is a story I'm writing for an off again on again game I'm playing in Port Royale.
    Biography of Jason Farbes, Chapter One.

    Jason Farbes arrived in the Caribbean in March of 1660. He initially started out as little more than an opportunistic Buccaneer, his first ship being a Brig which he armed and manned thanks to a local loan from the Treasurer of Port Royale.

    With a Letter of Marque for the Dutch he amassed his wealth by preying on virtually defenseless, yet lucrative Dutch Trading Flute-ships. Ships he often referred to as "the big, juicy cash beetles of the sea." He soon purchased a second Letter of Marque for the French and migrated to the shipping lanes of St Kitts. It was here that fate altered his course in a suprise event.

    He THOUGHT his little fleet of a Brig, and two Trading Flute-ships were attacking a French fleet of 3 Trading Flute-ships. It turned out to be a Military Frigate, Caravel, and Carrack.

    With luck and a good wind he and 26 crewman survived to make it to St Kitts, where he repaired and sold the Caravel and Brig. He then hired a second captain for the Trading Flute-ships and tasked him to trade throughout the central Caribbean while he began looting the convoys of the French and Dutch with his newly acquired Military Frigate and Carrack.

    Many a tale is told of the fine dining aboard the Caribbean Ceasar, his Carrack where he is rumored to once entertain as many as 6 Buccaneer hostages (I didn't know how to get rid of them). After amassing a fleet of 4 Galleons, 3 Military Frigates, and 5 Carracks he built himself a fine house in a little hide out on the northern shore of the Turk Islands. A "little hide out" which would become Farbes Towne, the largest and wealthiest city in the New World.

    Mr Farbes soon settled into an occupation of production and trade, expanding the Port Royale wood and brick business he had won over a game of dice into Royale Buildables. The company many now know to have been the source of most of the elements of the cities of the present day Caribbean.

    It should be noted that he still hunted down the occasional pirate (typically for taking his goods in order to get them back) and as England remained at war with Holland an occasional mission for the Crown. The most infamous of these missions which had JF ambush a Dutch Admiral coming out of St Augustine. No one is quite sure what happened to the admiral, but JF soon was sporting a new battleship in his trade fleet of the liner class.

    By October of 1661 the Farbes commercial empire sprawled across the mid-Caribbean and included Farbes Towne, Charles Towne, Cat Island, Gibara, Port Royale, Cayman, Trinidad, and St Kitts. St Kitts was no more than a retail outlet for his production yet his expanding business had grown the mid-Caribbean's population to a stable height. Farbes Towne had 7320 inhabitants, followed by Cayman with 7242. The Governor's towns of the time included Port Royale with 6446, Charles Towne with 5262, and Trinidad with 5183

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    Biography of Jason Farbes, Chapter Two.

    The War Between Nations.

    It should be noted that Mr Farbes and the Dutch Colonies never had gotten along all that well. From his very first day in the Caribbean, young Jason often "reallocated" Dutch ships into "more effecient" tasks typically now working for him.

    Towards the end of 1661 the Dutch Crown had enough of the English and vice versa. The English Crown decided to concentrate more resources on the situation and shipped only Hardware in their Transport Convoys. The Dutch countered by sending "Slaver Convoys" to the English towns where they tricked the English Colonists into leaving their jobs and homes thinking they would find work in the Dutch cities.

    Fortunately, all of the large prospering cities were overpopulated and the Dutch merely ended up hauling off the malcontents and homeless. But, "its the thought that counts" and Lord Abbott of the Farbes Ship Transport and Nation Building Franchise organized a "Chastisement Expedition" of 10 Galleons and 1600 men which set out and burned every single Dutch city to the ground.

    The Dutch did not appear to find that amusing. After several years of nursing their wounds they once again struck the English by organizing a vast labor strike ceasing all food and goods production in the English Colonies. The English colonies being so vastly populated (by this time, Farbes Towne had a population in excess of 14,000 and Port Royale was in excess of 10,000), couldn't find enough food to feed their lazy good for nothing workless workers. This prompted the "Second Expetidition of Chastisement" in which Lord Abbott once again burned every single Dutch city to the ground.

    At this time the Spanish had had enough and cancelled all Letters of Marque granted to the Farbes Conglomerate. Farbes convoys were no longer allowed in Spanish ports and the fledgling Farbes enterprises in them were cut off from support. The Dutch thanked the Spanish by declaring war on them.

    The End of The War Between Nations.

    Early in 1662 the British and Dutch Crowns came to the mutual realization that the war was unproductive. The British on the basis that the Dutch had bribed their workers to strike and all their cities were starving, the Dutch on the basis that each of their towns had been burned to the ground at least four times and they were running out of bricks.

    It was at this point that the Alliance for the Purging of Frogs was formed and Holland joined England and Spain in the War against Frognce, that is France. Throughout the wars of the Caribbean it should be noted that France frequently changed who it was at war with, typically fighting whichever nation it felt was weakest at the time and still had no victories. It was a common occurence for French Buccaneers, typically referred amongst the Pirate community as "Blue Breasted Chicken Captains," to run away from an ongoing battle in a fully armed and crewed warship unscathed by cannon fire and leave the lower ranking captains of their convoy to overwhelm the outnumbered and outgunned opponent in mass tactical stupidity resulting in the French Buccaneer Convoy's total surrender. Except for the Captain of the French Convoy who would live to run away another day.

    About this time the British Convoys began losing their Liners, which would depart for England but all that would reach Europe were the unarmed ships. The Liners would disappear before they had passed the mysterious Bermuda Triangle. Apparently, Mr Farbes had deciphered the Triangle's mysterious secret however as he appeared to have a steady supply of new Liners


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      wow thanks Ghengis
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        Good stuff Ghengis, looking forward to more
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          Does this have anything to do with that web comic you've been talking about?


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            This is Pirates fanfiction, though...perhaps Colonization? Still good, still good.
            Now just don't go forming any angry mobs now, you hear?


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              Originally posted by Rhothaerill

              Does this have anything to do with that web comic you've been talking about?
              Not really, this was based on a Port Royale game I am playing.

              I'm getting into a Piraty mode as Pirates! 2 and Port Royale 2 are coming out later this year (supposedly).