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    Originally posted by Centauri18
    I've seen this story before! A site called Changing the Times, right?
    Yeah, I sent them a couple of stories and they accepted me as a writer and then that was all that came out of it because shortly after I submitted this on their yahoo group Yahoo kicked my account.

    Glad you liked it DC.


    anyways, I've been chilling out with Halo as of late, just to give an update as to why you haven't seen me in a while, and there is a rather strong Halo Fanfiction community which I gave a handful of stories (if any of you are into it I can give you links) to and in whose ranks I rose quickly before I dissapeared from there as well.

    And then I was offered a job writing for a pretty big gaming site (gotfrag) and after doing... not so well on the Freelance article (they haven't gotten back to me, but they and I both know) they wanted me to do (it had a lot to do with lost sleep, I think) I started to really worry about my talent.

    So I came back to look at some of my older stuff, I think I might write another couple for you guys.

    Rock it out.

    SKILORD (or as it is now, WONDERLIBERTARIAN)
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      Glad to see you drop by

      Hope moe soon to come

      Hi, I'm RAH and I'm a Benaholic.-rah