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What is it with Amazon?

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  • What is it with Amazon?

    I am going to post my hell here. Both for all to see, and also as they have no email addresses, only forms on their website. This way I can copy and paste what I send them. It's a good place to keep this info in one place.

    I ordered the LE, BTW, and it was supposed to be here on 5 November. Guess what, it's not here yet.
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    From: []
    Sent: 02 November 2001 00:17
    Subject: Your order has shipped (#REMOVED)

    Greetings from

    We thought you'd like to know that we shipped your items today,
    and that this completes your order.

    Thanks for shopping at, and we hope to see you again soon.

    You can track the status of this order, and all your orders, online by
    visiting Your Account at
    There you can:
    * Track order and shipment status
    * Review estimated delivery dates
    * Cancel unshipped items
    * Return items
    * And do much more

    The following items were included in this shipment:
    Qty Item Price Shipped Subtotal
    1 Civilization 3 Limited Edition $59.99 1 $59.99

    Item Subtotal: $59.99
    Shipping & Handling: $12.98
    Total: $72.97
    Paid by Mastercard: $72.97

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      Sent 14 Nov:


      It is now two weeks since this order was shipped. The website says 1 November. It was to arrive between 5 Nov and 11 Nov. Today is 14 November and still no sign of my item.

      Can you please get back to me on this. If it is lost somewhere, what rights do I have? Does that happen frequently, and if so, what is done about that? Is it common that packages get delayed beyond promised delivery date?


      Villi Asgeirsson

      Order No. REMOVED
      To be one with the Universe is to be very lonely - John Doe - Datalinks


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        My order was supposed to be here 5-11 November. It still isn't here. I sent an email 28 hours ago regarding this matter and have not received a reply.

        I ordered this item (Civilization3) on yous site as it was released in USA on 30 October. I figured I'd have it on or around 3 November, rather than the European release date 16 November. This is clearly not going to happen. First, it was (supposedly) shipped on 1 November, two days late, and now it's taken 15 days to arrive, not five.

        If you can confirm that it was sent and my cerdit card charged, I'd like to hear that. If it wasn't, and my card has not been charged, I would like to know as I can then cancel the order and buy it over here.

        But do reply, as I should have the right to know.


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          If anyone has experience with this or would like to comment, please do so.
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            Shocking. A reply. What has Deutsche Post got to do with anything? Did they send it to Germany? Here is the reply:

            Dear Villi,

            Thanks for writing to us at

            I've checked into your order and have found that it was shipped via
            Expedited Deutsche Post Global Mail on November 1, 2001.

            As noted on our web site, we estimate delivery within 5-10 business
            days for these shipments. Deutsche Post carries the shipments to the
            destination country, but the final delivery is handled by your local
            postal service. I expect that your package is still en route, or
            perhaps delayed in customs.

            While we are happy to track Priority International packages, Deutsche
            Post shipments do not have tracking numbers. Please let us know if
            your package does not arrive by November 16, 2001, and we will take
            further action.

            Thank you for shopping at

            Best wishes for the holidays,

            Wendy B.
            To be one with the Universe is to be very lonely - John Doe - Datalinks


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              You were slower to get pissed off than me:


              This tells my story and YES Nazi postal workers were involved too...

              But my main *****ing is the stupid Royal Mail who made it impossible for me to play it today and mean I have to walk 4 miles to get it! (I'm a student living in a 1000 year castle I don't have a friggin' car!!!)


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                Interesting. You get the exact same reply as I do...

                Amazon has lost my Most Favoured trade status. I am considering sanctions...

                Nice ranting though, Kitten
                To be one with the Universe is to be very lonely - John Doe - Datalinks


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                  4 miles? So?


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                    My copy of LE was sent from on November 2nd. It still hasn't arrived...

                    Well, it can't go so bloody good for 'em if noone recieves their orders...
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                      My cookie tin is here, after three weeks on the road. I shall be writing a "love" letter to Amazon tomorrow, telling them I want a free DVD or something...
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                        Nazi reply

                        Hi, i canīt believe the nazi comment.
                        I am from germany, and if you would only knew 1 thing about european history, you would know our CURRENT STATE.
                        Germany is maybe the country with the lowest chances to get a TOTAL RIGHT WING Government.
                        But please: No my country is better than yours discussion and stuff. Peace.
                        I like America and hate it. Like I do with Germany.

                        NOW, to your delivery problem :
                        I think I have a GERMANY specific answer to your problem :
                        Amazon is NOT the problem :
                        The german version of CIV3 is delayed until march 2002 . But, Infogrames released a special limited us version in germany (limited to 20.000 or sth.) . I donīt know if this is the tinbox. This COULD be an explanation for the long delivery time (and the DEUTSCHE POST being involved in an US shipping) .
                        Ask amazon, would be interesting.
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                          Hey, Kitten, are you certain about the people you should blame for our pain?

                          Hi all! I come from greece. Any europeans among us? My story: I never need a credit card but I got myself two (2) of them, to use them for preordering or whatever to get my civ3 LE a.s.a.p. My desition to do so did not change, even after I red about what was the Limited about it. So, I check out a couple of sites, but, just before I submit the number of my credit card, I desided to have a look at the web link to rules and regulations, you know. I wasn't realy surprized to read all about the buerocrasy my order should go through. I did not send any order. Now, I know I 'll have to wait a lot to get my original civ3, limited or what ever edition. Sometimes I find my self looking at my credit cards and thinking about civ3. How odd, a game owned by europeans, gets availuable in the USA sooner. Was it Bill, or was it the latest guy who asked for e-commerce to be tax-free? But never mind that. Got to get back to paperwork. See you later.

                          P.S. Say, Earthling! I 'm up to my neck with paperwork. But, should you find time, take a look at the book. It's a pain, but you 'll defenately come up with an idea.