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An Outsider's Open Letter to Gathering Storm

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  • An Outsider's Open Letter to Gathering Storm

    First, let me iterate that which you should be aware of

    1) I hold no formal position with Vox, Glory of War, Legoland, Roleplay, or Neu Demogyptica, I have no title other than that of outsider who observes the goings ons in the PTWDemo game strictly in the public forum, which I will lovingly refer to as the United Nations.

    2) This letter is unauthorized by any team. It only reflects my views of the events that have transpired in the world of which I only get a smoky window view.

    3) As such, you now know my place in the world of outsiders as just observer from which I hope to offer an impartial opinion on the recent events as they have unfolded in the United Nations.

    4) I have no business with deceit or lies so what I say to you in this letter is my unabashed beliefs and understandings.

    Greetings, and let me say I come with welcomed relief seeing the recent involvement of one advisor who has recently come to light and began interacting in a very constructive way in an already darkened United Nations. Of course, the advisor I speak of is no other than Vel who has graced this forum with his eloquent style and manner of speech.

    I have been visiting the United Nations from the beginnings of the Stormia Civil War till present after seeing the changes in the faces of some of your bretheren as I frequented the Strategia Formata Cafe. When questioned about the change, they offered invitations to visit the United Nations and since then, I have always had a fondness for dropping by and seeing the current struggles, situations, and arguments that would arise from time to time. From the outset of those observations, Gathering Storm never before received my favor.

    You might think that having previous intereactions and bondings with the citizens who frequented the Strategia Formata Cafe I would aquire a natural kinship with Gathering Storm and their plight when being surprise attacked and the victim of the agressive Vox, but that was never the case. I have not the depth of knowledge to ascertain exactly what it was about the United Nations that caused me to side with thine enemies, but that does not detract from the fact that these bitter feelings existed.

    Then after the dust settled, a new emergency came to light with the war on Bob. Once again my ear turned deaf to the pleas and cries of the Gathering Storm Nation trying to defend their honor and sided with their mortal enemies.

    But now, as Vel has cast his hat into the ring, a changing of my favor has been granted. Though at times Vel has certainly pontificated from upon a lofty steed, and maybe even looked to the heavens a time too many, his eloquence and softness of speech has brought a softening of my heart and has bended my ear to once again listen to the claims of the Gathering Storm Nation despite the fact that I may not always concur with Vel's truthfullness.

    Then hearing Arrian's forthrightness in giving a straight forward reason for the unforseen alliance with Roleplay as opposed to the previous defending your honor stance the Nation of Gathering Storm has stood by has opened up my heart and called me forth to write to your nation in hoping you can continue to shed yourselves in the proper light for which you were destined. For not one nation here deserves to be the proverbial victim of a vendetta.

    So take heart Vel and all the other Stormians and continue upon this new path and direction of pleas and discussion to the United Nations. You might not ever achieve perfection and be looked upon favorably by all nations, but you will no longer look like the dogs your enemies have painted you to be.


    outside observer of the United Nations

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    Is this your application to join Gathering Storm?


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      To the worthy and noble Badams, UN Observer:

      Kind words indeed....a gift not often bestowed to the embattled Stormian fold, and I thank you for them!

      I realize that sometimes (and perhaps often...tho I certainly hope not), in my attempts to make my views known, I may say things...phrase things that make others squirm uncomfortably.

      An advisor finds his success, however, by speaking the truth as he understands it, even when those truths are unpopular and difficult to voice.

      To do otherwise irrepairably damages ones credibility AS an advisor....for what value does the advice hold if it is anything less than absolute honesty and forthrightness?

      And this is the vantagepoint from which I speak. Not out of a desire to ever claim "the high" or "moral" road, but simply in my unceasing quest to be a valuable and effective unofficial position in the team which I dearly love....primarily because I have never been one popular with authority figures, and such an amorphous position gives me wide latitude to speak my mind frankly and openly, without particular regard that the views expressed may not be wildly popular.

      Again, it....comes with the job, and I accept that....both the good and the bad.

      Let me also say that I fully support a United Nations resolution, and would even be interested in playing a part in seeing another such resolution drafted, in the hopes that this, and future conflicts might benefit from such an August Body if given officiality and tangible form, and even if not, then I will continue to speak my case before you all, and bear out the truth of my words with my own actions as I ply my trade in the service of Stormia, and now too, in the service of Spain.

      She WILL be strong and free once more, despite the best efforts of her enemies, and on that day, those who cried "propaganda!" and mocked my words will be left looking foolish indeed, and although that side effect of these conversations will draw a smile, it was never the original intent of the words themselves....only to let the United Nations of the world know that Spain has a partner ally....not a master, save for her own Worthy King.

      Wayward son of Stormia
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        I had knowledge that this thread was comming, so I waited until now.

        I fully agree with badams that there has been a certain eloquence and flow to the posts that Vel has made lately that have made them a pleasure to read, and have added something intangible that GS has lacked up to this point.

        Despite the fact that I agree with little that you have stated, Vel, I would like to say, nice job and please continue.
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          Yes, while I do truly know that Vel's words are little more than poppycock it is nice to finally have an intelligent adversary appear amongst the feathered Storm of Chicken.

          (No, you read this post right. I have no clue what I posted either. )


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            Vel is a good writer, maybe he should be an author...


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              Originally posted by Trip
              Vel is a good writer, maybe he should be an author...
              I wouldn't go that far..........


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                Nor I....but I'll send you a copy of my books anyway....

                The list of published books grows. If you're curious to see what sort of stories I weave out, head to and do an author search for "Christopher Hartpence." Help support Candle'Bre, a game created by gamers FOR gamers. All proceeds from my published works go directly to the project.


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                  Hmmm .. I like the more direct approach.
                  Something like this ...

                  Originally posted by Togas

                  ....due to GoW's lack of credibility, but after your nation has been raped, pillaged, and destroyed ... after being insulted daily in the public forums, seeing cities raized and renamed, seeing your captured workers renamed to personal attacks, and listening to the constant *****ing and blame-casting by a bunch of arrogant a**holes, ......

                  .......Just know, Glory of War, that every laughing, insulting, arrogant, blaming, snotty, underhanded, wretched post that your snide little fingers have written has been read by my people.....

                  .. Now that's what I call writing

                  "No Comment"


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                    Togas can flame, trust me. : ouch:
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                      Originally posted by notyoueither
                      Togas can flame, trust me. : ouch:
                      It oughta be good. He's bottles it all up and only posts once every other week.

                      I'd hate to follow him into a bathroom.......


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                        I smile at most posts... but that one just cracked me up GF.

                        "No Comment"


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                          Wow, that's two lol's in one thread for you Hot Enamel.


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                            An open letter?

                            To the Masters of Glory of War and the Infidel Masses of Neu Demogyptica,

                            lay down your arms so the Blessed Legions of Spain and Stormia may exorcise you all the more efficiently. Once that is done then you may return to your dank pits.


                            Back to the ROOTS of addiction. My first missed poll!


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                              Make no mistake, I am not desiring to throw my hat into the fray and join up with any nation. I am quite satisfied stolling now and again through this United Nations and following the live actions through this smoky window. There is no need or desire on my part to get any more involved with the millitary or politics of the world which would undoubtedly take me farther away from my other interest and pursuits.

                              And while schmoozing in this great United Nations that has been set up, I felt it constructive to the game as a whole to give Vel encouragement to continue what he has begun as once he made his presence known, I could feel a change in the general mood of the citizens of the world, a change for the better, and a possibility of less estranged relations between the nations.

                              And before Vel could feel that he wasn't making headway, as certainly arguments and beliefs are still quite strong, I felt it would be beneficial to draft a letter of support so that Vel could continue his mission and lift the spirits of all involved in the United Nations. Having seen many of the other Stormians fight the bitter fight only to become burned out and give up, I hoped an open letter to Gathering Storm from an outsider as myself would not only engender a desire in Vel to continue his pursiuts, but to also give a place for other members of the United Nations to do the same.

                              And as I look around now in the halls of the United Nations, I see this letter was not written in vain.

                              And bless you UnO who was privy to this upcoming writings and waited for the letter to come to light before sending his sentiments as well. Your restraint has not been overlooked.